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Tikchik Narrows Lodge

Wilderness Lodge

Alaska Wilderness at its Finest! Executive Chef in one of Alaska's Premier lodges.

Tikchik Narrows Lodge is remotely located in beautiful Western Alaska.

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Executive Chef

Tikchik Narrows Lodge
$5,500.00 - $6,500.00 / month + tips
Previous experience required
Start Date:
Starts in 4 months. (Jun 05, 2023)

Tikchik Narrows Lodge

Executive Chef

 Job Description / Requirements

Tikchik Narrows Lodge is an exclusive wilderness fishing resort.  The remote location of the lodge does not limit the food or beverage quality.  We provide gourmet dinners and appetizers. The guests start each day with a hearty made to order breakfast.  Lunches are sent out with the anglers each day.

The Executive Chef will oversee all of the food preparation and manage the other two chefs’. Menu planning and inventory control

SALARY:  $5,500 to $ 6,500 (DOE) per month plus:

ROOM & BOARD:  Included as part of your salary.  (This does not include personal items, toiletries, medicines, etc.)  Your only living expenses while at the lodge will be personal items.

ACCOMMODATIONS:  While at the lodge, our executive Chef has a private room with private bathroom with Shower and sink.  Laundry facilities are provided along with bedding and towels.

TIPS:  Our guests stay for an entire week and we recommend that they do not tip during the week, but leave their tip at the end of their stay.  The tips are pooled together and divided amongst the crew equally.  Pilots, guides, chefs and lodge staff all make the same amount.  Last season the gratuities were over $ 650 per employee per week in the operating season.  It takes all our crew members doing their jobs well to make the operation run smoothly and be successful.


Dinner preparation for guests

Appetizer preparation

Preparing desserts (responsibility shared with the Assistant Chef)

Occasional crew lunch and dinner preparation

Overall supervision of quality control, including cost control and waste

Daily Schedule:  Breakfast is served at 6:45 am and dinner is at 7:00 pm.  The Assistant Chef is responsible for breakfast six mornings per week.  The Executive Chef will cover breakfast on the Assistant Chef and the Kitchen preps day off.  On the Kitchen preps day off the Assistant chef will perform the duties of the Kitchen prep. Typically on the other 4 days the Executive Chef arrives at the kitchen by noon to begin to prepare dinner.  The work week at Tikchik is six days per week with one day off.

Breakfast:  The guests may choose from a simple menu each morning.  This may include a made ahead dish such as smoked salmon quiche or breakfast burritos, as well as a sweeter item such as French toast and blueberry pancakes.  Eggs to order and breakfast meat are always available.  There is a breakfast bar with hot and cold cereals, fresh fruit, yogurt and a fresh muffin or scone choice.  Saturday, which is departure day, is one item only such as eggs benedict and the breakfast bar is available as well.

Lunch:  The guests fly out each day and their lunches are prepared early in the morning by other lodge employees.  The guests have a choice of sandwiches served with a side salad, or a shore lunch of fresh salmon, which is prepared by their guide or pilot.  The remaining ground crew at the lodge are served a simple lunch at noon.  The side salads for the guest lunches are prepared by the assistant chef the day prior.

Dinner:  There is a dual entrée choice.  We generally feature a red meat item along with a seafood or white meat.  Some example combinations are pecan-encrusted halibut or rack of lamb, fresh pasta with seafood or filet mignon, and seared ahi tuna or duck or pheasant.  The guests make their entrée selections upon their arrival on Saturday.  We have a few appetizer choices during the cocktail hour, which is from 6 to 7 pm.  Some examples of appetizers are sautéed squid, house smoked salmon, crab cakes and crudités with a dip.

We offer two dessert choices, one a bit heavier than the other.  Examples would be a chocolate gateau and a fresh fruit tart, or bread pudding and a ginger flan.  The dinner entrées are plate served at a single seating with all of the guests joined by four employees sitting down at the same time.  We will generally be serving 28 in the dining room.

The crew dinner is served at 30 minutes before the guest dinner at 7:00. The crew dinner is buffet style. There are approximately 23 crew in camp at any given time.  There are also guides out on the rivers, who periodically come back to the lodge.  We will serve the dining room staff a light dinner prior to their shift; otherwise, they do not get a chance to eat until 9 or 10 pm.  This is five employees. 

Crew dinners are healthy and varied.  It is served buffet style in hotel pans on warming trays in the crew room in the back of the lodge. We offer things like Mexican food, bone in ham, Italian pastas and lasagna, pizza and turkey dinner.  Along with the entrée we offer salad and vegetables.  Crew desserts are generally cookies and bars.  We bake extra when preparing for guest lunches.  Crew breakfast is at 6:30 am.  All crew meals are served in the crew dining room.

DATES OF EMPLOYMENT:  The position begins about June 1 and ends late September.

TRANSPORTATION:  We will provide all transportation costs to and from your home to Tikchik Narrows Lodge.

RESPONSIBILITIES:  Because we are in a remote location and our staff is housed on the premises, the environment is very much like being on a ship.  It is vital that our Executive Chef is secure, friendly and teamwork oriented.  It is key that our employees get along with others well, both guests and staff.  We need an individual who is healthy and highly dependable.  Our chef and his/her assistant have a high guest exposure position.  This position calls for an individual who is professional and presentable.

Tikchik Narrows Lodge is a world-renowned fishing resort.  Every aspect of our operation is of a professional nature, especially our cuisine.  We take pride in our ability to provide the highest quality food service.  Our dinners are presentations of fine dining with an entrée selection not commonly found in any fishing resort, let alone one as remote as Tikchik.

Our Executive Chef and his/her assistant play an extremely important role in our operation.  The weather might not be perfect, or the fishing off for a day…but the food must always be spectacular, with no excuses and no exceptions.

We are looking for someone who has a sound background in the food service industry as an Executive Chef in fine dining.  Formal training at a culinary school is preferred, but not necessarily required.  The chef will assist with menu planning and will be responsible for taste and presentation.  They will work closely with the Assistant Chef to achieve the goal of a superior dining experience.  It is the Executive Chef’s responsibility to provide the finest cuisine possible for our guests, while still monitoring cost control and waste.

SPECIAL NOTEDogs, cats and other pets are not allowed.  We do not have the accommodations or the facilities to accommodate pets.


We also want our employees to have fun. We have boats they can use on their days  and time off to go fishing, hiking,  boating and exploring. We have found that with three Chefs the workload is not overwhelming and there is opportunity for recreation and relaxation.

How to Apply

Applicant must be 21 years or older.   Please send in a resume, cover letter and three references.   Applications can be sent to info@tikchik.com.

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