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Thanks for inquiring about employment with Raft Denali, Denali Paddlesports and Nenana Raft Adventures, Inc. We are always on the lookout for qualified, enthusiastic employees for our summer jobs in Denali National Park!

Located at beautiful Denali National Park, Alaska. Flowing north through the heart of the Alaska Range, the Nenana River is the most popular whitewater river in Alaska.

About Raft Denali

Nenana Raft Adventures and Raft Denali consistently demonstrates the highest commitment to guest safety. Nenana Raft Adventures is the first outfitter in Alaska to issue full drysuits to every guest it puts on the water. We are the only outfitter at Denali National Park to instruct the Swiftwater Rescue Technician 1 (SRT 1) class every year we have been in business. Learning to handle drysuits and becoming a Swiftwater Rescue Tech are integral parts of our safety culture. Completion of the SRT class, held at the start of each season, is a critical component of our staff training program.

Denali Paddlesports is a company providing transportation, photography, and clerical services to Nenana Raft Adventures and other companies operating in the Denali National Park area. Most of its employees are bus drivers with the remainder comprised of mechanics, photographers, retail and office workers. Prospective Denali Paddlesports employees who have the goal of becoming river guides are encouraged to obtain certification in First Aid and CPR and participate in our SRT classes offered in the spring. These classes are open to all prospective Denali Paddlesports employees at the same prices charged to prospective Nenana Raft Adventures employees.

Ideal Candidate

Who are our employees? Nenana Raft Adventures and Denali Paddlesports require that all employees exhibit the following characteristics in their work habits:

  • Good judgment and a conservative safety-oriented approach to river running and vehicle operation
  • Good judgment and a conservative safety-oriented approach to vehicle operation
  • A polite and courteous attitude towards the customer
  • Employees must report for work on time, every time.
  • A clean and neat appearance
  • You must take care of company equipment as if your life depends on it - because it does.

For more information about our expectations, please visit our website.

Room and Board

Nenana Raft Adventures and Denali Paddlesports employees have the reasonable, private, moderately priced housing available to seasonal employees at Denali National Park. Our housing camp, "The Boatyard", is located in Healy, Alaska. There is a full-sized grocery and hardware store across the street from our Boatyard camp. It is the only one for 125 miles in any direction. Most major employers in Denali have their employee housing located in Healy. There is a nice community of summer seasonal staff from all over the world who make Healy a delightful place to live ... small town Alaska with an International twist.

All housing is single room occupancy---no shared rooms. The housing area for Nenana Raft and Denali Paddlesports employees includes heated rooms, covered decks, Shower/laundry facilities, rec room with pool table and ping-pong, common dining area with cooking facilities.

Employees must pay $11.50 per day for single room housing.  All rooms have double beds, closets, a desk and a chair. 

Employee Perks

Employees who complete the entire season are eligible for an end-of-season bonus and receive priority consideration for hire, housing and guide positions on our multi-day expeditions and Six Mile Creek trips.

Getting Here and Getting Around

Your point of hire is at Denali Park, Alaska. All transportation to and from Denali is the responsibility of the applicant. With that in mind however, we'll make every effort to help you get from Fairbanks or Anchorage to Denali. Often we can do this for free. Sometimes we can't. We often have staff in Anchorage on business or days off and can help co-ordinate rides from there. Fairbanks is much closer to Denali (125 miles), and pickups are a much easier matter. We make every effort to help, it just depends on your flight schedule.

It is generally best to fly into Anchorage, as airfares and scheduling choices are better. We can provide you with assistance in finding a competitively priced airline ticket if need be.

For Fun

Like our tagline says, Big River, Big Mountain, Big Fun.....

Denali National Park is one of the crown jewels of the American national park system. It's bigger than Massachusetts and almost as big as Holland. Wildlife is everywhere---sometimes a little too close...There is an infinite number of hikes and climbs possible. We also have a small fleet of loaner Mountain Bikes (Konas and Treks) and you can load your bike onto one of the Park's shuttle buses and pedal back or do the reverse ... Fairbanks is only a 2-hour drive so there is civilization available when you need it.

And then there is the River ... it's what we do ... all day ... everyday. Even if you're not a guide, you can ride along and learn to drive on your time off. 

We will never direct you to ask one of our guests, "You want fries with that...?". We will however, offer all those hard-working cooks, bussers and servers at the local restaurant scene free raft trips and they are quite generous about returning the favor. Quid pro quo of a different kind....

Eat, sleep, raft, repeat ...

Denali has 2-3 music events each season, and they generally are staged within walking distance from our Boatyard camp, at the local craft brew restaurant.

There are about 2,000 summer staff from all over the world who come to work at Denali each season. Most live in Healy. Our Boatyard employee camp is located in Healy, while our River Office is right at the Main entrance to Denali National Park. Living in Healy and working at the park is a great mix. Close enough that getting back and forth to work on our shuttle vans is not difficult, and far enough from the park entrance area to have a little privacy.

It's a great place to live and work. Bring a good pair of boots. And a helmet.  See you on the River!

How to Apply

Please complete our on-line application.  We look forward to speaking with you and thanks for your interest in Nenana Raft Adventures, Raft Denali and Denali Paddlesports!

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