Spotted Horse Ranch

Come work at a guest ranch in the Wyoming mountains!

Spend the fall in the WY mountains just outside of Jackson Hole



Spotted Horse Ranch
up to $1,400.00 / month + tips
No experience required
Start Date:
Starts immediately!

CABIN HOUSEKEEPING/WAIT STAFF…$1,400.00 monthly (and $333.00 monthly bonus)

Cabin/Wait staff will be divided into two shifts, which alternate during the week:

 Shift 1 will be required to work 7:00 am – 2:00 pm

 Shift 2 will be required to work 2:00 pm – until closing

 1 person (or more if available) to report to kitchen 30 minutes prior to staff meal to assist chef in the kitchen!


Shift 1: 

  • Quickly pick up and straighten lodge living room and bar
  • Set up continental breakfast bar
  • Move toaster to counter top
  • Put out bread, bagels, English muffins (if available)
  • Put out cream cheese, jelly, yogurt, granola, cottage cheese & berries
  • Set up cereal bar w/ bowls
  • Set up carafes with 1 milk, 2 OJ, 1 apple juice
  • Serve breakfast to guests
  • Make sure coffee and juice are always available
  • Clean up after breakfast
  • Do dishes & clean counter tops
  • Sweep floors (kitchen, staff dining room, guest dining room)
  • Mop floors (kitchen, staff & dining areas)
  • Clean occupied cabins (make beds, clean bathroom, dust, sweep, vacuum
  • Set up and serve lunch (send one person to kitchen 30 minutes before staff meal)
  • Clean up after lunch (dishes, sweep & mop dining room floor, reset table-only if all cabins cleaned)

Shift 2:    

  • Finish lunch cleanup
  • Set up dining room for dinner
  • Refer to daily checklist for BIG daily duty
  • De-lime outside of Hobie at least 3 times a week
  • Laundry (which is the guest cabin sheets and towels)
  • Thoroughly clean main lodge and Saloon including windows and bathrooms
  • Water flowers and wash any windows that are in need of cleaning
  • Write dinner menu on blackboard
  • Serve dinner
  • Clean up after dinner (dishes, sweep, mop, reset tables)
  • Wipe down laundry room washers and leave doors open at the end of shift
  • Clean catch under sink

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