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Bartender/Host or Hostess - This position is up front and center when it comes to guest services. Excellent customer service skills are a must. Duties include making and serving drinks (soft drinks and beer and wine), cleaning and resetting dining room, interacting with and helping customers with their questions and needs. We will be looking for front of house restaurant experience.

Gift Shop Attendant- Duties include helping customers with purchases, stocking merchandise, maintaining a clean and presentable gift shop. You would also be responsible for packaging items that customers decide to ship home. Excellent customer service and organizational skills are a must and we will be looking for somebody with retail and register experience.

Dish Washer/Bear Guard- Obviously, as the dish washer you would be spending most of the day in the kitchen prepping dishes to be washed, washing the dishes, drying and putting away dishes.  As mentioned before, our guests come in groups, so there is always a rush of dishes followed by a long lulls in which you would help with a variety of tasks wherever the help is needed. Some of these tasks would include, but not limited to... further helping to maintain and prepare the kitchen for the next rush, assisting on the docks as planes come in, bear guarding, etc.  As you know by now we have many bears that venture around the lodge property and during these lulls it would often be your duty to bear guard. Much to talk about on that topic later, but the basic gist is that you would be responsible for monitoring the wild bears that visit the property and insuring that our guests stay safe while viewing them. 

How to Apply

Please email Mike at takulodge@yahoo.com.

You will not be considered unless...

On initial contact please confirm that you are 21 years or older and that you are able to work the entire season (early May-late September). Include your resume and a couple sentences about yourself and why Taku Lodge has your interests.

Please also be aware that we will conduct background checks at the final stage of hiring. We are looking forward to hearing from you. Thank You!

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