Managing Innkeeper Couple
Romantic RiverSong Bed & Breakfast Inn

The Big Thompson River flows through the property year-round.

Create magic at our legendary mountainside river retreat!

Breathtaking views and visits from wildlife make this property a nature lover’s dream. We are 3 minutes from Rocky Mountain National Park and National Forest access in our backyard!


Managing Innkeeper Couple

Romantic RiverSong Bed & Breakfast Inn
Estes Park, Colorado
Previous experience required
Start Date:
Job starts immediately! (Jan 11, 2020)

"Romantic Riversong is 'The Best Ever' B&B we have stayed in over the last 25 years!"

"The staff was amazing and so welcoming, and the grounds were unbelievable."

"As a hospitality management major, I am always nit-picking and analyzing the details, and I'd without a doubt give this place 10/5 stars if I could."

Romantic RiverSong lies on 26 acres with a rushing mountain stream and hiking trails. Built in 1922 as a family getaway and transformed into a B&B in 1986 with 10 guest rooms, each designed with flair and elegance. Our team is excellent and the operation of the Inn has been refined over 34 years to be a smooth process that creates delighted guests.

We are looking for an energetic, outgoing couple who enjoys nature and the outdoors. You love creating magical, memorable experiences for guests and are meticulous in attention to detail. You are great under pressure and able to multitask. You enjoy Innkeeping on a team, are self-motivated, and comfortable working solo. As a manager, you are able to seek to understand and then to be understood, working out problems and issues with patience and grace.

We expect that you come with strong experience in B&B operations (or boutique hotel operations), especially hands-on experience in housekeeping, laundry, cooking, and guest operations. For maintenance, we are looking for experience with all kinds of around-the-house tasks. Light construction, mechanical and electrical is a plus.

Each Managing Innkeeper position is collaborative and comprehensive, including innkeeping, maintenance, coordination, supervision, management, and accountability to the owners. You will manage a mix of full-time, part-time and contract staff. We have listed many of your responsibilities below, with other duties as assigned.

Cost, Quality and Delivery

  • Maintain 5-star ratings on TripAdvisor and 4.8+ ratings on Google, Yelp, Facebook and other sites.
  • Maintain “Exceeded Expectations” ratings on guest feedback cards.
  • Stay in one room each month and manage the other innkeepers doing so as well.
  • Track guest feedback to identify and execute the most important room improvements.
  • Learn and then analyze expenses for cost-reduction opportunities.
  • Create a budget. Track expenses to budget.
  • Evaluate and propose new sourcing for food, cleaners and other supplies.
  • Identify high-cost foods (or other supplies) and propose alternatives.
  • Coordinate and support the outside bookkeeper.
  • Write down our training program and collect our employee policies.
  • Systematize your supervision. What to do? How often? What to look for? Make checklists for the owners.

Maintenance and Repair

  • Maintain and repair the land, buildings, rooms, kitchen, laundry and all areas of the Inn.
  • Prioritize projects with owners and advice from Innkeepers.
  • Coordinate, support and manage maintenance staff.
  • Coordinate, support and manage outside contractors.

Innkeeping Shifts and Additional Tasks

  • Complete Innkeeping shifts on a team with amazing coworkers.
  • Coordinate, support and manage innkeeping staff.
  • Lead by example. Follow through on all shift duties, additional tasks, and managing new tasks that maintain everything our guests see or experience at the Inn.
  • Manage Innkeeper’s question and concerns. Follow through on answers. Follow through on solutions.
  • Maintain and manage the shift duties list, the additional tasks list, and the Lead Innkeeper additional tasks list. Accept final responsibility for the routine completion of these lists by the staff.
  • Coordinate, support and quality-control contract housekeepers.
  • Support the wedding coordinator with day-of logistics.

Special Project Examples

With support and logistical help from the owners:

  • Test, gather feedback, and standardize 32 years of recipes.
  • Plan and initiate a multi-year fire risk reduction effort.


With support and logistical help from the owners:

  • Market the Inn to Colorado interest groups.
  • Market the Inn for winter week-long retreats.
  • Co-market the Inn with local groups and events.
  • Market weddings.

Short-Term and Part-Time Labor

  • Coordinate the hiring of and manage the performance of foreign J1 summer staff.
  • Build cost-saving local relationships for occasional positions including servers, laundry, maintenance. Then manage that staff for peak days to reduce labor costs.
  • Coordinate temp staff for special projects.

This is a salaried position with bonuses for milestones, cost reductions, profitability, guest review strength and other S.M.A.R.T. goals devised in consultation with the owners.

Benefits include:

  • Housing stipend.
  • Food & some groceries.
  • Tips.
  • Gym membership.
  • RMNP pass.
  • Occasional 3-day time off. Perfect for camping and exploring the forests.
  • 3 days off at Christmas.

Other requirements include the ability to lift and move 40 lbs of water, laundry, or trash, plus the ability to cart trash, firewood or supplies uphill.

How to Apply

Email your resume and a letter explaining how you would be a great fit for these positions to