Ski Patrol Supervisor
Sun Valley Resort

Come experience the top-rated Ski Resort in North America as Dollar Mountain Ski Patrol Supervisor

Founded in 1936, Sun Valley is America’s oldest destination resort and No. 1 in the West

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Ski Patrol Supervisor

Sun Valley Resort
Previous experience required
Start Date:
Starts soon! (Oct 01, 2023)

***Employee Housing Available***

The main functions of the Dollar Mountain Ski Patrol Supervisor are to hire, train, guide, and evaluate Ski Patrollers in administering first aid, provide evacuation of injured guests in an alpine ski setting, and perform ski hill maintenance by performing the following duties.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Act as a liaison between Ski Patrol management and Ski Patrollers.
  • Prepare the daily work list for the ski patrol team.
  • Conduct and coordinate Ski Patrol meetings regularly to discuss team performance, goals, and objectives.
  • Ensure Ski Patrol staff are well trained and orientated for their position and department; provide guidance, support, and direction to staff.
  • Mentor new patrollers to ensure a successful transition from new hire to competent patroller.
  • Patrol the ski mountain to detect injured guests, observe rule violations, and identify potential problem areas before the development of the problem. Provide prompt first aid to injured guests and assist injured guests or others while waiting for ambulance transport.
  • Set up and maintain boundary fencing to prevent guests from skiing into dangerous or unstable areas. Open and close ski runs as appropriate, depending upon the snow, weather, safety, and other conditions.
  • Operate a snowmobile to facilitate the opening of the mountain ski areas and for the transportation of personnel, guests, and/or equipment.
  • Avalanche control with Class “A” explosives and/or Avalauncher. Monitor potential avalanche sites, process relevant data, and take appropriate steps to mitigate hazards or close the area.
  • Operate and maintain toboggan/ski equipment to facilitate movement of self and/or injured guests to and from mountain locations (this includes but is not limited to using belays).
  • Participate in helicopter medical evacuation, Search and Rescue operations, and a wide variety of Mountain maintenance procedures as needed.
  • Other duties as assigned or as appropriate to safeguard resort guests.


  • Excellent communication skills within the patrol, patrol supervisors, and upper management.
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Office and related software.
  • Ability to handle and operate under stressful situations.
  • Excellent time management skills and the ability to work unsupervised.
  • Current Outdoor Emergency Care certification or EMT-1 Certification and a Current CPR Certificate.
  • Proficient in the use of Class "A" Explosives for the purpose of avalanche control.
  • Trainer or lead in annual OEC refreshers and CE cells.

How to Apply

*** Must have Current Outdoor Emergency Care certification or EMT-1 Certification and a Current CPR Certificate ***

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