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We are a summer resort with a season that runs from the middle of May to the end of October. In addition to being a resort that lodges guests, a big part of our operation is our restaurant. Ideally, all employees will be in the area and ready to begin training the beginning of May. We do require all employees to be fully vaccinated from Covid-19. 

Unfortunately this season we aren't able to accept H2B and J1 visas.

  • Server/Bartender

    Food and Beverage
    Birchwood, Wisconsin
    $18.00 / hour + tips

    Talented servers are excellent multitaskers, problem solvers, and handle stress with a can-do attitude and a smile. Our servers will have the opportunity to serve a variety of different foods, wines, and beers. They are expected to have a working knowledge of the items they are serving and how the tastes and flavors complement one another.  Our chef assists in this area to help make sure our servers are prepared.

    Our restaurant serves all three meals: breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  At breakfast, we serve a hot breakfast menu.  Lunch is more casual cuisine, and dinner is fine dining.  We also service many events, especially weddings.  These events can range in size from 10 to 175.

    We have a few different serving shifts, they are as follows:

    AM Server: Works breakfast and lunch and helps set up for daily events.  Shifts between 6:45 AM and 4:00 PM, basic bartending experience desired.  Part-time and full-time positions available. 

    PM Server: Works dinner and evening events. Shifts between 12:00 PM and 11:00 PM (sometimes later, depending on events); serving and bartending experience strongly preferred.  Part time and full-time positions available.   

    We do not have a full time bartending position available as our servers double as the bartender. Most nights are not busy enough to have a fully devoted bartender, so instead we train our servers in as bartenders who can make their own drinks. During peak season, we will rotate servers to be scheduled as the bartender for dinner service. 



    Ensure guests are seated and served in a timely manner.

    Ensure guests in Great Room lounge are served in a timely manner.

    Exceed guests’ expectations with an exceptional dining experience.

    Ensure the cleanliness of restaurant, bar, and Great Room areas, as well as back of house server areas.

    Ensure work areas are stocked and ready for the next shift.

    Ensure all paperwork associated with your shift is completed and turned in. Assist guests with inquiries regarding the restaurant and the property.

    Fully knowledgeable with all food and beverage menus.  

    Assist with kitchen cleanliness, including washing dishes.


    Minimum 1 year work experience

    Previous hospitality experience a plus

    Ability to retain a working knowledge of food and beverages served onsite

    Ability to multi-task

    Ability to problem solve

    Ability to handle stressful situations

    Ability to carry large trays of food and beverages

    Alcohol Server Training & Licensing (We can assist in obtaining)


  • Boat Driver

    Guest Services
    Birchwood, Wisconsin
    $16.00 / hour

    Boat drivers are our guests’ first point of contact when they arrive at the resort.  These individuals serve as our front desk staff and bellhops for our guests.  The primary responsibility of a boat driver at Stout’s Island Lodge is to drive guests to and from the island via boat, provide excellent customer service to our guests by getting them checked into their room, providing them a tour of the property and their room, and bringing their luggage and any other requested items to their room in a timely manner.

    Our boat drivers are also responsible for some handyman duties on the premises, such as checking the levels of our LP tanks, delivering trash to the dumpsters on shore, cleaning gutters and exterior windows, collecting trash on trails and grounds, stacking wood for fireplaces, starting fires in common areas and for guests, lawn and garden maintenance, and light maintenance on our boats and golf carts.  While these tasks are secondary to providing excellent service to our guests, they are also very important and contribute to our guests’ overall experience.  Therefore, any qualified candidate will be able to perform these tasks with little to no direct supervision.

    Boat driver is a vague title for a reason.  There are many miscellaneous tasks that a boat driver may be asked to perform on an irregular basis.  Most of these tasks will involve moving objects (large and small) from place to place.  Ultimately, there will be few things that are not in a boat driver’s “typical” job description that (s)he may be asked to do for events, for guests, and for managers and other staff members.  The ability to judge which tasks should be prioritized is an important skill that a qualified candidate will have.

    As the title implies, this position requires the ability to pilot several types of water craft—primarily pontoons.  For insurance purposes, all employees that drive the company watercraft must have completed their boat safety course and be able to provide proof of completion before being scheduled for their first shift.  




    High school diploma or GED preferred.

    Previous hotel experience preferred.

    Previous customer serviced experience required.

    Maintenance experience preferred.

    Boat Safety course-provided by company if not already completed



    Ability to stand 2/3 of workday.

    Ability to walk 2/3 of workday.

    Ability to lift 50 pounds

    Ability to climb stairs and walk rugged terrain

    Ability to work outdoors



    Able to pilot watercraft

    Ability to work weekends

    Ability to learn the unique aspects of Stout’s and sell rooms to our guests.

    Ability to work with or without supervision

    Excellent verbal and written communications

    Cheerful attitude and willing to go the extra mile Flexible and like a variety of work

    Fluent in English.

