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Tikchik Narrows Lodge

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Hospitality Position, Transportation Provided, Room and Board Included, Beautiful Bristol Bay, AK

Lakes, hiking, kayaking, fishing are all available!

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Hospitality Staff

Tikchik Narrows Lodge
$13.00 / hour + tips
Some experience required
Start Date:
Starts in 3 months. (Jun 10, 2023)

Our hospitality staff shares all necessary duties.  These positions encompass serving, dining room cleanup, washing dishes, cleaning guest rooms and laundry.  The work day is generally a split shift of about nine hours with a 53 to 55-hour work week.  These are hourly positions.


  • Friendly, good communications skills, organized, responsible, sound work ethics, service oriented and self-motivated.
  • Healthy, physically fit, strong, neat and clean appearance, drug-free, and non-smoker.
  • This position requires a physically fit person. It requires carrying vacuums, cleaning supplies and the commercial dishwasher trays can weigh 50 pounds when full of plates.

SALARY:  Approximately $3,000 per month based on a 53 hour work week at $ 13.00 per hour for regular time (40 hours) and time and a half (19.50) for overtime.  Gratuities are in addition to wages, room and board and transportation is provided.

TRANSPORTATION:  We provide transportation to and from Tikchik and the employees home.

ROOM & BOARD:  Included in addition to your wages.  (This does not include personal items, toiletries, medicines, etc.)  The only expenses while at the lodge will be personal items.

ACCOMMODATIONS:  Employees are housed two to a cabin or room with private bathroom/shower.  Laundry facilities are provided for the crew along with bedding and towels.

EMPLOYEE MEALS:  Our Chefs prepare the Hospitality staff diner at 5:30 before the evening shift starts. Lunch is with the rest of the crew buffet style at noon each day. Breakfast is served to order after the guest breakfast is finished usually about 8:00 AM 

Our chefs are very accommodating and provide healthy meals, however because we are so remote it is difficult to accommodate some diets. We do not have gluten free food, or to accommodate vegan diets and certain food allergies. Please consider this before applying.

TIPS:  Our guests stay for an entire week and we recommend that they do not tip during the week, but leave their tip at the end of their stay.  The tips are pooled together and divided amongst the crew equally.  Pilots, guides, chefs and lodge staff all make the same amount.  Last season the gratuities were over $650.00 per week per employee for thirteen weeks of guests.  

 DATES OF EMPLOYMENT:  Our hospitality positions are either full season (June through September) or half season rotational positions of approximately 8 weeks in duration.

Full Season – Starts around June 10th and continues until September 17, 2022

DRESS CODE:  The appearance of our staff sets a tone and impression for the quality of service that we provide.  Clean, neat, and professional appearances reflect a high degree of service and responsibility.  We supply some of your uniforms for meal service and guest interaction, but you will be required to bring some specific items, such as khaki pants and black pants.

Dress for the evening dinner service Tikchik provides a Tikchik logo shirt and Tikchik logo waiters apron. Hospitality staff should bring black pants. Flats or pumps are recommended for footwear.  As the season approaches, uniforms will be chosen, and we will let you know what you need to purchase and what we will provide.  For day wear a casual look is fine.  Acceptable attire are jeans (nice, no holes), slacks, turtlenecks, sweatshirts, or polo shirts.  Tikchik shirts are provided for day wear but are not worn everyday.

DAILY SCHEDULE:  The daily schedule for the lodge operations starts with the preparation of breakfast, which is served to the guests at 7:00 am.  The anglers fly out by 8:00 am and are away until they return at approximately 5:30 pm.  Dinner is served at 7:00 pm.

Breakfast service and cleanup involves all the hospitality staff.  After breakfast cleanup, the lodge staff attends to their different assigned jobs until completed.  With all of the anglers out fishing for the day, lunch is casual (with staff only), and afternoons afford some time off.  All of the lodge staff will participate in preparations, serving and cleanup for the evening meal.

Staff Profile:

Owner/Operators – Bud Hodson

Manager of Hospitality – Carol Smith

Head Fishing Guide – Adam Franceschini

Lodge/Hospitality Staff - 5

Kitchen Staff - Executive Chef, Assistant Chef, and Prep/Assistant

Bartenders - 2

Guides – 15

Pilots – 4

Ground crew – 4

Meal times include the following jobs for the lodge staff:

Serving – Our hospitality staff rotates between serving and kitchen clean up (dishes).  Breakfast is to-order and dinner is plate service.  We create an atmosphere of fine dining and have two servers per evening with the Assistant Manager overseeing the dinner service.

Meal Clean-up – Responsible for all meal clean-up.  For breakfast and dinner our hospitality staff provides support for meal clean up, doing dishes, and kitchen clean up.

Our hospitality positions are a multi-task position and a split shift.  The busiest times are meal times in the morning and evening.  Each evening we will have one hospitality staff member assist the lead server in the dining room.  One hospitality staff member will be assigned to wash dishes (we have a commercial dishwasher), and another member to dry dishes.  These positions rotate each morning and evening.

Kitchen/meal clean up is a large part of the hospitality job.  Of the 53 hours per week, our hospitality staff can expect 65% to 70% of their time to be spent with meal serving and/or clean up.  

At Tikchik we offer one-week fishing trips.  The exchange day is Saturday.  On Saturdays all of the lodge staff assists with “turnover day”.

Guest Cabins – On Saturdays (exchange day/check-out day), all of the lodge staff assists in cabin cleanup, laundry, and getting the operation ready for the new guests.

The following are the assigned positions for the Hospitality/Lodge Staff:

Lodge:  Maintains constant upkeep, organization, restocking, and cleanliness of lodge.  Duties include vacuuming, window washing, dusting, restocking the storeroom, etc.

Cabins:  Maintains guest cabins daily.  Cleans bathrooms, makes beds, picks up, vacuums, etc.

Laundry:  Responsible for all guest laundry, crew laundry, and upkeep of laundry room.  Prepare guest lunches in the early mornings.

Float Person:  Positions vary to give other staff members a day off.

Work Week:  All of the hospitality/lodge staff positions are 6 days per week in daily split shifts.  Approximately 53 hours per week.


RESPONSIBILITIES:  We require our crew to present themselves in a professional manner at all times.  Our guests arrive on Saturday and depart the following Saturday.  This means that we always have guests at the lodge.  We will operate with a full guest schedule for 15 weeks straight. Our employees will be working six days a week.

The hospitality/lodge positions require people who are early risers, energetic, healthy, and have the ability to handle the demands of a split shift.  We are looking for people who are presentable, friendly, and can project a hearty welcome to our guests.  We would like all of our personnel to have a positive attitude, show extraordinary manners, and be courteous at all times.  Because we are isolated and all work and live together, our staff must get along.  We need people who can work together as team players and can cooperate easily with others.

We require our staff to be non-smokers.

No Drugs.

Sorry, no pets.

Our standards and expectations of our staff are exceedingly high – 150 %.  We expect our facilities to be kept spotlessly clean, meals excellently presented and served, and our guest services and relations to be outstanding.  Be prepared to work very hard and with great

Enthusiasm!  We want our employees to have fun, but Tikchik Narrows Lodge is a vacation / fishing resort for our guests, not for our employees.  During your time off, you may enjoy our beautiful wilderness setting and activities, such as hiking, kayaking, fishing, etc.


How to Apply

Applicant must be 21.  Please send a cover letter, resume, and three references to

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