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Experienced Working Wrangler

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Shell, Wyoming
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Come Ride, Work and Live in the Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming!

Do you have great horsemanship skills and are friendly and outgoing? Would you like to spend your days riding in the Bighorn Mountains in some of the most spectacular scenery in the United States? Would you like to share your love of horses and riding with people from all over the world? Would you like to help people become comfortable and confident riding a horse? If you said yes to these questions, The Hideout Lodge & Guest Ranch is the place for you.

The core of our culture is what we call The 3 C’s of Character, Conduct and Competence. We can train someone for Competence, but the other two C’s (Character and Conduct) are inherent and tell a lot about a person based on how they behave and present themselves in all situations. Although we work hard, we also have a lot of fun. Our goal is to be the best. To help us achieve that goal, we try to pick the best staff possible and take care of them to best of our abilities. Being part of our team will enrich your life experiences and create memories for both you and the guests we serve.

Along with living on a spectacular riding, working cattle and adventure ranch with access to approximately 650,000 acres for recreational use, your duties will be both challenging and rewarding.

The Hideout hires wranglers who have a solid equestrian/riding background

Because of the level of riding and horsemanship at The Hideout, applicants should have excellent horsemanship and riding skills. The Hideout attracts many experienced riders from around the world as well as novice riders so our barn staff must be able to have the confidence to take out very experienced horsemen and women as well as instruct novice riders on riding and horsemanship skills.

Preferably, applicants will be schooled in both Western and English styles of riding, but that is not a requirement. We ask that all applicants be friendly, well-spoken, hard-working, team oriented, polite and authentic. Additional experience with natural horsemanship, training, ground work and moving cattle are all welcome. The Hideout practices natural, respectful, light-handed horsemanship and uses low-stress methods moving cattle and we share this knowledge with our guests on a daily basis. Understanding and experience with structured horsemanship programs like Parelli Horsemanship are a plus.

To set all of our barn staff up for success, The Hideout provides wranglers with extensive training so that our staff is able to provide our guests with a wonderful and memorable riding, horsemanship and working cattle adventure.

General Requirements for the Wrangler Positions

We require that our wranglers have excellent horsemanship abilities and advanced riding and/or training skills, proven guest service skills and the desire to work long hard days in a hands-on learning environment. At The Hideout we embrace diversity, enthusiasm and an open-mind approach to life. We believe in a respectful, positive and disciplined work environment.


Hideout barn staff must be safety conscious, have the ability to instruct guests and have strong communication in riding instruction and safety orientation. Wranglers are responsible for conducting safe trail rides and assisting in cattle work for groups up to 4-6 guests. Wranglers help feed and take care of our herd of 100+ horses. Wranglers will ride in the mornings to wrangle the horse herd on allocated days.

Wranglers help maintain and repair tack. Clean the barn and arena area daily, clean truck and trailers weekly, clean the barn weekly, and other duties as necessary. Wranglers may be asked to host some meals with the guests and must have appropriate table manners. Wranglers may be required to lead other activities including cattle work, trap shooting, archery, canoeing, kayaking, hiking and guided tours. Wranglers are responsible for the care and safety of our horses under the supervision and direction of our head wrangler. This includes but is not limited to: wrangling, feeding, doctoring, saddling horses, and cleaning pens.

All routine barn chores go along with this position such as assisting with general ranch work during slow periods or on an as-needed basis is to be expected. This may include fixing fences, trail clearing/maintenance, etc. It is important for wranglers to work in a team environment, be able to think for themselves and handle emergency situations. Walking by work or leaving work for co-workers is not acceptable.


  • Wranglers must be 21 years of age or older (due to driving requirements and insurance, this is non-negotiable).
  • Wranglers must submit a short video introducing yourself (so we can see how you present yourself and speak) and showing your riding and horsemanship skills. This means catching, haltering, grooming, saddling the horse and riding the horse in all gates. You are welcome to show any additional riding talents. A link to YouTube is preferred.
  •  Wranglers must submit a resume and cover letter to
  • Wranglers must have a clean driving record and pass an insurance/driving record background check
  • Wrangler must be an advanced rider
  • Wrangler must be able to drive (or learn to drive) a 4x4 truck and 20 foot stock-trailer carrying 6 horses (additional training is provided to all wrangler staff)
  • Wrangler must have current First Aid CPR certificate
  • Wrangler must attend our Wrangler safety program
  • Wrangler must feel comfortable taking 4-6 novice riders on a trail ride
  • Wrangler must be able to saddle horses and lift Western saddles
  • Wrangler will be involved in cattle work/drives (we will train you in Stockmanship)
  • Wrangler will receive 1 day off per week.
  • Wranglers must wear appropriate Western attire
  • DRA Certification is a plus
  • Additional language skills, musical talent, photography experience, outdoors experience, training are welcome and encouraged. Having lived abroad and experience with other cultures are also assets.

What do we offer?

  • A job and experience working for a professional and organized operation
  • A work environment that is respectful and cares about staff, horses, travelers and the environment
  • Well-trained, healthy horses to ride, professional and well-maintained infrastructure including the barn, tack, vehicles, equipment, etc.
  • A respectful, honest and safe working environment
  • A rarely seen diversity and terrain to ride
  • Experience to ride and work with people of around the world
  • Well maintained, clean and nice homes to live in (not bunkhouse living)
  • Most evenings except Friday you are free in the evening, not needing to entertain guests
  • A competitive salary package that is partly performance related

Job starts as early as April 2, 2017 and some positions will be through the middle to end of November, 2017.

To apply please submit a cover letter, resume, references and a link to your riding video to

How to apply

Please email resume, cover letter, references, photographs and a video (or link to a video) showing your horsemanship, riding and training skills to

Peter De Cabooter
800-354-8637; 307-765-2080
(307) 765-2681