Line Cook
Triple Creek Ranch

Line Cook

Triple Creek Ranch
Located approximately 15 minutes south of Darby, MT

Triple Creek Ranch, a luxury guest ranch offering rustic elegance and five star service.

$10.00 / hour + tips
Start Date:

Position Objective:

To prepare and cook meals using the freshest and local ingredients to create a unique culinary experience for our guests, while being dedicated in pursuing a constant passion for food in a team focused atmosphere.

Job Duties and Responsibilities

  • Reads menu and has understanding of guest’s reservations to match food par level requirements.
  • Has knowledge of thermostat controls to regulate temperature in ovens, salamander, plate warmers, and grill.
  • Measures and mixes ingredients according to recipe using a variety of kitchen utensils and equipment such as blenders, mixers, and slicer.
  • Bakes, roasts, grills, and sautés foods. Such as meats, seafood, starches, and vegetables.
  • Adds seasoning to food during cooking, according to personal judgment and experience.
  • Carves meats and other proteins to present onto serving plates in an attractive manner. Also, adds sauces and garnishes to complete plate presentation.
  • Able to read and expedite food orders.
  • Must be able to break down a variety of land and sea proteins.
  • Have proper mise-en-place for the designated kitchen station.
  • Ensure foods are properly labeled, dated, stored and utilized.
  • Maintain produce and dairy in walk-in in and efficient and clean environment.
  • Maintain protein cooler in an organized and sanitary environment.
  • Clean, sanitizes and organizes work area at end of shift and performs daily, weekly and monthly cleaning tasks.
  • Remove trash and garbage to designated containers outside as necessary.
  • Sweep kitchen floor, mopping up spills, ect to maintain a clean and dry floor.
  • Assist with deliveries—Ensures that food and product are properly put away in a timely manner after being properly checked in.
  • Perform any reasonable duties as deemed appropriate by management
  • Maintain a busy and productive pace.
  • Maintain a team-oriented attitude.
  • Assist fellow co-workers when and where needed.
  • Have a thorough knowledge of all aspects of Triple Creek Ranch


Requirements for the position of a Line Cook:

A Line Cook must possess certain physical, emotional and mental faculties, along with the specialized training and general background knowledge, to properly and competently perform all the duties of a Line Cook in compliance with Triple Creek Ranch's department managers and general managers.

To properly perform this job, a Line Cook must fulfill the requirements listed below.  This list is incomplete and additional requirements and abilities may be added.

  • Work safely with efficiency and speed.
  • Take and follow verbal and oral directions.
  • Be able to multi task.
  • Work well and in control while under periods of stress.
  • Have good knife handling skills.
  • Read and interpret recipes.
  • Operate various professional kitchen equipment.
  • Properly portion food.
  • Lift and carry boxes, equipment, supplies and other items weighing 40 pounds.
  • Be a team player.
  • Possess a valid driver's license
  • Drive and operate various Triple Creek Ranch vehicles safely and effectively.
  • Be prepared and ready to work on time.
  • A Line Cook must be completely honest and trustworthy in all aspects of the job.
  • This position requires a motor vehicle driver's record investigation
  • The position of Line Cook requires the completion of a probationary period of 1250 payroll hours worked

How to Apply

Please send resume to our Human Resources Manager, Sheri Hurless, at