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Guide training in 2023 Begins in May and runs up to 3 weeks 

  • Raft Guides - Training

    Royal Gorge Rafting
    Canon City

    Welcome and thank you for your interest in our whitewater raft guide training and employment opportunities. is now accepting applications for whitewater river guides for the 2022 season! Training for new guides runs from May 22nd to June 10th, 2022

    The short summary of a job with Royal Gorge Rafting will be to guide guests safely down the Arkansas River on half day & full day adventures on the Bighorn Sheep Canyon. We require our guides to be capable and entertaining communicators, maintain a professional work ethic, have the ability to perform calmly under pressure, prove common sense and integrity and the ability to keep a positive personable attitude towards your guests & colleagues. We always require our staff to be open-minded in communication with our staff and above all else with our guests. A quintessential guide with Royal Gorge Rafting is as much an entertainer, educator, and communicator as they are a solid boater.

    Starting wages are $50 per half day trip / ($70 per experienced guide)

    The primary skills you will obtain through training will be:

    • Communication Skills
    • Leading & Entertaining Groups
    • Organizing & Leading Daily Expeditions
    • Properly Loading & Unloading Equipment 
    • Vehicle & Trailer Inspection
    • Proper Inspection, Fitting, Wearing & Use of PFD's & Associated Gear
    • Rigging, Maintenance & Inspection of Rafts & Gear
    • Reading & Understanding River Currents, Eddies & Waves
    • Reading & Understanding of River Hazards
    • Maneuvering through Currents, Eddies & River Hazards
    • On River Communication & Importance of Clear Communication
    • Scouting (Reading) & Running Rapids
    • Assessing & Safely Approaching River Rescue Scenarios
    • Carrying Out Emergency & Rescue Procedures
    • Proper White Water Swimming Techniques
    • Minimizing & Explaining Resource Impacts
    • On & Off River Etiquette & Proper Communication with other Peers
    • Understanding & Communication of Local History & Environment 
  • Guide Training & Experienced Raft Guides & Kayakers

    Canon City
    $70.00 / trip + tips

    New Guide training & Experienced Raft Guides & Kayakers


    Royal Gorge Rafting is hiring both new and experienced river guides and kayakers with professional river guiding/kayaking experience. (No experience necessary if you are joining our guide training program)


    GUIDE TRAINING: No experience needed.


    EXPERIENCED GUIDES: Ideal experienced guide candidates possess four years or more in the whitewater industry and or in personal experience • Class 4/5 skillset • Advanced certifications not mandatory but advantageous. (In house training available - WFR SRT etc.)


    Must love the outdoor industry and have a strong passion for sharing all the river life has to offer with your guests. 


    We are the number one destination for Rafting in Colorado. We employ a strong and diverse professional team of river guides and kayakers. If this is what you are looking for, let's set up an interview!


    Apply here: or call Jimmy for more information: 719 924 0594

  • Zip Line Guides

    Royal Gorge Zipline Tours
    Canon City


    We are looking for adventurous souls to join our existing Zipline guide team at Royal Gorge Zipline Tours!

    A Day in the life of a Zipline Guide:

    We have two different courses, our Classic and our Extreme. We start running our tours at 8 am, and our last go out at 6 pm. Every 30 minutes a trip can typically go out in between those times daily. Though we stay open all year long, our high season falls between Memorial Day and Labor day when guides can run up to 3 tours a day. Though we remain open all year long, our high season falls between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Two guides run together on each trip, on each course with up to 8 guests. A Classic tour has 9 zip lines ending with a dual race line, ¾ mile of hiking between lines, and takes up to 2 hours. An Extreme tour has 11 zip lines, ending with a dual race line, ¾ mile of more intense hiking, and ends on a 70 ft. tower. Extreme guides are responsible for facilitating guests jumping off using an arrest system, lowering them to the ground. Extreme tours usually take about 3 hours.


    Guides are paid per tour plus tips. Guides may also pick up extra hours as ground support, performing daily inspections, course maintenance, and/or being a course photographer.  


    We conduct our new guide training in house, which consists of both classroom and on-course practice. The training program is a 6 day/60-hour course. After successful completion, new guides are required to take two tours with a mentor guide before being able to take tours on their own. 

    Canon City:

    Canon City has so much to offer if you enjoy any outdoor activities. There are lots of local hikes, over 100 miles of mountain biking trails, rock climbing, whitewater rafting, and tons of sightseeing.

    It's a season filled with fun and exploration within a great outdoorsy community!

    Hope to hear from you soon!

  • Bus Drivers

    We will be looking for drivers with a Commercial Drivers License with a passenger endorsement to accommodate our trip shuttles. Must be personable and outgoing to fully fit in with our staff and guests.

  • The White Water Bar & Grill

    Every summer the White Water Bar & Grill employs wait staff, bartenders, kitchen personnel & hostesses. If you would like to join the White Water Bar & Grill this summer contact Ty Seufer: or call 303 419 6782.

  • Customer Service Representative

    $15.00 / hour

    We are looking for intelligent individuals that like to be challenged with their work. This position will require you to learn about and experience all of the trips and locations we offer. If you like to interact with people this is a great job for you. 

How to Apply

Complete our online application.  If you have specific questions that we haven't answered here on our Profile or on our website, give a call - 719 924 0594 

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