Silver Bay Seafoods

New Rates.  Processors Start at $10/hour.  Higher if experienced, based on accrued industry hours.  Summer Seafood Processing Jobs in Beautiful SE Alaska.

Silver Bay Seafoods is an integrated processor of frozen, headed and gutted salmon for domestic and export markets as well as sac roe herring and bairdi crab.

Silver Bay's primary strength is in its combination of having a state of the art processing plant and favorable logistics to support its operations; competent management and key personnel; an established fish buying system; and ownership by fishermen who represent over 70% of the committed fishing effort.

Silver Bay operates four processing plants in Alaska.  These facilities are located in Sitka, Craig, Valdez, Naknek and Metlakatla, Alaska. 

Ideal Candidate

Our ideal candidate is able to work constantly with their hands, do some heavy lifting, and stand for long periods of time. They must be able to tolerate a quick work pace in order to meet production deadlines and have the stamina to work long hours in an environment that can be very wet, and cold. The ability to follow instructions and adhere to safety rules is paramount. They cannot be squeamish around fish guts and can work up to 16 hours a day.

Room and Board

Crab and Herring Seasons - No charge for room and board

Naknek Salmon Season - No charge for room and board

Sitka, Craig, Valdez & Metlakatla Salmon - You will reside in the company bunkhouse and will share a room with several fellow employees. Meals are provided in the company cafeteria.  Room and board is charged for the salmon season, at the rate of $10/day.

Employee Perks

Paid airfare between Seattle and the job site along with rain gear, gloves and boots.

Getting Here and Getting Around

Silver Bay Seafoods will provide prepaid airfare from Seattle Washington to the job site. Upon successful completion of the season the Company will also provide prepaid airfare back to Seattle.

For Fun

Great hiking, beach walking, and taking in the beauty of Alaska.

Click here to view a whole bunch of things to do for fun in Sitka.

Our Jobs

Sitka - early February

Sitka - mid-March through mid-April
Naknek - May

Sitka, Craig,Valdez & Metlakatla - early June through mid-September
Naknek - early June through late July


How to Apply

Visit our website at or click Apply Now to complete our on-line Employment Application and our Predictive Index Checklist. Both are required forms.