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Banquet Event Captain

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Areas of Banquet Event Captain:

  • Club Business
  • Sonoran Room/Facilities
  • General Procedures
  • Other Items
  • Hours

Club Business:

  • Working with Catering/Sales Manager and club members in the planning process of their parties
  • Working with food & beverage people to plan menu’s, bar service, and service routine.
  • Attending all functions as needed or directed
  • Submitting charges that apply to this aspect of the position
  • Working with Club manager to ensure proper set up of club
  • Oversee the set up and strike for club functions and ensure all inventory is properly put back
  • Contacting the client 3 days prior to function for guarantee count
  • Thank you note and statement for party to client within 24 hours of function

Sonoran Room Facilities:

  • Overseeing the Inventory of the Conference Facility
  • Overseeing the proper storage, maintenance, and security of all equipment
  • Making sure linen is properly handled and enough inventory on hand to handle business.
  • Directing conference set up person in the set up of room
  • Outside party confirmation has to go through Director or Sales Manager- Can’t double book
  • Parties handled the same as luncheons regarding letters, etc.
  • Must know the price of AV/dance floor/stage
  • Provide diagram to client as well as the conference set up of function
  • Be present throughout party- Leave when dessert is through
  • Turn on all lights & set appropriately
  • Turn AC/Heat
  • Unlock all doors
  • Be the liaison between client, kitchen, dining room staff, bar staff to coordinate timing of program
  • On site early enough to greet client
  • Flow-through room to check on service
  • Prior to leaving, check with client to make sure everything went as planned and thank them for the business
  • Provide counts for dinner, charges, etc. for billing
  • Arrange for room to be locked, lights turned off prior to leaving
  • Arrange for the entertainment to be paid-Get check from GM prior to the function and give to entertainer.

General Procedures for Catering/Conference Coordinator:

  • All conferences held at the Ranch will have an agenda/BEO’s. It is the responsibility of the Banquet Event Captain to see that all the meeting requirements are fulfilled according to the customer’s requirements (which will be outlined on the agenda/BEO’s). They will be responsible to see that the meeting room/rooms are set up accordingly at least 24 hours (pending availability). The coordinator should meet with the client, director or sales manager at the request of the client to go over their program so the Ranch is on the same page as the client. The client should be shown the meeting room, cookout site, club, dining facilities, saloon, corrals, and all other aspects of the Ranch in regards to the client's program. Any changes should be communicated to the appropriate department heads ASAP. There are almost always changes when the client gets on property. I.E- addition of wine, changes with master account, time changes, etc. The catering/conference coordinator should know (by memory) the day-to-day functions of the in-house clients. Including times, locations, events, master account setups, special requests, etc.

Other Items:

  • Starting in February the Ranch provides Monday cocktail parties to the guests. It will be the responsibility of the Catering/Conference Coordinator to set and decorate the hors d’oeuvres table.
  • Also responsible to socialize with guests during this time and breakdown décor at the completion
  • Manager on Duty shifts throughout season
  • Help with Social season cookouts- Breakfast, lunch or dinner throughout season

Scheduled Hours:

  • This is not a 40 hour a week position
  • Normally 12 through Dinner
  • Days off scheduled subject to business
  • Most of the time-2 days off per week- may not always be together- Sorry
  • Extra days off may be taken with directors & GM’s approval
  • Business attire and Ranch attire is required at all times while working