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Your Alaska Adventure Starts Here!
Summer 2022: Edgewater Inn rebranding to "The Ketch: catch it when you can!
Your Alaska Adventure Starts Here!
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Pacific Northwest casual-chic, the Alaskan way.

The Ketch Inn & Marina! Unveiling a brand new identity, look and feel for its guestrooms, offering all-inclusive Lodging + Meals packages, fishing, and excursions. A revitalized seaside boutique hotel, with a fresh, spirited, and genuine style of hospitality to SE Alaska.

Located along the Tongass Narrows with superior Southeast Alaska fishing in Ketchikan, the Salmon Capital of The World, minutes from downtown, cruise ship docks, and Ketchikan Airport (KTN). Only a 90-mins flight from Seattle-Tacoma Airport (SEA) with daily flights on Alaska and Delta Airlines.

About The Ketch Inn & Marina

The Employee Experience

The center of our Employee Experience is our guests. We aim to create a fun and relaxing environment for them to enjoy their vacation to the maximum, so they return every year with family and friends. With a remote location, comes unique challenges. Our employees must be self-sufficient, flexible, and creative when handling day to day tasks and turning potential problems into opportunities. It is essential is to be a team player, maintain a positive and cheerful disposition and a passion for providing the best hospitality and service to our guests. We expect all our employees to work at peak capacity during this brief, but very busy, summer season. All while building a positive and professional rapport with our guests, that will make them return year after year for not only the fishing but for our people.

Ideal Candidate

Our associates create the environment that allows our guests to enjoy quality cuisine and fully guided fishing excursions, updated guest rooms and the ultimate feature - on-site fish processing to include cleaning, freezing and packing the guest's catch. We look forward to many new associates joining our team.

At Highate, we are committed to excellence. We are proud to offer exceptional service, unique, authentic experiences, and quality facilities to our guests throughout our diverse portfolio of properties.

At Highgate, we foster a culture that showcases the strengths of our Associates and acknowledges their contributions.

As we continue to grow, we recognize the force behind our success: our valued Associates who let their unique Spirit of Service shine. Our Associates are an elite team of hospitality professionals who elevate the performance of each property and make Highgate the premier management company.

Room and Board

Associates flying in for seasonal employment participate in our room and board program which is set up as a payroll deduction. Room and Board are available - variable monthly rates depending on seasons of service (returning employees) - check back soon for final rates.

You will be housed with other associates in guestrooms set up for 1 to 2 people per room. All accommodations are furnished modestly and comfortably. Space is limited and there is little privacy. Because of the limited power supply, we suggest you bring only essentially required electrical appliances. Each person is responsible for cleaning their own quarters and cleaning schedules for shared areas will be set at the time of move-in.

We highly recommend direct deposit through payroll and it is suggested that each employee has a bank account (checking) before coming to the resort, as there is NO access to cash payroll checks.

Employee Perks

Activities and events for associates are currently being planned for the full summer season. 

Some perks to working include:

  • Housing and Food
  • Mountain/Ocean Scenery
  • Close to town
  • Fishing Excursions
  • Hiking Trips
  • 4th of July Celebrations

Getting Here and Getting Around

Associates must pay their own way, round-trip to Ketchikan. We recommend you make these reservations well in advance of your travel dates.

Associates typically make their own airfare arrangements on Alaska Airlines and will be given resort arrival and departure dates prior to planning.

Getting to/from downtown on days off will be coordinated with the shuttle vans used for guest transport but we are close to town so many walk and bike.

For Fun

Ketchikan is a beautiful small town situated right on the waters of southeast Alaska that is all about the outdoors. During the summer months, you can enjoy long days perfect for hiking up Deer Mountain or in Settler’s Cove, which is actually a rainforest complete with waterfalls. In late June, Ketchikan celebrates the Solstice, which is the longest day of the year. The Blueberry Festival is in August and is a charming small-town event.

A perfect day in Ketchikan is spent on the water. You can catch four species of salmon, halibut, rockfish or lingcod, or look for wildlife including; humpback whales, seals, orcas, bears, and bald eagles. You can also boat into remote beaches, set up a bonfire, and enjoy the long evenings.

Later in the season, when the evenings are cooler, you can stay up late and watch for the Northern Lights to make an appearance.

Ketchikan also has a historic downtown district where you can explore local shops and great food. Culturally, Ketchikan has two totem pole parks.

While in Ketchikan, you can go sightseeing. There are many parks on the island that are perfect for Eagle or Bear watching, or Totem Pole history parks. In town, you can go zip lining, take a floatplane tour to the Misty Fjords, or even go snorkeling to learn about life under the sea. There are places in town where you can rent a kayak for a day and relax on the waters of Ketchikan. You will also be able to get a firsthand look at or inside some of the waterfalls.

Renting a kayak could get expensive, so another option would be to purchase one from the local Walmart, so you can get as many uses out of it throughout the season. Kayaking around the resort is prime, where you can get up close and personal with our waterfall on-site, or you can kayak about 2 miles north to a neat campsite called Settler's Cove.

There are hiking opportunities on-site or near the resorts. Settler's Cove is an easy walk away, with hiking trails and waterfall viewing opportunities. Don't go too far, and if you do, make sure you are well equipped with bear spray and other survival tools. Ketchikan is classified as a rainforest, meaning there is tons of wildlife. Bears and wolves roam freely throughout the forests and frequently come down to the waterfall on site for a bite to eat.

Bring a camera, because there are plenty of photo opportunities everywhere you look. Eagles are as common as a city pigeon, and the views that you get from the resort are breathtaking. Some nights, you will be able to catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights. It isn't often, but sometimes we do get lucky enough to spot them for just a moment. When looking up at the sky, when the sun finally decides to sleep, it feels like you are in a snow globe. You will be able to see the Milky Way, meteor showers, northern lights, sunrise, and the sunset all at the same time.

How to Apply

To formally apply for open positions click on the Apply Here button and get started! 

Apply Here will take you to our online application system. You will be able to then select the position(s) you are interested in applying for from the drop-down list!

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