Baker, Dishwasher, Cashier, Food Truck, Greeter, Grounds, Line Cook
Polebridge Mercantile & Bakery LLC

The summer of a lifetime awaits you - a tight knit, hard working team in the heart of Glacier!

A World Famous Mercantile & Bakery located on the doorstep of Glacier National Park.


Baker, Dishwasher, Cashier, Food Truck, Greeter, Grounds, Line Cook

Polebridge Mercantile & Bakery LLC
Polebridge, Montana
$10.00 / hour + tips
No experience required
Start Date:
Starts soon! (Jun 13, 2021)

Baker 2 ($11.00 +Tips)- Mixing doughs, making savory rolls, stocking the walk-in and keeping the customers happy is the name of the game.  You won't be running ovens, but you will be making the product that goes in the oven.  This is a job for a team player who has at least 1 year experience in a commercial bakery setting.

Baker 3 ($10.00+Tips)- Doing what needs to be done to get the job done is the job description for this one. Bakery Prep, deli prep, making pizza, cutting cookies, stocking, and dishes.  You get it done and go home. No baking experience is required for this position, but knowing your way around a kitchen or being a darn quick learner is a must.

Bakers Assistant/Dishwasher ($10.00 + Tips)- This position is in the middle of everything. Literally. Wash dishes and may assist the lead baker by wrapping hot sandwiches, glazing the product, and making coffee. A positive attitude, the ability to multitask, and an artistic flare make all the difference in this fast paced position.

Cashier ($11.00 +Tips)- Are you good with people?  Good at mathematics? No problem standing on your feet for ten hours?  This is a fast paced job that is for the most extroverted of folks. This position also includes store opening duties for morning cashier and store closing duties for the evening shift.

Food Truck employee (DOE+Tips)-  Can you multitask? Can you stand for long periods of time? Do you love food?   This position needs filled by someone who can food prep, cook, assist the lead cook, stock, cashier, and wash dishes.  A positive attitude and an eye for detail make all the difference in this fast-paced position.

Greeter ($10.00+Tips)- Calling all extroverts. We need warm, bubbly, and positive people. You will be the first person to engage in customer service, setting the tone for each customer to have a personable, relaxing, and successful experience. Maintaining and monitoring capacity while keeping customers happy is the name of the game. 

Grounds (DOE+TIPS)- Landscape, Sawyer, general maintenance, grounds experience? Self Starter? Like to work alone? We offer a work hard, play hard mentality with three consecutive days off and affordable housing in the heart of Glacier.

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