    Excellent interpersonal skills required.

    Must maintain a professional, neat, clean appearance and practice good personal hygiene.

    Construction, carpentry, roofing, lawn care, and/or small engine repair experience desirable 





    • Ensure the safe and timely passage of guests to and from the island and other places as applicable, including delivering luggage and guests to/from their rooms
    • Ensure guests are given the best first impression possible; given a full and complete tour (including history and important locations) and are given any necessary clarification.
    • Ensure company watercraft are driven safety and ensure each craft is ready for each journey (safety equipment, fuel levels, cleanliness, etc.)
    • Ensure guests safely embark and disembark watercraft(s). 
    • Ensure all equipment is clean, tidy, and in good working order including boats, lawn mowers, golf carts, etc.  Treats this equipment with due respect.
    • Ensure guest outdoor recreation areas and equipment are kept clean, painted (as applicable) and in good working order (lawn furniture, kayaks, canoes, hydro-bikes, tennis court, etc.)
    • Ensure cleanliness of outdoor common areas including boat house, powerhouse, and swim docks.
    • Remove trash from island and deliver to dumpster on shore.
    • Ensure deliveries for all departments are delivered to their proper locations.
    • Clean second story awnings, screens, etc. that housekeeping is unable to reach with a broom
    • General handyman responsibilities.
  • Dish Washer

    Birchwood, Wisconsin
    $15.00 / hour

    The dishwasher is the most important job in the kitchen. We rely on the help our dishwasher to ensure proper sanitization and cleanliness.

    The dishwasher will primarily be responsible for but not limited to:

    • maintaining a clean and organized work area
    • keeping front of house and back of house dishes clean and stored properly 
    • helping maintain proper product storage
    • help maintain overall cleanliness in the kitchen and cleaning schedules for equipment and food storage areas
    • helping in the kitchen with light prep and the opportunity to work on the line.


    • Able to lift 50 lbs
    • Able to work most weekends
    • Able to be on feet for long periods of time
  • Sous Chef

    Birchwood, Wisconsin
    $22.00 / hour

    Stouts Island Lodge has a Chef Driven Kitchen and this position requires multiple years of kitchen experience, is a strong line cook, and has the ability to adapt to the needs of our guests. We cook all of our food from scratch and this entails each cook to be able to prepare their station for service.

    The cook #1 position will be responsible for:

    • Executing dinner service working alongside the chef
    • Multitask between working the line and preparing food for events
    • Cooking the restaurant menus
    • Preparing food for buffets and plated meals for up to 200 people
    • Helping with kitchen sanitization
  • Line Cook

    Birchwood, Wisconsin
    $18.00 / hour

    This position will primarily require the ability to cook breakfast , lunch, and help with prep for events We would like to see at least one year of cooking experience.

    Other Requirements:

    • Maintain a stocked line
    • Execute both breakfast and lunch menus
    • Ability to follow recipes 
    • Complete simple baking tasks
    • Keep up with all sanitization  
  • Housekeeper

    Guest Services
    Birchwood, Wisconsin
    $17.00 / hour


    Our housekeepers take pride in the cleanliness of all parts of our resort from guest rooms to common areas, both inside buildings and outside buildings.  Excellent housekeepers possess an excellent attention to detail—catching even the smallest cobweb in the most unseen locations.  Housekeepers are responsible not only for cleanliness and order of the rooms and common areas, but also ensure that all amenities promised in each room are present and in working order.  

    Skilled housekeepers are capable of changing sheets on beds, scrubbing, dusting, moping, sweeping, etc. as well as moving from room to room across a 16-acre island.  Typical shifts for this position are six to eight hours between 7 AM and 8 PM.

    Housekeepers must also be very personable when interacting with guests and be able to anticipate their needs. 



    Minimum 1 year of work experience preferred

    Previous hotel experience a plus

    Previous housekeeping/cleaning experience a plus



    Ability to stand 2/3 of workday.

    Ability to walk 2/3 of workday. Ability to talk and hear. Ability to lift 25 pounds

    Ability to work outdoors-in all types of weather



    Customer-service oriented

    Ability to work weekends

    Ability to climb stairs and walk rugged terrain

    Ability to work with or without supervision

    Excellent verbal and written communications

    Cheerful attitude and willing to go the extra mile

    Flexible and like a variety of work

    Excellent interpersonal skills required.

    Must maintain a professional, neat, clean appearance and practice good personal hygiene.



    Ensuring cleanliness of guest rooms per Stout’s Island Lodge standards.

    Ensuring cleanliness of common areas (inside & outside) per Stout’s Island Lodge standards.

    Ensure cleanliness of Shore House waiting area

    Ensure all amenities promised to each guest are in working order.

    Ensure laundry is completed, folded, and stocked for the beginning of each shift

    Miscellaneous tasks as assigned.

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