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We believe that the single most important factor in the success of our restaurant is the quality of people who make up our team.  We strive to hire people who are hard-working and understand what it takes to satisfy customers.  

We are currently hiring for the summer season.  The season runs from mid-May through October.  We are looking to fill the following positions:

  • Front of house staff: servers, baristas, dishwashers, 
  • Back of house staff: head cook, line cooks, prep cooks, bakers, and dishwashers

Employees are required to be self-starters, work well in a team-based setting, and have a strong culinary interest.

  • Line Cooks

    Back of House
    Sawtooth Hotel and Stanley Baking Company

    This job is responsible for producing scratch menu items with attention to detail and focus on first-rate quality and care.

    Job duties include but not limited to:

    • collaborating with lead cook to create scratch menu items and daily specials
    • producing first-rate menu items in a timely manner, focused on quality
    • maintaining a clean, orderly work station
    • recipe and ingredient preparation

    Requirements include

    • knowledge of food handling safety techniques and practices
    • knife, recipe, and food prep skills

    Applicants must be responsible, self-motivated, be team-players, and possess a positive attitude.  

  • Server

    Front of House
    Sawtooth Hotel
    unknown / hour + tips

    We are looking for exceptional restaurant people for FOH team at Sawtooth Hotel, a casual, fine dining restaurant, in Stanley, Idaho.  Servers, hosts, and bartenders.  Hospitality experience necessary.

    Qualified applicants are hard-working, team-players, and positive-minded. 

  • Housekeeper/ Dishwasher


    We are looking for a full-time seasonal (May-October) housekeeper/ dishwasher.  Applicants must be positive-minded, hard-working, and have great attention to detail.  Duties include but are not limited to:

    • housekeeping for nine rooms, laundry, front-desk 
    • dishwashing nights in a busy restaurant 



  • Front of House

    Front of House
    Stanley Baking Company
    unknown / hour + tips

    Stanley Baking Co. is hiring exceptional hospitality people for summer season.  We have full-time (5 days a week) positions available.

    Duties include but not limited to 

    -cashier, barista, serving

    Applicants must be hard-working, positive-minded, and be able to connect with people.


How to Apply

If interested in working for either Stanley Baking Co. or Sawtooth Hotel, please e-mail a cover letter explaining why you want to work in for us, a resume, and 3 references.  

We are not accepting H2B applicants, but are gladly accepting J1 applicants.

For more info, feel free to contact Kelli Kerns at 208-721-2459 or

or Gina Braden at 208-488-1914 or

Additional info for international applicants

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