Activities Coordinator
Triple Creek Ranch

Triple Creek Ranch, a luxury guest ranch offering rustic elegance and five star service

Nestled in the beautiful rocky mountains surrounded by the Bitterroot national forest


Activities Coordinator

Triple Creek Ranch
20 minutes south of Darby, MT
$11.00 / hour + tips
Some experience required
Start Date:
Job starts immediately! (May 20, 2019)

Position Objective:

To promote guests’ enjoyment of their stay at Triple Creek Ranch through a polite and conscientious presentation of the activities and opportunities available, to assist guests in deciding which activities they would like to participate in, and to accommodate guests’ requests while exceeding their expectations.

Job Duties and Responsibilities

  • Inform guests of activities available at Triple Creek Ranch and accommodate guests’ requests within the management framework.
  • Attend necessary meetings to disseminate guest activities to staff on both shifts.
  • Coordinate guests' requests with appropriate department managers, e.g. wrangler, dining room, kitchen, and housekeeping.
  • Keep accurate records and make them available to other Activities Coordinators.
  • Coordinate with off-ranch service schedules and provide itineraries as needed.
  • Maintain fishing equipment, give or set up fly fishing casting clinics, schedule fishing guides, and obtain guests' fishing licenses.
  • Maintain tennis facility and other equipment associated with guests’ outdoor activities.
  • Provide games, movies, umbrellas and any miscellaneous items to guests.
  • Organize and take pack lunch orders and communicate requests to the kitchen.
  • Arrange massage therapists as requested.
  • Help plan and schedule special activities for the ranch and notify guests.
  • Help with gift shop sales and keep accurate sales records.
  • Help keep guest bills current by adding any activity or retail sales charges.
  • Give lodge tours/cabin tours for new guests and visitors.
  • Help in the reception office to answer phones and make reservations.
  • Arrange airport transfers and drive arriving and departing guests to and from the airport when needed.
  • Make sure guests who are off-ranch receive messages in a timely manner.
  • Find opportunities to market Triple Creek Ranch year round and promote all seasons to Triple Creek Ranch guests during their stay.
  • Have a thorough knowledge of the operation of Triple Creek Ranch.
  • Perform any reasonable duties as deemed appropriate by management.

Requirements for the position of Activities Coordinator:
An Activities Coordinator must possess certain physical, emotional and mental faculties, along with the specialized training and general background knowledge to perform competently all the duties of Activities Coordinator in compliance with operational procedures at Triple Creek Ranch.

To perform this job properly an Activities Coordinator must fulfill the requirements listed below.  This list is incomplete and additional requirements and abilities may be added.

  • Speak with poise and confidence using proper English.
  • Write with proper spelling, grammar and sentence structure.
  • Calculate and comprehend high school level mathematics with competency.
  • Possess functional computer literacy in Word, Excel, Outlook and Adobe Photoshop.
  • Work efficiently in a noisy and crowded space with many distractions.
  • Stand or walk for varying lengths of time, and use stairs.
  • Move fingers and hands easily and quickly to work with calculators and computer keyboards.
  • Lift and carry boxes, equipment, supplies and other items weighing 50 pounds.
  • Operate, maintain and perform minor repairs on small equipment, tools, appliances and gear used by the Activities Department.
  • Possess a valid driver's license and pass the required motor vehicle record investigations.
  • Drive and operate various Triple Creek Ranch vehicles safely, effectively and legally.
  • Always interact with guests in a polite, professional and competent manner.
  • Function at all times in a cooperative, cheerful, amicable, and workmanlike manner.
  • Perform other job related duties as assigned.
  • An Activities Coordinator must be completely honest and trustworthy in all aspects of the job, including when working around and when having access to co-workers' and guests' valuables, private property and personal information.
  • Complete required medical first aid and CPR training and certification.
  • Comply with the Triple Creek Ranch Manual for Employees.
  • Complete the probationary period of 1250 payroll hours worked.
  • Triple Creek Ranch is an equal opportunity employer.


How to Apply

Please send resume to Human Resources Manager, Sheri Hurless at

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