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Join our 2022 retail team!

Skagway Mining Company (SMC) & Gold Rush Gifts (GRG), two Alaska-owned souvenir shops, are seeking seasonal employees for the 2022 cruise ship season in Skagway, Alaska. Jobs run from April 1 through mid-October. You do not have to be available for all of those dates.

Skagway, Alaska is at the end of the Lynn Canal, in a beautiful setting of mountains, glaciers, lakes, and awesome people!

About Skagway Mining Company

If you ask any seasonal employee in Skagway, they will tell you that they work hard and play hard. It's what Skagway does.

This little town's population goes from approximately 800 people to about 3,000 with seasonal employees and has been described as "summer camp for adults!"

If you are looking for unforgettable memories in a gorgeous place while working hard during the day, join our team! We have two retail stores: Skagway Mining Company & Gold Rush Gifts. Both are fast-paced, high-volume stores.

Skagway Mining Company (SMC) is 5,000 square feet of shopping! We carry everything from $1.99 pooping moose key chains to $200 geode sculptures. Seriously, we have EVERYTHING in this store. Depending on the train schedule (the train station is across the street), we can have over 100 people shopping at one time, with all six registers active and people in line! But don't fret - it slows down between train stops!

Gold Rush Gifts (GRG) is two doors down from SMC and about half the size. With more than 60+ made in Alaskan companies, eight of those from Skagway, this store has a slightly more boutique feel than SMC but still has a high volume. GRG has more artwork, and employees will be trained and informed of each artist's work and information on selling points.

Housing is above the stores, so you don't have a commute!  

The Employee Experience

Skagway gets more than a million visitors in the summer, primarily by cruise ship. The town is five blocks wide and 23 blocks long, and on any given day, 10,000 tourists will walk off the cruise ship and swarm into town. That's a lot of people from all over the world! Which is why WE need YOU!

Your average day is mainly on the floor, making sure your designated section looks impressive, checking out customers at the registers, and before you know, your shift is over! Then this is where "summer camp for adults" comes in! We have softball, hiking, karaoke, live music every week, and with so much daylight, you'll forget it's time to go to bed... seriously, 10 pm in Skagway feels like 7 pm in most places!

Skagway is like no place else in the world. It has some similarities to other Southeast, Alaskan towns, but it's the most unique! You can see glaciers out your window, orcas while hiking to Yakutania Point, and even an occasional moose up the Klondike Highway. As an employer for 18 years, I have hired many employees, and the one thing that most of them say is, "Skagway was one of the best times of my life!"

Still not convinced? Here's a link to learn more.

Ideal Candidate

We love happy employees! Happy employees make the best employees because they are enthusiastic and ready for whatever projects come at them. We try our best to work around softball/soccer schedules or whatever you might have going on in your personal life, but if you are not ready to work hard and only want to play hard, you will not be a good fit for our company.

However, if you are ready for a new adventure to make money AND unforgettable memories, we are looking for YOU! 

The job runs from April 1 through mid-October.

Room and Board

We offer two apartments above the store.

Each apartment has four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a shared kitchen, and laundry machines. We house up to two people in a room. Each room is furnished with beds, dressers, linens, pillows, and bath towels. 

Housing Requirements:

  • Must be over 18 years old.
  • No pets allowed.
  • No smoking and/or drugs. No vaping. ZERO TOLERANCE. Alcohol is okay for those over 21.
  • Must be clean and responsible for your belongings in the community space.
  • Mandatory weekly cleaning duties in community spaces.
  • Must sign and follow the housing contract.
  • Rent is $350/month, includes all utilities and WIFI.

Employee Perks

  • 25% discount on merchandise, sale items excluded.
  • 50% discount on all bulk candy.

Getting Here and Getting Around

Skagway is located 80 miles northwest of Juneau. No commercial airlines fly to Skagway. If you're starting your travels via commercial airlines, you'll have to fly to Juneau, AK, or Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada.

Alaska Seaplane's schedule changes by the month because of winter weather. To catch a flight to Skagway on the same day of travel, you will need to book the first or second flight out of Seattle to Juneau to make sure you get there in time for the seaplane flight (they don't fly at night).

If you fly into Whitehorse, it's a two-hour drive south to Skagway. There are no buses. 

Another option is the Alaska Marine Highway:  You can depart from Bellingham, WA (5 days on the ferry) or fly to  Juneau, AK and ferry from there (7 hours). It's a beautiful ride depending on the weather.

The third option would be to drive to Skagway on the Alcan Highway! We highly recommend getting your hands on the Milepost if you are going to drive - it will help you plan your gas stops, hotels/camping, hot springs soaks, and sightseeing along the way!

You do not need a car in Skagway, but a bike does come in handy!

For Fun

You name it. We got it! After your shift at work, you'll still have plenty of daylight to play! Days off? We've got camping, hiking, disc golf course, rock climbing, glacier tours, zip-lining, rafting, bonfires, dog mushing, beer tasting, open mic nights, and SO MUCH MORE!

Sports? We have softball and soccer leagues! Someone even told me we have pickleball and cornhole teams! What?!

Running? Skagway hosts 5K's, 10K's, a half marathon, and one of the toughest marathons you can attempt! Have you heard of the Klondike Road Relay? It's a race that starts in Skagway and ends in White Horse! Ten legs ran at night up the Klondike Highway. I've run it four times, and it's just as much pain as it is incredible!! 

How to Apply

Apply online by following clicking the link here: Application

When uploading your resume, make sure to include three professional references with phone numbers.

Resumes without references & phone numbers will not be considered.

If there are issues with the application and would rather email your resume, you can do so at

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