Rushmore Tramway Adventures

Outdoor Adventure Park + Zipline Guides in the Beautiful Black Hills!

There's a difference between a typical summer job, and a job experience of lifetime. This distinction begins with Rushmore Tramway Adventures.

We are located in Keystone, South Dakota 2 miles below Mount Rushmore National Monument.

About Rushmore Tramway Adventures

Interested in being a zip line tour guide or aerial adventure park operator? 

Some call it work. We call it fun. As an outdoor adventure park we're committed to creating a lasting experience for both our employees and customers. Whether you're interested in strapping on a harness and operating our zipline and aerial park up in the trees, or cruising down the mountain on our alpine slide, you'll undoubtedly fill your days with excitement. Not to mention, you get paid for this.

We feel very strongly about establishing an environment that our employees will thrive in. Focusing on a relaxed, yet organized atmosphere allows everyone to walk away each day knowing they wouldn't trade a single second.

It's all about being a part of something bigger than yourself. Being surrounded by nature and a diverse group of people all focused on a common goal are the two key ingredients for a summer job experience of a lifetime.

The Employee Experience

Almost everyone who's come to South Dakota and worked with us say they never could have imagined how impactful a few months in a random state could have on them. Our employee experience is centered around just that. It's built upon the unique personalities and varying world views that all come together in achieving a shared vision. A vision of creating an inspirational environment that allows people to satisfy their innate desire to connect with the world around them. Not bad right?!

We all work extremely hard during the summer, but we also take having fun as a necessity. Whether it's employee kickball games or late nights singing karaoke at the top of our mountain, we're all here in support of each other. After all, we do spend a ridiculous amount of time working together, so it's only natural that your fellow employee who you just met a week ago rapidly becomes your best friend.

Rather than list out our core values for you to glaze over, I'd rather tell you that as individuals and as a team, we're constantly seeking meaningful connections and fulfillment. That's what our industry is all about. Everyone has a different definition of what that means to them and that's how we like it. If you're committed to stretching your comfort zone and creating a meaningful impact, you'll undoubtedly find it here.

Beyond all that, I don't know what else to tell you other than to quit reading this and apply!

Ideal Candidate

Well you've made it this far, so that means a few things:

1. You're Driven - You've taken the initiative in researching cool job opportunities around the world and found us!

2. You're Outgoing - Obviously you're interested in finding a new and exciting experience. It's probably not your hometown either, which means you're outgoing, adventurous, and up for the challenge!

3.You're Awesome! - That's more of an assumption, but we're optimistic people so you get the benefit of the doubt.

Aside from that, if you have a positive attitude, enjoy working as part of a greater team, and are committed to creating a lasting impression for our customers and yourself, you have 99.5% of what we're looking for. I know you're wondering where that last half percent comes from. No one is perfect, ourselves included so expecting you to be a 100% perfect match is unrealistic. We think 99.5% is still pretty good.

Room and Board

We do offer on-site housing, but it is first come, first served and space is limited. Although space is limited, for $10/day you get to live in an awesome house, cook gourmet meals in a fully furnished kitchen, and cruise the internet. Not to mention, all utilities are included. If that doesn't work for you and you're more rugged, feel free to pitch a tent (almost) anywhere in the beautiful Black Hills.

Employee Perks

Working at an outdoor adventure park definitely has its perks. You get to ride all of the attractions for free and enjoy a 50% discount at our Mountain Top Grille. So after you're famished from climbing around the trees, ride the chairlift and refuel all while taking in the sites of Mt. Rushmore. We think that's pretty cool too!

Getting Here and Getting Around

Our operation is located in Keystone, SD, which is approximately 20 miles outside of Rapid City. Most employees live in Rapid City and choose to carpool to work each day. So not only do you save money and mother-nature, but you get to spend quality time with your fellow employees. Whether you choose to bring a car with you or stick to your two feet, you'll be taken care of.

For Fun

Since we are located just two miles from Mt. Rushmore, there are a lot of historical interests around the area from goldmines to Native American history to exploring vast expanses of cave networks. If you're an outdoorsy person, you couldn't be in a better place. The Black Hills offer countless opportunities for hiking, rock climbing, camping, visiting state parks, and catching some rays at the various lakes in the area.

Our Jobs

  • Aerial Adventure Park Operator
  • Zipline Tour Guide
  • Alpine Slide/ Scenic Chairlift Operator
  • Mountain-Top Cafe Attendee
  • Gift Shop/Ticketing

How to Apply

Our main season is June 1 - August 31. Shoulder season employment may be available May 1 - September 30.

If what you've read sparks that desire within you to travel and create a memorable summer job experience, send us an email or give us a call (605) 574-0424. If we don't answer, we're probably enjoying the outdoors so leave a descriptive, yet cool message and we'll get back to you. We were never big fans of the countless questionnaires and short essays, so we thought we'd spare you the hassle as well.