Waffle Cabin

Waffle Cabin at Killington Vermont.
waffles baking.
chocolate waffles... mmmm....
that's how you hold a waffle!
chocolate waffle on-the-go!
Waffle Cabin at Mount Snow, VT.
Waffle Cabin at Waterville Valley, New Hampshire.

Seasonal & Year-round work in a fun and delicious setting!

Located throughout the US, Waffle Cabin is the 1st and best grab & go pearl sugar waffle concept. Our cabins are located at resorts where we serve our delicious waffles to skiers & snowboarders. We are located in the Northeast, Atlantic, Rockies, Midwest, and are expanding into the West Coast as well.

Our Waffle Cabins are based in amazing resort environments where people come to have the experience or vacation of a lifetime!

About Waffle Cabin

We are looking for fun, energetic and responsible people to join our team and offer competitive pay.

In addition to a truly fun job, we also offer ski pass privileges to our employees. 

We have franchised locations that also have summer positions available for those who have completed the winter season with us.  There will be more positions becoming available as we are growing in the East, Mid-West, Rocky Mountains, and the West! 

The Employee Experience

You'll be serving waffles to customers - and who doesn't like waffles?  So you'll be putting smiles on skiers' and Riders' faces - that's for starters.  When it's your day off you'll get to spend them skiing or riding in some of the country's most popular ski vacation destinations! 

Waffle Cabin shifts are day shifts, which means that you'll have your evenings free unless you chose to get a second job in one of the bars or restaurants. 

We do expect our staff to be working and keeping the cabin clean.  As the owner of the business, I do expect people to do their best.  If you do your very best, then I will do my very best to help in any way I can to make this a great job and a great time for you here at Winter Park.

Ideal Candidate

A successful employee at Waffle Cabin is:

  • Responsible
  • Presentable, with an appreciation for personal hygiene and a clean and professional appearance. 
  • Do your best - lazy doesn't really work at the Waffle Cabin.  It's not particularly hard work, a great work ethic, positive attitude and a general enjoyment of interacting with people will go a long way in helping you do well at your job while having a great time!
  • A fun person. We hope this year's team will be another fun group! This helps the Waffle Cabin work environment, overall team atmosphere and larger slopeside setting around us be more enjoyable for customers, staff, and other mountain/resort staff. So if you are fun, that's one more fun person already!

Room and Board

We are looking to offer housing/lodging and it will depend on whether you are looking to come to work full time or part-time.  We will give full-timer employees first crack at the housing we have available.  We will have limited housing, so best is to check in what we have and go from there...

Employee Perks

  • Full-Time Staff: full ski pass included
  • Part-Time Staff: partial ski pass (depending on # hours)
  • Free Waffles! -Each team member gets a number of waffle vouchers to use yourself or share with friends...

Getting Here and Getting Around

There's a free shuttle from Fraser, Winter Park and even up to Granby (and thus also Tabernash).

For Fun

Did we say Skiing and Riding?  Yup - that's part of the reason why you are here, right?

Our Jobs

We have both Full Time (FT) and Part Time (PT) retail/guest service positions available at our Waffle Cabin locations at various resorts and destinations around the country. We will need year-round staff, so if you are looking for a permanent job, we can offer you year-round employment.

There is no specific training needed, we will train you on location. We do require you to be clean, responsible and customer oriented.  You'll be working in a food-service environment, so cleanliness is very important to us - as it is to our guests.

How to Apply

Email us and let us know why you would want to work at the Waffle Cabin.  We want to make this a win-win, where both we feel we hired a great employee and where you feel you are getting a great job!

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