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Many of us on the Cool Works team have experienced seasonal work from both sides, as employees and employers.  We’ve gathered these resources to help you find, encourage, and train staff; find a gig that’s right for you; connect with your tribe from Millennials to Older and Bolder, or simply learn more about seasonal work in the United States. Have a topic suggestion? Please contact us!

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Seasonal Human Resources Association

For Employers

THE conference for seasonal HR and Recruiting Managers to gather, learn, share and invent the strategies and tactics that make their property’s HR efforts successful. Everything from recruiting, retention, and recreation to employment law updates, creative solutions to the growing housing crunch, and invaluable networking.

Will Employers Consider Retirees for Seasonal Jobs?

Older and Bolder

One of the questions we’re most frequently asked by retirees considering seasonal jobs is “Will Employers Actually Consider Me?”. Would it surprise you to know that around 20% of the job seekers who use as a seasonal job-hunting resource are in this retiree/near-retiree demographic (ages 55 and older)?…