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Spring Lake Ranch hires on a rolling basis. We have flexible options from seasonal to six-month commitments and beyond.

  • Program Coordinator

    Therapeutic Work Program
    $13.58 / hour

    Program Coordinators serve as mentors to help residents of Spring Lake Ranch in their recovery by providing live-in support, structure, and guidance to residents through informal contact, house activities, and work crew activities to create a positive environment and comfortable home-like atmosphere. Program Coordinators help residents by modelling a health, stable lifestyle.



    • Provide live-in support, structure, and guidance to residents through informal contact and house activities to create a positive environment and comfortable home-like atmosphere.
    • Assume various roles such as mentor, guide, and advocate to support the recovery, wellbeing, and community experience for residents.
    • Develop/apply interpersonal skills on on-going basis including: flexibility, empathy, patience, effective communication, careful listening, limit setting, and firm personal boundaries.
    • Assist residents with housecleaning and bedroom cleaning.
    • Ensure that there is adequate coverage and support available to residents in their houses at all times.
    • Help with urgent emotional support and crisis intervention as needed.
    • Respectfully wake up individuals who would otherwise be late for morning meds and morning meeting.
    • Run at least one house program for the residents in their shared house each month.
    • Run weekly house meetings.


    • Foster residents’ sense of personal growth, meaningful contribution, and social belonging through positive work crew interactions and experiences.
    • Ensure safety through worksite hazard management, proper tool/machinery technique, and following of procedures and policies.
    • Communicate with residents’ teams regarding concerns observed on crew, including nonattendance.
    • Contribute to weekly work program notes.
    • Balance individual resident needs/challenges with task productivity.
    • Encourage/teach new skills and appropriately challenge residents to develop the self confidence that comes from accomplishing a task.
    • Assist co-workers in getting the crew together and starting work on time.
    • Cleaning up the work area and putting tools away after each work crew.
    • Coordinate and plan with work program leaders to develop projects and work plan.


    • Run fun activities during evenings and weekends.
    • Do dishes with residents after meals.
    • Drive residents to work, appointments, etc. as needed.
    • Med room duties as assigned.


    • Demonstrates an understanding and commitment to the SLR Mission, Vision and Core Values.
    • Maintain respectful, therapeutic, and supportive relationships with Spring Lake Ranch at all times.
    • Maintain resident/client privacy by keeping personal information confidential in accordance with federal HIPAA legislation and Spring Lake Ranch policies and procedures.
    • Willing to draw upon own personal talents, interests, and passions to develop special programming for the community and develop relationship with individuals.
    • Participate in holidays and other Ranch special events throughout the year.
    • Attend weekly staff and department meetings and staff development opportunities, meeting the licensing training requirements for position.
    • Crisis intervention and assistance as needed.
    • Other duties as requested.


    • Desire to live and work with many different kinds of people in a diverse community setting.
    • Ability to establish and maintain firm personal/professional boundaries in a therapeutic community setting.
    • Previous experience working outdoors and in mental health and/or substance abuse recovery preferred.
    • Ability to participate in physical work and physical activity in all possible outdoor weather conditions, activities may include of outdoor work/active games/sports and moderate lifting/carrying of up to 40 lbs.
    • Ability to work with minimal supervision and collaboratively as part of team.
    • Ability to accept supervision and feedback
    • Strong interpersonal skills and flexibility.
    • Respect for others, compassion, patience.
    • Willingness to learn and to try new things.
    • Good judgment, responsibility, dependability.
    • Enthusiasm, energy, initiative.
    • Limit-setting and conflict resolution skills.
    • Driver’s license and good driving record.

How to Apply

To apply, please send your resume or application and cover letter to Heather McGee at heatherm@springlakeranch.org. The Ranch offers a rolling application and interview process and often hires several months in advance.

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