Program Coordinator
Spring Lake Ranch Therapeutic Community

An opportunity to make a difference in a unique therapy environment.

A beautiful 700 ranch in Vermont.

  • year round
Cuttingsville, Vermont
$13.58 - $15.00 / hour
Some experience required
Start Date:
Starts in about 2 months. (May 21, 2023)

Program Coordinators serve as mentors to help residents of Spring Lake Ranch in their recovery of esteem, direction, and well-being. Program Coordinators participate in the Spring Lake Ranch community, working and playing alongside residents on crew, in housing, and in recreational activities. Program Coordinators help residents through daily frustrations, and model a healthy, stable lifestyle.

Program Coordinators are encouraged to live, at no additional cost, in a room in a resident house here at Spring Lake Ranch. 3 meals a day and all utilities are included.

On crew PCs can expect to:

  • Work on Farm: Caring for the farm animals, moving fencing, making things out of animal fibers, haying in the summer
  • Work on Gardens: Working in the garden, work in the kitchen making food for the community, sewing, repairing, and creating in the Sewing Room
  • Work on Woods: Chopping wood, pressing apple cider, doing wood hauls, helping with ranch landscaping, clearing trails, maple sugaring
  • Work on Shop: Building furniture, doing space renovations, some mechanics.
  • Program Coordinators on all crews can expect to help with the ongoing tasks of cleaning and writing weekly crew notes.

Program Coordinators also plan and participate in a variety of fun recreational activities and trips. On weekends and evenings they are responsible for:

  • Doing daily water testing in the Main House and at Elliot House
  • Waking up and/or finding residents who need medications
  • Running fun activities throughout the day so that there are different program options at least every few hours.
  • Doing dishes (alone or with residents) after each meal
  • Doing anything the Duty Person asks them to do
  • Participate in writing weekend notes
  • Med Room duties as assigned

In housing they are responsible for:

  • Running at least one house program for the residents living in their area each month
  • Running weekly house meetings and cleanings
  • Doing weekly room checks for each resident in their area and writing House Notes
  • Being on call some evenings

Program Coordinators are always expected to:

  • Work with Spring Lake Ranch residents, be there for them
  • Provide necessary information to clinicians
  • Engage in the community whenever possible

Benefits include:

  • Fully covered healthcare provided by the Ranch
  • Paid time off
  • Free housing and all meals
  • Use of all our facilities and equipment, including but not limited to: our pottery and art studios, gym, miles of curated trails, lake, canoes and paddle boards, cross-country skis and snowshoes, ice skates, musical instruments, etc.

Suggested qualifications:

Education: Bachelor's degree

Experience: 6 months in a therapeutic environment, a demonstrated ability to create and run programming.

Qualities we like:

  • Excitement to handle any situation that comes your way.
  • Experience working outdoors and in the mental health field.
  • Any experience farming, working off the land, crafting, cooking, or doing carpentry.
  • The ability to teach something - from music to tai chi.

Folks who do not meet the requirements but feel they would be a perfect fit for the community are strongly encouraged to apply.

Scheduling may include:

• Crew 3-4 days a week

• 1-2 weekend shifts per week

• 1-2 evening shifts per week

How to Apply

Please reach out to Heather McGee, HR Manager at

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