Head Cook/Chef
Schooner Mary Day

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Head Cook/Chef

Schooner Mary Day
Camden, Maine
$1,000.00 / week + tips
Previous experience required
Start Date:
Starts soon! (May 17, 2021)

The most important position in the crew, the cook is responsible for menuing, provisioning, and creating delicious “down east” fare for up to 32 guests and crew. All food preparation is done by hand and all meals are created using an antique wood-burning cookstove. In comparison, the below-decks galley is quite large and well ventilated. There are an assistant cook and a messmate who work under your supervision, available to assist with some food prep and serving.

Because of the galley layout and the people-oriented nature of the windjammer business, you will be working in the public eye. It is important to greet guests with a smile and a warm heart. Guests are often excited to see what windjammer cooking is all about. While not a requirement, we have ample opportunity for the cook to be involved on deck and with small boat handling. As the cook aboard Mary Day, you have the opportunity to show off your love for cooking, for serving others wholesome meals with a little flare all while sailing along the beautiful Maine coast. Please contact us for a complete job description.

How to Apply

Please visit our website to download an application. Please email your application along with a resume and 3 relevant references.

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