Fire Crew Leader
Rocky Mountain Youth Corps

Protect and serve Colorado working on public lands!

Steamboat Springs, Rocky Mountains


Fire Crew Leader

Rocky Mountain Youth Corps
$410.00 / week
Some experience required
Start Date:
Starts in 5 months. (May 03, 2021)

Wilderness First Responder Certification: April 25th-29th

Training (6 weeks): May 3rd-June 14th, 2021

Field Season (18 Weeks)*: June 14th - October 16th, 2021 (Tentative, weather dependent)

* Potential season extension optional for natural disaster relief at the end of the Fall season

Stipend: Training (6 weeks): $410/week (paid bi-weekly). Total stipend $2,460 

Field Season (18 weeks): $580/week (paid bi-weekly. Total stipend of $10,440 after successful completion of Crew Leader Training. (Total including training: $12,900)

*In the event that the crew is called to a wildfire, each member will become an “on-call” firefighter for the Bureau of Land Management. You will be suspended from your AmeriCorps Term of Service and not receive your stipend during that time. You will be compensated by the Bureau of Land Management directly.         

AmeriCorps: 900 Hour Segal Education Award ($3,047.50)  Plus: - Food Provided, lodging (camping), transportation to and from projects and office. These benefits are not provided during OFF time between projects.

  • S-212 Chainsaw Course (certification dependent on passing the exam). 
  • Wilderness First Responder Training will be provided, at no cost, the week of April 27th, 2020. If the applicant is unable to attend this training, RMYC provides a Wilderness First Aid Course during training.
  • Red Card dependent upon passing BLM physical and pack test after completing S-130/190 online prior to season start. More information will be provided during interview.

Training: As an AmeriCorps service learning program and to prepare Crew Members for work in-the-field, RMYC  provides orientation and technical skills training at the start of the program year and additional region or project specific training throughout the service term. RMYC participants will receive training on AmeriCorps benefits, team building, conflict resolution, DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion), safety and risk management, tool safety and use, tool maintenance, Wilderness First Responder or Wilderness First Aid training, defensive driving, Leave No Trace, and backcountry skills.


In RMYC’s Conservation Corps we offer positions to young adults to spend a season serving on meaningful conservation projects throughout northwest Colorado. Projects for the Fire crew during the majority of the season include fire fuels reduction, forest thinning for stand health, invasive species management, corridor clearance/trail log outs. Fire Crews can be (not guaranteed) deployed to work temporarily for the Federal Government on A.D. pay to participate in live wildland fire suppression for roughly 2 weeks at a time on live fires. During this time you will be temporarily suspended from Americorps and will temporarily be an employee of the federal government.

During both the Summer and the Fall the Fire Crew will travel to projects, work and camp together 4-10 days at a time and then will return to the office and be ‘OFF’ for 2-6 days at a time. Some projects/logistics may require crews to operate in a 24/7 setting in which you will travel and engage in various recreational activities as a crew as opposed to returning to the office. During your ‘OFF’ time you are responsible for your own food and lodging.

All corps members will participate in project work, daily camp chores, educational activities throughout the week, and weekend recreation (when operating in a 24/7 setting). Spending a season with RMYC can be a life changing and rewarding experience. Successful candidates will demonstrate a commitment to service, diversity, self-development, and the team environment.

How to Apply

FULL Conservation Corps Position Descriptions located on our website

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