USCG Licensed Captain / Fishing Guide
Shelter Cove Lodge

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Fun Loving Fishing Guide Needed: USCG Licensed Captain w/Near Coastal rating to act as Fishing Guide

In the heart of Craig, Alaska, Your office.... a 30 Ft North River!

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USCG Licensed Captain / Fishing Guide

Shelter Cove Lodge
Craig, Alaska
$275.00 - $375.00 / day + tips
Previous experience required
Start Date:
Starts in 4 months. (Jun 05, 2023)

Come join our operation as a fishing guide in one of the premiere fishing destinations in Alaska and the world! Craig, Alaska is a small community on the west coast of Prince of Wales island. We are surrounded by a group of large islands that provide great protection from the weather so we don't have to get our butts kicked all day when the weather isn't ideal. Endless coastlines to explore and fishing spots yet to be discovered.

We have recently experienced the retirement of 3 captains that have been with us for over 12 years each. This is worth mentioning because they would not have stayed for so long if I didn't take great care of them or if they didn't earn appropriate money.  Two of these positions have been taken by captains that have been waiting for a spot to open up here. One Left for you to take. 

Captain one of our fleet of 26 or 30 ft North River boats each powered by twin 200 or 225 outboards. These vessels are consistently updated and very well maintained to ensure everything looks and functions as it should. No broken fuel gauges or windshield wipers to deal with. Our staff will check with you each day to make sure you are 100%. We take a great deal of pride in our equipment and feel our staff should not have to attempt to accomplish a task without the right tools for the job. 

I am looking for an experienced captain with priorities in the correct order. #1 is Safety. #2 is FUN. #3 Fish. #4 Equipment Care. You can catch all the fish in the ocean but if you don't have priorities #1 and 2 accomplished, it won't matter. You must be a people person. You must be able to have fun even when times become frustrating. I am looking for a competent operator. You must be confident in your ability to navigate with GPS and RADAR, and operate in bad weather and rough ocean conditions all with your clients safety and comfort in mind. You will be part of a team of 10 total captains of which typically only 8 are on the water any given day. This is a huge help when it comes to the fishing part. You will have others to learn from and to keep touch with throughout each day. Our VHF systems transmit at 50W on a private channel to help with this good communication without the worry of giving up a good bite. 

I am looking for a personality that gets along with everyone. Confidence is fine but arrogant can be an issue. We, as a team, want a person that can integrate into our team. My hope is that you will become part of our lodge family and want to return for years. 

Your work schedule will be typically 3 days on the water with 1 day off. This day off can be messed up on occasion with a 4 day group and day charters should you choose to claim one. Day charters are sold only if a captain is willing to claim it for the additional earnings. there will also be opportunities to take crew fishing allowing you to get your fishing in as well. I Can ONLY hire guides that can stay for the entire season which is June 8th to August 29th. 

Housing is included in your compensation package. It is my goal that no staff will ever have to share a room. This includes Breakfast and Lunch on days you are working however dinner is on you. It is typical for guide staff to prepare nightly meals as a crew. To be part of this, you will be asked to contribute. Of course, fresh fish is frequently on the menu.

Our fishing style is mooching. No trolling or down riggers.  We drift for our bottom fish and will not anchor. 

We are in the hospitality business.  I have heard many stories about how staff are treated in other organizations; the hospitality stops at the guest. I feel this approach is wrong and the right employee will be one of my guests for the entire summer.  I believe this work relationship should have a mutual appreciation for what we provide for each other. I expect everyone to treat and be treated with Kindness at all times. THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE FUN! Everything I've requested here should be 100% normal for an experienced captain with integrity and good spirit.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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