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Spring Lake Ranch hires on a rolling basis. We have flexible options from seasonal to six-month commitments and beyond.

  • Program Coordinator

    Therapeutic Work Program
    $13.58 / hour

    Program Coordinators serve as mentors to help residents of Spring Lake Ranch in their recovery by providing live-in support, structure, and guidance to residents through informal contact, house activities, and work crew activities to create a positive environment and comfortable home-like atmosphere. Program Coordinators help residents by modelling a health, stable lifestyle.



    • Provide live-in support, structure, and guidance to residents through informal contact and house activities to create a positive environment and comfortable home-like atmosphere.
    • Assume various roles such as mentor, guide, and advocate to support the recovery, wellbeing, and community experience for residents.
    • Develop/apply interpersonal skills on on-going basis including: flexibility, empathy, patience, effective communication, careful listening, limit setting, and firm personal boundaries.
    • Assist residents with housecleaning and bedroom cleaning.
    • Ensure that there is adequate coverage and support available to residents in their houses at all times.
    • Help with urgent emotional support and crisis intervention as needed.
    • Respectfully wake up individuals who would otherwise be late for morning meds and morning meeting.
    • Run at least one house program for the residents in their shared house each month.
    • Run weekly house meetings.


    • Foster residents’ sense of personal growth, meaningful contribution, and social belonging through positive work crew interactions and experiences.
    • Ensure safety through worksite hazard management, proper tool/machinery technique, and following of procedures and policies.
    • Communicate with residents’ teams regarding concerns observed on crew, including nonattendance.
    • Contribute to weekly work program notes.
    • Balance individual resident needs/challenges with task productivity.
    • Encourage/teach new skills and appropriately challenge residents to develop the self confidence that comes from accomplishing a task.
    • Assist co-workers in getting the crew together and starting work on time.
    • Cleaning up the work area and putting tools away after each work crew.
    • Coordinate and plan with work program leaders to develop projects and work plan.


    • Run fun activities during evenings and weekends.
    • Do dishes with residents after meals.
    • Drive residents to work, appointments, etc. as needed.
    • Med room duties as assigned.


    • Demonstrates an understanding and commitment to the SLR Mission, Vision and Core Values.
    • Maintain respectful, therapeutic, and supportive relationships with Spring Lake Ranch at all times.
    • Maintain resident/client privacy by keeping personal information confidential in accordance with federal HIPAA legislation and Spring Lake Ranch policies and procedures.
    • Willing to draw upon own personal talents, interests, and passions to develop special programming for the community and develop relationship with individuals.
    • Participate in holidays and other Ranch special events throughout the year.
    • Attend weekly staff and department meetings and staff development opportunities, meeting the licensing training requirements for position.
    • Crisis intervention and assistance as needed.
    • Other duties as requested.


    • Desire to live and work with many different kinds of people in a diverse community setting.
    • Ability to establish and maintain firm personal/professional boundaries in a therapeutic community setting.
    • Previous experience working outdoors and in mental health and/or substance abuse recovery preferred.
    • Ability to participate in physical work and physical activity in all possible outdoor weather conditions, activities may include of outdoor work/active games/sports and moderate lifting/carrying of up to 40 lbs.
    • Ability to work with minimal supervision and collaboratively as part of team.
    • Ability to accept supervision and feedback
    • Strong interpersonal skills and flexibility.
    • Respect for others, compassion, patience.
    • Willingness to learn and to try new things.
    • Good judgment, responsibility, dependability.
    • Enthusiasm, energy, initiative.
    • Limit-setting and conflict resolution skills.
    • Driver’s license and good driving record.
  • Social Worker

    Therapeutic Work Program
    $55,000.00 - $60,000.00 / year

    Spring Lake Ranch is looking for a Social Worker to join our Therapeutic Work Program (TWP) to support residents seeking treatment for mental health and substance abuse issues through their participation in the work program and therapeutic community. The TWP Social Worker works on TWP crews to facilitate and foster situations that can result in learning opportunities for residents within the TWP and milieu. This role serves as a role model for junior staff on how to guide residents in their healing journey using what they know about the path to assure continued growth and sufficient tools for lifelong success.

    Temporary housing may be available for those that need or plan to relocate for this position..


    • Works side by side with residents and other staff on work crew acting the role of facilitator/guide, counselor, and community member.
    • Assist residents in developing and implementing a person-centered treatment plan as part of a team which includes individual residents, clinicians, family members, other Spring Lake Ranch staff members, and representatives from community organizations. This includes creating and maintaining organized records of meetings and outcomes.
    • Work collaboratively with the TWP Crew Manager and Assistant to support residents in their goals and treatment plans.
    • Provide clinical oversight (biopsychosocial assessment, treatment planning, individual and group therapy, discharge planning) and adhere to all governing policies and procedures and timeframes relating to associated documentation.
    • Is a member of the crisis response team during evenings and weekends and is part of the related on-call rotation. Provide interventions, crisis/risk screenings and coordinates with RRMC Crisis to assess criteria for in-patients psychiatric admission when necessary.
    • Meets with families for initial family visits and functions as primary liaison for all resident family contact.
    • Provides person-centered approach to treatment plan both formally and informally depending on resident's needs.
    • Provide SLR staff with guidance and resources on how to best serve residents.
    • Collaborate with med room and consulting Psychiatrist regarding any medication issues that arise when working with a resident.
    • Facilitate psycho-educational group(s) and lead therapeutic or recreational programs.


    • Master's degree in social work.
    • Experience in mental health and/or substance abuse recovery preferred.
    • Knowledge and experience of Windows OS and Microsoft Office Suite.
    • Driver's License and good driving record.


    • Desire to work outside year-round, in all weather conditions modelling a positive mental attitude and resiliency.
    • Ability to use independent judgment, analytical, and decision-making skills.
    • Strong belief and connection to the community model and ability to collaborate with all members of the community.
    • Effective organization skills.
    • Ability to manage multiple priorities and remain flexible in a dynamic community setting.
    • Excellent communication skills.
    • Ability to accept and give constructive feedback and have an on-going commitment to personal growth and improvement.

How to Apply

To apply, please send your resume or application and cover letter to Casey Voigtlaender. The Ranch offers a rolling application and interview process and often hires several months in advance.

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