The Wise River Club

One of the most picturesque spots in all of Montana!

The Wise River Club is a full-service restaurant, full bar, hotel and cabins and cater to all sorts of tourists from all over the world located in The Big Hole Valley.

We are 40 Miles from Butte and 36 miles from Dillon, in Southwestern Montana.

About The Wise River Club

The Employee Experience

We are located in the Big Hole River valley with access to world class fly fishing on the Big Hole River, hiking in the pioneer mountains, hunting for all kinds of animals, (deer, elk, moose, etc.)

If you are a student we have great colleges in Dillon and in Butte where you can attend and work at the same time.

We are very flexible on scheduling allowing you time to enjoy this fabulous valley.

Ideal Candidate

The ideal candidate would be someone available from May through September, we have availability at this time and would be glad to have someone who may want to stay with us through the winter months also. must have an outgoing personality, not be afraid to work outside the box, (do a shuttle for fly fishermen, clean cabins when needed, do a little cooking if need be) in general be a team player.

The successful applicant will be paid a reasonable wage, have room and board available for a low price and share in a tipping system that covers ALL EMPLOYEES, cooks, dishwashers, waiters, and waitresses.

Room and Board

We would provide room and board at a very reasonable rate to be taken out of the employees' salary. $50 per week would be the fee and that would amount to about one day's tips. This would include one meal per day of the employees choice, (breakfast, lunch or dinner). Employees are responsible for the upkeep of the room, doing laundry etc.

Getting Here and Getting Around

Staff should have their own vehicle if possible. We would gladly pick the ideal candidate up and do have a company truck that the employee could use for special occasions, (going to town etc.).

Our Jobs

We are looking for bartender, waiter, waitresses to work all shifts, mainly afternoon and evenings with two days off each week.

We are also in need of a generalist who can do dishes, clean tables, and fill in as wait staff if needed.

Pay is better than average and the tips during peak season average 40 to 60 dollars per day. This can vary but is a good average. All employees share in tips and tips are split when there is a shift change.

How to Apply

Call and we will do an initial interview over the phone, if we feel a good vibe we can send the applicant an application or make a decision based on the phone conversation.

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