Stonewater Cove

Stressed in the city?... Escape to nature and live-work in the middle of the forest on a beautiful lake!

A Natural Escape... Stonewater Cove is a private, family-owned and operated all-inclusive lake and forest retreat for the most discerning clientele. Guests come from all over to enjoy the adventure, peace and serenity of mother nature in this luxurious wilderness setting. Rugged luxury at it's finest! Join the team for our 2022 season, where everyone helps everyone as we're all in it together!

Mark Twain National Forest, Table Rock Lake, Ozark Mountains, SW Missouri (15 miles from the town of Shell Knob) We're on the 'quiet' side, with 475-acres of private land on the least developed and most protected part of the lake!

About Stonewater Cove

Stonewater Cove is a family-owned luxury wilderness retreat tucked away in the heart of the Mark Twain National Forest in the beautiful Ozark Mountains.  With 475 acres of private lakefront property on the quiet side Table Rock Lake, this outdoor playground boasts a beautiful main lodge, 25 guest units, treehouse spa huts, a pool and hot tub, private boat and swim docks, bonfire pits and tranquil hand-built water features everywhere.

The surrounding land and lake offer endless ATV and hiking trails, boating excursions, canoes and kayaks, skiing and wakeboarding, fishing, and an adventurous forest zip-line experience, along with everything else mother nature provides.  Great attention is paid to making the guest experience authentic, wholesome and inspiring, and it is the responsibility of all staff members to make those vacations as smooth and memorable as possible.

Our remote retreat requires a true team working together with trust to maintain a friendly and professional environment throughout the property.  Both internal staff and external guests alike are here to find peace and quiet away from city life!  We're 30-mins from the nearest small town, so work or play everyone is coming to enjoy the serenity offered at this truly natural escape!

The Employee Experience

Expect to live and work with a diverse team of individuals who are all prepared to mindfully support guests, and each other, to create lifelong memories with unforgettable experiences for everyone.  Respect is everything, and staff must consistently display a high level of attentiveness, flexibility, composure and compassion to succeed. The weekly hours can be long and hard, but the sense of accomplishment from knowing you've achieved complete guest satisfaction together is truly invaluable.

The modern, clean and properly maintained living quarters that are included without charge are some of the best offered in seasonal work. This means no commute, rent or many other expenses incurred with other operations.  The community atmosphere lends to an environment of solidarity that can still lead to lifelong friendships.

Nature's beauty is not in short supply the middle of a national forest and on a lake that has world class fishing, it's almost expected to see wildlife such as deer, turkeys, the occasional fox, bobcat or bald eagles.  The area is perfect for camping, hiking, kayaking, fishing, mountain biking.

City and social life are hours away and internet bandwidth is very limited...this is an opportunity to remove yourself from noise and chaos of the 'normal' daily grind!

Ideal Candidate

PROFESSIONAL, INDEPENDENT, QUIET AND RESPECTFUL...wanting to work and proud to be on a team!

Ideal candidates will have a passion for high-end service and guest satisfaction, with an equally strong work ethic that is necessary for this rugged environment.  Teamwork is essential in this live-work setting, as different days and changing demands bring different challenges in maintaining such an intimate and uplifting atmosphere for all.  It is imperative that staff act and dress appropriately at all times on property, whether on or off the clock.

Successful employees will pride themselves on exceeding service expectations and put 100% into their work, but equally be happy in enjoying 100% of their time off.  Those needing daily city or social life please DO NOT APPLY!

Room and Board

The employee housing at SWC is clean, spacious, well maintained and included!  RESPECT for each other and the property is imperative in maintaining a peaceful and comfortable environment for all.

There is a semi-private staff building that has 14 individual rooms with queen beds and 3/4 size refrigerator. In this same building there are 6 private bathrooms, 2 large common areas with wifi, satellite TV and DVD players, laundry facilities, and a large connecting kitchen with double appliances.

All housing is offered as a benefit for current employees and is subject to a standard living agreement, and each individual is responsible for maintaining the condition of staff housing quarters, including but not limited to the kitchen, common areas,  care and return of the provided towels and linens. 

Board is not included, but full kitchens with refrigerators are provided in housing.

Employee Perks

Employee pay is based on experience and job requirements, and will be determined during the interview process prior to hiring.  A typical work week is 40-50 hours but can change based on guest needs, and hourly overtime is paid at time-and-a-half.  Employees are paid via Direct Deposit in bi-weekly increments for the previous 2-weeks. 

We are a non-tipping resort but all guests pay an included Service Charge, and those funds go directly towards the included staff benefits, incentives and bonuses that may be distributed throughout the year.

Housing is included with all employment opportunities, food is not.  Ample private refrigerator space and a full kitchen is provided and available for each staff member.

Amenities available when not in use by guests are: canoe/kayaks, swim dock, weight room, mini-golf, 25 miles of trail for hiking or mountain biking, endless fishing opportunities.

Getting Here and Getting Around

We are one 13-mile road (20-30min drive) through the winding forest to a small lake town of Shell Knob, MO. There is a grocery store and Dollar General, pharmacy, bank, post office, a couple restaurants and a few other local stores in town.

While having your own vehicle is highly recommended and would allow more freedom to roam the surrounding areas, it is not required and some seasonal staff may choose other means of getting to the property. 

Those who choose to not bring a vehicle are still required to provide their own transportation to and from one of the 3 surrounding commercial airports or bus stations - Springfield, MO (SGF) is 1.5hrs; Branson, MO (BKG) is 1.25hrs; Bentonville/Rogers, AR (XNA) is 1.75hrs.

For Fun

Our staff should thoroughly enjoy their time spent at Stonewater Cove, and days off are a perfect way to explore the great outdoors in this very remote setting. Hike the many trails through the forest or go fishing along the shorelines, canoe or kayak if no guest use, relax in the beautiful scenery or enjoy a book or hobby. It’s truly an inspiring location for creative minds that enjoy photography, painting and sketching, reading, or even writing and playing music.

How to Apply

Check out our website for more details about Stonewater Cove.

If you are interested in joining our team, please email a letter and resume, and please include the desired position(s) in the subject line.  Prospective candidates will then be contacted with information regarding the remaining interview process with management.

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