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No experience required
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Job starts in 3 months (May 17, 2019)

Join our team at Royal Gorge Rafting & Zip Line Tours

Royal Gorge Rafting is now accepting applications for our 2019 whitewater river guide - training program. Prior experience is not required. (*We are also hiring experienced guides with previous whitewater experience.) We anticipate every applicant becoming a professional guide with Royal Gorge Rafting although we can not guarantee you will pass the guide training course as it is a demanding process (think "the Revenant").


This guide training will be the fifth training course we have ever hosted as we have always required our guides to possess four years minimum experience to join our team. Being a guide trainee with Royal Gorge Rafting has been a rare opportunity.

Being a river guide has many perks aside from unlimited rafting opportunities. You will have the chance to learn to kayak, access world-class mountain biking and hiking, fishing and much much more.

We operate 2 base locations on the Arkansas River. Royal Gorge Rafting Base and Royal Gorge Rafting "Adventure Beach" both of which are the top tier locations in the Royal Gorge Region!


To become a River Guide at Royal Gorge Rafting, you will need to go through or meet the following requirements:

  • Applicants must be over 18 years of age.
  • Successfully pass our guide training program - beginning May 17th, 2019 (this course typically runs three weeks).
  • Pass a checkout run on both paddle and Oar boats before becoming a guide.
  • You will need to maintain a high fitness level to work outdoors through diverse weather and challenging scenarios. 
  • Possess current First Aid and CPR certifications. (Courses can be held during or after training but you are encouraged to have these necessary certifications in order.) We always encourage our guide staff to seek higher levels of training such as OEC WFA or WFR & SRT
  • Commit to a minimum of 2 full seasons of work which includes weekends and holidays.  (Memorial Day Weekend thru Labor Day Weekend. Exceptions are made for students) 
  • You will be expected to assist our team in maintaining the highest level of quality and cleanliness of our base location, beaches, associated gear, and vehicles.
  • You must adhere to Royal Gorge Rafting's guidelines and most importantly treat colleagues and guests with the highest level of respect. 


The guides we are seeking will have to possess outstanding people skills, a good sense of humor, the ability to read social cues and adapt their approach to your guests' demeanor. You will need to easily connect with a multitude of personalities and appreciate people for who they are. You will need to be genuine.

You will need to anticipate, troubleshoot and solve challenging problems when and if they arise. You will be expected to stay energized and positive with the ability to spread the “happy” while delivering exceptional service. You will need to be resilient, fun, lively and embrace adventure! You will have to be a flexible team player with sustained energy and motivation through long days and take on multiple tasks and "dirty work." 

You will have to embrace the lifestyle of being a river guide which has its challenges - yet is exceedingly gratifying if you take advantage of what the lifestyle has to offer. We are seeking applicants that have a passion and respect for the outdoors and those that approach the things they do in life professionally whether the goal is large or small. (If you do not feel you fit the model description be honest with yourself as to whether a job with Royal Gorge Rafting is a good fit for you.)


Guide pay is on a per trip basis at a salaried rate of $40.00 per trip (new guides). You can potentially run two trips in a day when we are busy. *Most outfitters mention a season's gross of $2000.00 before gratuities typically based on a starting trip pay of $25.00 + per trip. (You can do the math - If you can't do the math - we can talk...)

A river guide’s job is a fantastic experience and will be the job of a lifetime if you are up for the challenge!


The cost of our training program is $500.00 + 5.25% AHRA Colorado State Parks fee. Total $526.25 - A 50% deposit will be required once accepted into the training program. The remaining balance is due at a minimum two weeks before training. 

Guide trainees will need to be financially soluble throughout the three week training period. Guides and trainees typically camp for the summer or rent accommodations in Canon City. (Training can in less than three weeks if the trainees are adept in learning the necessary skills).

After training all guides will need to purchase the "tools of the trade" PFD, helmet, footwear, throw bag, whistle, river knife, and other everyday guide items. We offer wholesale rates on river gear so you will not be expected to arrive with the equipment you need to be a guide. (All equipment for training is provided: Wetsuits, river boots, pfd, etc.)


Training begins May 17th, 2019 - We can not guarantee you will pass guide training although we will give you all the necessary tools you need to succeed.

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We are the #1 choice for rafting the Royal Gorge of the Arkansas River. We employ 100+ employees from river guides to zip line guides, customer service representatives, CDL bus drivers, photographers and more. We still maintain a genuine tight-knit crew that is a family of guides together. We operate three luxury vacation rentals and the White Water Bar & Grill at our base location. We operate 2 base locations on the Arkansas River. Royal Gorge Rafting Base and Royal Gorge Rafting "Adventure Beach". We will be training for both locations. We look forward to your inquiry with Royal Gorge Rafting, Zip Line Tours, Vacation Rentals & the White Water Bar & Grill. "One Location - 100% Fun!"

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