Head Cook
Pinewoods Camp Inc

Head cook needed for summer adult dance Camp.

Pinewoods is located in a beautiful 25-acre pine and beech forest between Long Pond and Round Pond in Plymouth, Massachusetts.


Head Cook

Pinewoods Camp Inc
Plymouth, Massachusetts
$18.00 / hour
Previous experience required
Start Date:
Job starts in about 2 months (May 13, 2019)

Pinewoods is looking for a Head Cook to work the 2019 season.  Pinewoods is a 100 year old traditional music and dance Camp with a reputation of serving excellent food. We serve 150 people three meals a day.  We have always baked fresh bread and desserts for each meal. Tradition is important at Camp. 

The head cook is responsible for the management of the whole kitchen. The kitchen crew consists of three cooks, four kitchen aides, a dishwasher, and a pot washer.  Generally, the head cook budgets and plans menus, orders food, and prepares meals. There is a significant database of the recipes for the meals we cook every summer. The other two cooks may also participate in menu planning and ordering and have responsibility for the preparation and serving of at least one meal on their own.  The aides, under the supervision of the cooks, do prep work and help serve the meals. Aides are also responsible for post-meal cleanup.  The dishwasher supervises the camper dish crew, runs the dishwashing machine, and shares responsibility for general cleaning with the pot washer. The pot washer is responsible for washing the cookware that cannot be put through the dishwasher and shares responsibility for general cleaning with the dishwasher.

We serve a wide variety of food at camp.  When we serve meat dishes, there is always a vegetarian option. We generally serve fresh produce and camp-baked breads and desserts.  Breakfast is served cafeteria-style, and lunch and dinner are served family‑style.

Kitchen work can be very demanding.  A lot of food is produced in a short time.  Meal times can be hectic, and the kitchen crew must remain helpful and friendly to the campers. Cooks, in particular, work long, hard hours and need a sense of humor in order to cope with the demands of day-to-day kitchen operation.  Cooks and aides need to be hardworking, cheerful, high-energy, cooperative people.  Our goal is make out Camper's happy.

How to Apply

Please fill out an online application via the link below. 

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