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CoolWorks® Highlighted on Grad To Great

Anne Brown of interviewed me recently about opportunities for upcoming college graduates and really the timing couldn’t be better. There are still so many jobs out there for those who wish to be a bit more adventurous than the pack. Also, with President Obama passing the Volunteer Bill yesterday, we hope to be a great resource for employers who will be hiring all of those Americorps folks. Keep checking the Volunteer page as we hopefully secure more chances to participate in that wonderful program.

Cool Works® is the company to call if you’re looking to make your summer an adventure to remember. The innovative company is operated by five individuals who have all been touched by working seasonal jobs in some way. They get a lot of satisfaction helping others find opportunities that will enhance their lives and broaden their horizons with new experiences. And according to Kari Quaas, her colleagues, and the many grads who have found opportunities through CoolWorks®, seasonal jobs “really is cool work!”

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To learn more about the new Volunteer Bill, click here.


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