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Experience the summer of a lifetime in one of the most beautiful places in the world!

Signal Mountain Lodge strives to provide an exceptional National Park experience for both the park visitor and our staff.  Through our staff's pride and dedication, we will give all park visitors attentive and outstanding service.

GRAND.TETON.NATIONAL.PARK. We may be a little biased, but we think our corner of Wyoming is an incredibly special place to spend a summer...or five. Our lodge is right smack dab in the middle of GTNP on the shore of Jackson Lake. We're about 45 minutes from the town of Jackson and 45 min from the south gate of Yellowstone.

About Signal Mountain Lodge

Signal Mountain Lodge is a privately owned company that operates visitor services under a concession agreement with the National Park Service. We are located on the shores of Jackson Lake in Grand Teton National Park in the northwest corner of Wyoming. Our operation includes 79 guest units, two restaurants, two gift stores, a bar, a general store, gas station and a marina. We also operate Leek’s Marina & Pizzeria which is 10 miles north of our main location. In addition, we operate two campgrounds: one on the Signal Mountain property and another at Lizard Creek, 17 miles north of the main lodge. We offer guided fishing trips on Jackson Lake and scenic float trips on the Snake River. 

"One of my favorite places in the world is the Tetons, and no lodge company or single person respects the mountains like Signal and the people there." - Brad, Restaurant

The Employee Experience

As a seasonal employer, Signal Mountain Lodge has it all. Your job, housing, meals, recreation, and administrative support are all right here. Your living expenses are minimal and your opportunities for adventure are boundless.

One of the most distinguishing characteristics of SML is our 50% return rate. Staff keep coming back year after year because they develop so many important relationships here and a sense of investment in the company and its culture. At SML we like to say that our staff are our #1 guests - and we mean it. We believe that staff satisfaction is the most important factor in our overall success as a business, and we invest in it accordingly. As a Signal Mountain Employee, expect to find managers that care about your success and aren't shy about getting down to work right alongside you to get the job done. Outside of work, we strive to provide a rich communal experience with lots of opportunities for connection and fun.

We want to provide a safe, healthy and comfortable environment for our staff so that they can do their best work and maximize their opportunities to explore. In that spirit, we offer clean, modern housing with an onsite manager to make sure everything stays ship shape, plenty of delicious food, and two scheduled days off every week. 

Ideal Candidate

We work hard and play hard! The ideal candidate is flexible and willing to do whatever is needed to get the job done, personally invested in the success of the organization, and has a positive attitude. 

We're all here because we love Grand Teton Park! One of the most important characteristics we look for in our staff is passion for the natural world and a belief in the conservation mission of the National Park Service. 

We live in close quarters here and there's very little separation between work and home. You clock out, head up to the dorms, and see your coworkers. For this reason it's very important that staff be flexible, communicative, emotionally mature, community oriented, and able to solve interpersonal problems. It's also important that our staff are able and motivated to take time for themselves.

Room and Board


Our staff housing is dormitory style and each unit has 2-3 occupants. Single occupancy housing is available only for department managers. Each unit has private bathroom. Most do not have kitchen facilities and we do not allow pets. There are also a limited number of staff RV spaces available. RV spaces are considered double occupancy, so preference is given to department managers and/or couples sharing a single RV. 

Meals are provided in the Employee Dining Room. All room and board rates include meals as well as housing. The EDR is open from 6AM-Midnight every day with set meal times for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You are welcome to come down in between meals and help yourself to fruit, cereal, bagels, coffee and soft drinks, or any leftovers you may have saved in our communal refrigerator. 

Room and board charges are taken as a payroll deduction. Payday is ever other Friday. All rates include the meal plan.

Rates are per person, not per unit: 

  • Double: $91/week
  • Triple: $63/week
  • Single (department managers only): $90/week
  • RV: $63/week at SML, $16/week at Lizard Creek Campground (Lizard Creek is a remote location and the rate does not include regular meals.)

Employee Perks

As ambassadors for Signal Mountain Lodge and GTNP, we want our employees to have access to all of the awesome activities our guests enjoy! As a seasonal staff member you get:

  • FREE canoe and kayak rentals on Jackson Lake*
  • FREE Snake River Float Trips*
  • 20%-40% off motorboat rentals depending on season
  • $.20/gal gas discount
  • 20% discount on food in ALL Signal Mountain Restaurants including Leek's Pizzeria
  • 40% off on all regular priced merchandise in our gift stores
  • 30% off SML logo gear and eco-friendly products in the General Store
  • Friends and Family room discounts in May and October on a space available basis

Not to mention staff activities for days! We do Staff Olympics, Christmas in August, cooking contests, open-mic nights, movie nights, trips to Yellowstone and other area attractions, day hikes, service projects and more. Transportation provided for all off-property staff activities on a space available basis. 

Getting Here and Getting Around

About 40% of our staff get here via plane, bus, or some combination thereof. 

PLANE: The nearest airport, Jackson Hole (JAC), is located inside the park, about 30 minutes from Signal Mountain Lodge. We are happy to pick you up at the Jackson Hole Airport if you notify us in advance. This is the most convenient option if you don't have your own car, but it can be expensive as it's just a regional airport. Sometimes it's cheaper to fly into Salt Lake City and then take a bus to Jackson, but it's a six hour bus ride which can make for a long day.

BUS: There are two shuttle bus companies that serve the town of Jackson. Both originate in Salt Lake City. The Salt Lake Express ( and Mountain States Express ( The fare between SLC and Jackson is usually between $75 and $80. If you're taking Greyhound, you can transfer to the Salt Lake Express in Idaho Falls, ID. There are bus drop offs at the Jackson Hole Airport as well as at the Albertsons grocery and Maverick gas station in Jackson. We are happy to pick you up at any of these locations if you notify us in advance.

CAR: About 60% of our staff bring their own vehicles. We have parking for employee vehicles in the staff dorm area though it can get a little crowded at times.

Once you're here, you don't need a vehicle on a day-to-day basis. The staff dorms are just a 7-8 minute walk from most of the guest services and work areas as well as from the employee dining room. However, when you're not at work you're going to want to get out and explore the area, and it's a lot easier with your own transportation. That said, most without cars have found it pretty easy to get a ride when they need one. Many staff do bring personal vehicles and are usually more than happy to have those without a vehicle of their own as passengers!

How to Apply

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