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We still have some openings for this summer.  We have 4 cook positions, 2 bartenders/server positions. We offer competitive wages, benefits and transportation between 2 locations in the ADK.

Regular summer season start dates are May/June

If you have never been to the Adirondack Mountains you won't want to miss being here for the summer season.  Between our 4 locations, we will have 15+ openings.  We encourage couples and friend groups to apply.  Make it an adventure!

  • Bartender

    Front of House
    Old Forge
    $10.00 / hour + tips

    Summary of Position: 

    Provide timely, accurate and friendly service while preparing the highest quality beverages for our guests.

    Duties & Responsibilities:

    • Take beverage and food orders from guests.  Prepare drinks ordered from other stations.
    • Prepare and serve alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks consistent with the Restaurant’s standard drink recipes.
    • Learns the names and personally recognize our regulars.
    • Record drink orders accurately and immediately after receipt into the POS.
    • Accept guest payment, process credit card charges and make change (if applicable).
    • Wash and sterilize glassware.
    • Prepare garnishes for drinks.  Replenish stock and prepare Bloody Mary Mix per recipe..
    • Maintains bottles and glasses in an attractive and functional manner to support efficient drink preparation and promotion of beverages. Clean and dust bottles frequently.
    • Clear and clean tables around bar.
    • Make sure music and TVs are on, volume is appropriate and lights are dimmed.
    • Present drink menus, make recommendations and answer questions regarding beverages.
    • Maintain cleanliness in all areas of the bar including counters, sinks, utensils, shelves and storage areas.
    • Receive and serve food orders to guests seated at the bar. Stock condiments and silverware
    • Report all equipment problems and bar maintenance issues to restaurant manager.
    • Assist the restocking and replenishment of bar inventory and supplies.
    • Be available to fill in as needed to ensure the smooth and efficient operation of the restaurant as directed by the restaurant manager or immediate supervisor.
    • Process Lotto tickets and payments.
    • Ensures that guests ordering alcohol are of legal drinking age (21 in NY) by asking for and checking their ID, ensuring it is valid, not expired and belonging to the person presenting it.   


    • Be 21 years of age.
    • Be able to communicate and understand English. 
    • Have working knowledge of beer, wine and liquor and common drink recipes.
    • Possess basic math skills and have the ability to handle money and operate a cash register.
    • Be able to work in a standing position for long periods of time (up to 5 hours).
    • Be able to reach, bend, stoop and frequently lift up to 30 pounds.                              
  • Cook

    Old Forge and Inlet
    $18.00 - $22.00 / hour

    Summary of Position: 

    Work short order line (grill and fryer) or pizza station.  Become proficient on both stations.  We specialize in  pizza (2 recipes made daily), wings, steamed clams, fish, shrimp, mussels. Hand packed burgers, Cheesesteaks, sandwiches, fresh salads and chef specials. Wage negotiable with experience.

    Duties & Responsibilities:

    • Prepares a variety of items but mostly; Pizza, burgers, steaks, wings, shrimp, clams, haddock, crab cakes, chicken, vegetables, appetizers for cooking in fryers, grill, steamer, ovens and a variety of other kitchen equipment.
    • Assumes 100% responsibility for the quality of products served.
    • Knows and complies consistently with our standard portion sizes, cooking methods, quality standards and kitchen rules, policies and procedures.
    • Stocks and maintains sufficient levels of food products at line stations to assure a smooth service period.
    • Portions food products prior to cooking according to standard portion sizes and recipe specifications.
    • Maintains a clean and sanitary workstation area including tables, shelves, grills, broilers, fryers, pasta cookers, sauté burners, convection oven, flat top range and refrigeration equipment.
    • Prepares item for grilling, frying, sautéing or other cooking methods by portioning, battering, breading, seasoning and/or marinating.
    • Follows proper plate presentation and garnish set up for all dishes.
    • Handles stores and rotates all products properly.
    • Assists in food prep assignments during off-peak periods as needed.
    • Closes the kitchen properly and follows the closing checklist for kitchen stations. Assists others in closing the kitchen.
    • Attends all scheduled employee meetings and brings suggestions for improvement.
    • Performs other related duties as assigned by the Kitchen Manager or manager-on-duty.
    • Prepares for shift by wearing proper attire, clean company shirt or chef coat, chef pants and non-slip shoes.  Maintains personal hygiene washes hands prior to work and wears gloves when preparing ready to eat foods such as salads.


    • Prefer minimum of 2 years of experience in kitchen preparation and cooking. Will train
    • At least 6 months experience in a similar capacity.
    • Must be able to communicate clearly with managers, kitchen and dining room personnel.
    • Be able to reach, bend, stoop and frequently lift up to 40 pounds.
    • Be able to work in a standing position for long periods of time (up to 9 hours).
  • Kitchen Manager

    $1,100.00 / week

    Summary of Position: 

    Directly responsible for all kitchen functions including food purchasing, preparation and maintenance of quality standards; sanitation and cleanliness; training of employees in methods of cooking, preparation, plate presentation, portion, cost control, sanitation and cleanliness. Starting Salary 62400.00 Bonus program to be disused  at time of hire.  Target date April-May 2022 but can start working sooner at another location prior to the opening of the Inlet location



    Duties & Responsibilities:

    • Ensure that all food and products are consistently prepared and served according to the restaurant’s recipes, portioning, cooking and serving standards.
    • Make employment and termination decisions including interviewing, hiring, evaluating and disciplining kitchen personnel as appropriate.
    • Provide orientation of company and department rules, policies and procedures and oversee training of new kitchen employees.
    • Fill in where needed to ensure guest service standards and efficient operations.
    • Prepare all required paperwork, including forms, reports and schedules in an organized and timely manner.
    • Ensure that all equipment is kept clean and kept in excellent working condition through personal inspection and by following the restaurant’s preventative maintenance programs.
    • Work with restaurant managers to plan and price menu items. Establish portion sizes and prepare standard recipe cards for all new menu items.
    • Ensure that all products are ordered according to predetermined product specifications and received in correct unit count and condition and deliveries are performed in accordance with the restaurant’s receiving policies and procedures.
    • Control food cost and usage by following proper requisition of products from storage areas, product storage procedures, standard recipes and waste control procedures.
    • Oversee and ensure that restaurant policies on employee performance appraisals are followed and completed on a timely basis.
    • Schedule labor as required by anticipated business activity while ensuring that all positions are staffed when and as needed and labor cost objectives are met.
    • Be knowledgeable of restaurant policies regarding personnel and administer prompt, fair and consistent corrective action for any and all violations of company policies, rules and procedures.
    • Oversee the training of kitchen personnel in safe operation of all kitchen equipment and utensils.
    • Responsible for training kitchen personnel in cleanliness and sanitation practices.
    • Responsible for maintaining appropriate cleaning schedules for kitchen floors, mats, walls, hoods, other equipment and food storage areas.
    • Check and maintain proper food holding and refrigeration temperature control points.
    • Provide safety training in first aid, CPR, lifting and carrying objects and handling hazardous materials.



    • A minimum of 5 years of experience in varied kitchen positions including food preparation, line cook, pizza cook, fry cook and expediter.
    • At least 6 months experience in a similar capacity.
    • Must be able to communicate clearly with managers, kitchen and dining room personnel and guests.
    • Be able to reach, bend, stoop and frequently lift up to 50 pounds.
    • Be able to work in a standing position for long periods of time (up to 9 hours).


How to Apply

Apply online via the link below. Email with any questions or follow up. We look forward to hearing from you! 

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