Homekeeping Manager
Sunrise Ranch

The Homekeeping Manager will oversee the Homekeeping Team and all buildings and meeting spaces

Located on a beautiful 360 acres in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, we have maintained a legacy of sustainability, organic farming and land stewardship since 1945.


Homekeeping Manager

Sunrise Ranch
Loveland, Colorado
Previous experience required
Start Date:
Job starts immediately! (Jan 13, 2020)


The Homekeeping Manager is responsible for managing the Homekeeping Team in the cleaning and maintaining the Accommodations Building and meeting rooms, setting up and tearing down the meeting rooms, maintaining and organizing the meeting room equipment, and ensuring that all the spaces are clean and look good in between events. They are to work hand in hand with the Events Logistics Coordinator to get the proper information and equipment to ensure that all the rooms are ready in advance of all groups’ arrivals, whether internal (Sunrise Ranch events) or external (facilitated by outside groups).  



  • Manage all members of the Homekeeping Team

  • Communicate with Guest Services for priority list and updates

  • Clean corridors, meeting rooms, stairways and guest rooms

  • Organize work schedule from the room status list, arrivals and departures

  • Distribute linens, towels and room supplies

  • Restock room supplies

  • Replace dirty linens with clean items

  • Ensure that all appliances in rooms are in working order

  • Realign furniture and amenities according to prescribed layout

  • Respond to guest queries and requests

  • Deliver any requested housekeeping items to guest rooms

  • Organize and restock housekeeping supply rooms at end of shift

  • Ensure confidentiality and security of guest rooms

  • Follow all company safety and security procedures

  • Report any maintenance issues or safety hazards

  • Watch for and report damage of property

  • As a member of the staff of Sunrise Ranch, contribute to the overall success and fulfillment of our mission through:

    • Creative, uplifting expression that inspires others

    • Enthusiastic contribution to the fabric of the Sunrise Ranch community

    • Diligent, productive work that contributes to the Sunrise Ranch team effort

    • Supporting, promoting and contributing to the vision, plan and work of the Spiritual Director and the Trustees of Emissaries of Divine Light

    • Clear, supportive surround for guests, visitors and staff

  • Perform other essential duties as assigned (please see detailed list attached delineating essential functions in more depth)







  • Organizational skills

  • Ability to create a good atmosphere/vibration in meeting rooms 

  • Ability to understand and use e-mail, Word, and Excel programs

  • Good communication skills 

  • Good cleaning skills 



  • Work availability  – Must be able to work weekends

  • Benefits – Health insurance, dental reimbursement, paid vacation and holidays

  • Physical requirements – Ability to be physically active throughout the day and lift up to 50 pounds to move chairs, tables, rugs, equipment, beds, furniture, laundry, etc.

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