Tree Climbing Facilitator
Treetop Explorer LLC

Tree Climbing Adventure Guides enable inexperienced climbers to experience the joy of tree-time!

We climb trees around Wisconsin, from the majestic bur oaks to towering white pines. The majority of our climbs are held in municipal and county parks, primarily around SE Wisconsin.


Tree Climbing Facilitator

Treetop Explorer LLC
Waukesha, Wisconsin
$15.00 / hour
No experience required
Start Date:
Job starts immediately! (Feb 23, 2018)

When we climb into a tree, time and perspective change.  We are energized yet at peace.  We reach new heights, both literally and figuratively.  As time passes, there are measurable decreases in our anxiety, anger, and depression levels.  Stress decreases.  Positive emotions increase.

Treetop Explorer LLC provides recreational, educational, and therapeutic treetop experiences to promote health and well-being.  Tree climbing enables participants to challenge and enjoy themselves in a fun, encouraging, and accepting atmosphere.

Our climbs take place primarily in city and county parks around the greater Milwaukee/SE WI area.   

Our climbing season runs from mid-April through mid-October.  We offer summer seasonal opportunities as well as opportunity throughout the climbing season for those living SE WI.  You have flexibility and ability to determine the extent of your work schedule.  

Tree Climbing Facilitators are trained individuals who inspect and prepare both the tree and the participants for this unique experience.  All climbing is done on a rope, providing the security people need to successfully challenge themselves and enjoy this experience of a lifetime!

Facilitators provide the instruction, support, and encouragement to participants need in order to successfully challenge themselves and build self-confidence.

If you do not have the required climbing skills, we offer and provide the training necessary to start down the path of becoming a fully recognized tree climbing facilitator.  Inexperienced climbers can start as facilitator trainees until they have completed our facilitator training program.

Once a climber is in harness and clipped on a rope, they are free to ascend at their own pace and move about the tree as they feel comfortable.  They can swing, hang upside down, sit and enjoy the view, climb to the top of their rope and sit amongst the leaves, sit or stand on a limb, read a book, meditate, chat with a friend, study the tree, connect with nature, escape from the hustle and bustle...and simply breathe fresh air in the shade of the tree.

Tree climbing facilitators enable participants to explore the world above the ground!

How to Apply

Find out more on our website or facebook page (@TreetopExplorerLLC), or feel free to call me and discuss further!

Start by completing our online quick-application. - We will then contact you to schedule a phone interview.

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