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Tips for the Older and Bolder by Art Koff

Art Koff, CoolWorks’ friend and MyCoolWorks member, is the founder of, a job and information source for retirees & people planning their retirement. He was interviewed by Joe Turner, The Job Search Guy, and includes tips for finding a job at that stage of your life. He also gives a plug, which always makes us feel good. 🙂

You can listen to the whole interview here.
Job Search Guy Radio Interview with Art Koff of

Here are his tips to help individuals seeking encore careers find jobs.

  • Register with temp firms.
  • Have your resume re-written by an expert.
  • Post your resume up on job boards that hire seniors.
  • Get an interview with an employer that you’re not interested in. Use it as a practice interview.
  • Look for project assignments.
  • Tell the employer that you are willing to work on a temporary basis.
  • Get information on the employer before you interview. Look for contacts within the company. Ask questions and get possible references.
  • Volunteer with a non-profit to gain experience and learn of possible opportunities. It helps your mindset.
  • Get a job with the census via the federal government.
  • Get a job through! : ) Seasonal jobs, either summer or winter, that aren’t high paying necessarily, but are fun. Thanks, Art!
  • Keep a positive attitude!

You can find employers on CoolWorks who are interested in hiring Older and Bolder employees here. If you’re an employer who encourages Older and Bolder folks to apply at your resorts and businesses, and  you’d like to be added to this list, please contact us at CoolWorks. We’re very happy to help those ambitious and experienced job seekers find cool gigs. It’s what we do!