Massage Therapist
The California Parks Company

Back to nature

Drakesbad Guest Ranch is looking for a Massage Therapist who loves the great outdoors.

Drakesbad Guest Ranch is Lassen Volcanic National Park's famous retreat.


Massage Therapist

The California Parks Company
Drakesbad Guest Ranch-Chester, CA.
$11.00 / hour + tips
Previous experience required
Start Date:
Job starts in 3 months (Jun 01, 2018)

We are located in a VERY remote section of Lassen Volcanic National Park in northeastern California. The nearest town is 17 miles (35 min) and transportation is very limited.

Employee housing is very small and rustic, and for most positions, the rooms are shared with 2-3 other staff members in a dorm-style setting. Please bring only the very minimum, as storage space is virtually non-existent. All housing is located at or near the ranch. We will provide bedding and towels. Laundry facilities are available to employees for free. There is no cell phone reception or internet connection at the Ranch.

Important Employment Information

1. The workweek is 40 hours for hourly employees, with 2 days off per week. The pay rate ranges from $11.00 per hour plus a share of the gratuity pool, ($800-$1000/month).

2. Paychecks are issued twice a month, on the 10th and 25th of each month, following the pay period.

3. Meal plan is provided for all employees for a charge $15.27 per day. Meal plan is all inclusive. Contains three meals per day prepared by our Executive Chef (buffet style breakfast and lunch with hot entrée options, gourmet style dinners, menu is available on our website).

4. Room and board charges of approximately $634.88 per month are deducted from your paycheck.

5. All employees receive a 20% discount on all merchandise with the exception of alcoholic beverages.

6. Uniforms are required and provided for no charge.

7. Visible body piercing jewelry and tattoos as well as extreme hairstyles and colors are not permitted.

8. We do not tolerate substance/drug abuse of any kind! Substance/drug abuse will result in immediate termination of employment!

9. Employee Safety and Sanitation training is provided and mandatory.

10. All Federal and California State laws are implemented and enforced.

11. Full term commitment (June 1 to October 15) is highly preferred. We request a minimum of two (2) weeks notice if you intend to terminate your Work Agreement once hired.

12. IMPORTANT! Some applicants committed to a position have been unable to obtain the proper working permit, leaving us short-staffed. Therefore, we may be hiring more than one person for each position in order to have enough staff in place on opening day. Proper documentation, submitted in a timely fashion will be considered in our decision on placement for available positions.

13. Isolation plays a big factor. We are located in a VERY remote section of Lassen Volcanic National Park in northeastern California. The nearest town is 17 miles away, and transportation is very limited. Please give this factor considerable thought before you apply for a position. To be successful you should have an abiding appreciation for the outdoors and nature.

14. Social structure among the employees plays a big part in our family type atmosphere. Everyone is asked to contribute to the group’s well being.

Drakesbad is located at the northeastern corner of California in the heart of Lassen Volcanic National Park, at the southern tip of the Cascades, 17 miles north of the town of Chester (Lake Almanor, County of Plumas region).

We are approximately 240 miles NE of San Francisco, 165 miles northeast of Sacramento, (the State Capitol of California) and 90 miles NW of Reno, Nevada.

Located at 5,700 feet, we are blessed with warm, sunny days and cool, comfortable nights. An occasional thunderstorm brings a welcomed shower to clean and moisten the dusty trails.

What Else You Should Know

  • Drakesbad is an old facility; most of its thirteen buildings date back at leas 60 years and are rustic and small.
  • Electricity is available for limited hours each day.
  • Our phone is a cell phone with limited staff usage.
  • There is limited cell phone and radio reception.
  • Employee housing facilities are very small and rustic, and are shared with other staff in a dormitory setting.
  • The bathing facilities are located near the swimming pool (approximately 200 yard from housing), and are shared with guests.
  • Employee meals are taken at the employee’s common area or (because of the consistently good weather) at an outdoor dining area.
  • We are situated in Lassen Volcanic National Park at the floor of Warner Valley, surrounded by mountain peaks, lakes and streams.
  • Being in a national park we share our space with many species of wildlife, including black bears, foxes, coyotes, cougars, marmots, raccoons, insects and many species of birds.
  • This is a place of tranquility, peace and calm. Reading and associating with guests and colleagues is the most common social activity.
  • Due to the remote and isolated location, applicants are asked to give careful consideration to the issues above before applying, as we prefer (and for some positions require) employment for the full season (June 1 – October 15).

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