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Live Art Auction
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Develop a lifetime’s worth of entrepreneurial skills while traveling the world by cruise ship!

Park West has brought the experience of collecting fine art to more than 2 million people around the world since 1969, through art auctions on over 100 cruise ships worldwide. We offer a job opportunity unlike any other. With a world-class Training Academy to learn sales, public speaking, and auctioneering skills and ongoing career development, this is the professional adventure of a lifetime!

This is a lifestyle as much as a job - you will live and work onboard a cruise ship, sailing around the world to places like the Caribbean, Europe, Baltic, Alaska, Bermuda, Asia, Australia, and more.

About Park West Gallery

Park West Gallery's goal is to create a collecting experience for guests onboard 100+ cruise ships around the world. We do that through auctions and various art events. We want art to be FUN and accessible, not elitist in any way. In taking that approach, our collectors and gallery workers together can enjoy the experience.

Managing this program onboard a ship takes a variety of skills. Each new hire begins as an Art Associate and from there, works to gain the skills and knowledge to become a Gallery Director and eventually Auctioneer. 

The key skills you will use are sales, public speaking, physical work, and art knowledge. Sales and art knowledge we will help with through an initial 10-day training session and this learning continues on-the-job while you are onboard working. We will also help you to become a better public speaker, but if the microphone terrifies you, this may not be the job for you. Regarding physical work, you either are willing to do it or you aren't - if you prefer sitting at a desk and the idea of setting up an art display sounds awful to you, you won't like this position.

If you love the idea of training to become a public speaker, manager, and salesperson, this is a fantastic opportunity. Many who start their careers on ships work their way up to auctioneer, and then join us shoreside for management positions, work for our land VIP auction team, or take this skill set into a variety of careers such as entrepreneurship, real estate, sales, or even other art galleries. Gaining these skills is sure to set you up well for wherever your career takes you in the future.

The Employee Experience

Living and working on a cruise ship as an Art Auctioneer is an experience like none other! While it's not always easy, it is an experience that enables you to meet people from all around the world, travel to amazing ports of call, and develop experience in sales, marketing, and public speaking.

You live among the crew members, who typically represent over 100 countries all over the world. The beginning positions of Art Associate and Gallery Director involve living in a crew or staff cabin with one roommate (another member of the art team), and Art Auctioneers have their own cabin. Onboard, you have access to many crew amenities such as a gym, crew lounge, crew bar, internet/business center, and more. Often you are able to utilize certain passenger areas at designated times, such as passenger buffets and restaurants, theater shows, the spa and shops, and more.

Ideal Candidate

On cruise ships, every day is a workday, which makes this lifestyle 'work hard, play hard.' Those with a strong work ethic, love of art and travel, and excellent customer service skills tend to find this position the experience of a lifetime. Our most successful candidates share some common traits:

  • Enjoy the idea of traveling the world with the ability to live and work on a cruise ship for up to 5 months at a time
  • Excited by the idea of running a program, presenting seminars, and conducting live art auctions (after some training of course!)
  • Maintain a promotional mindset and can easily talk to and build rapport with guests
  • Are team players and enjoy working closely with a team
  • Have a healthy work ethic, not above ripping raffle tickets or pushing a trolley of artwork if needed
  • Interest in learning about and representing approximately 60 contemporary and master artists

Room and Board

Room and Board and all meals are provided for crew members on cruise ships.

As an Art Associate and Gallery Director, you will share a room with a same gender member of the art team. Rooms are either crew or staff cabins, sometimes guest cabins, depending on the ship. You may have two twin beds or bunk beds. You and your roommate will have separate closets, under bed storage, a desk, tv, small fridge, and a shared bathroom with shower, sink, and toilet. Your linens will be changed every few days and your bathroom and room will be cleaned - tips are not required but appreciated by the cleaning crew. 

Art Auctioneers have their own cabin, either a staff cabin, officer's cabin, or passenger cabin depending on the cruise ship. Some Auctioneer cabins boast a porthole, access to the officer's lounge, and even room service.

All crew have access to crew-only dining facilities free of charge and depending on the ship and time of day, may offer access to passenger dining options including buffets (free), sit down restaurants (free, some have additional charges), and coffee shops (extra charge).

Ships also crew shops where you can purchase snacks, bottled water, and some necessities such as shampoo.

Employee Perks

There are tons of perks to working on a cruise ship - the largest being free travel!

The ships Park West operates on travel to hundreds of countries worldwide. From the beaches of Cabo to the Acropolis in Greece, to sailing through the Panama Canal to the mountains of Alaska, you are guaranteed to see sights you may not otherwise see in your life. Many of our staff have visited dozens of countries, with some having visited over 100 countries. During port days, we typically enjoy free time while the ship is in a port of call, which is a great benefit to other shipboard positions that require work at all times of the day. 

There is a shore excursion team onboard that presents and manages activities for guests to do in the various ports of call. As a crew member, you often get a discount on these excursions, or you can help the shore excursion team with a duty and tag along on the excursion for free. Think Cave Tubing in Belize, Dog Sledding in Alaska, and Zip Lining in Punta Arenas!

The Art Team enjoys access to some shipboard amenities not enjoyed by every department. This includes the ability to occasionally dine in a sit-down restaurant, watch a theater production, or enjoy a drink in one of the lounges. During non-peak hours, you can also utilize the passenger gym and spa facilities. 

Another 'perk' many Art Team members enjoy is making international friends. It's not uncommon to meet people that remain close friends for years. Some team members have even met their future spouse onboard.

Getting Here and Getting Around

The only transportation you will need to arrange is to get to our training session, which begins either in Detroit, Michigan or Miami Lakes, Florida. After that, we take care of all flights and taxis to get to your assigned ship.

For Fun

While you'll have fun on the job working closely with your team, you will also enjoy off hours with your team and other crew members you meet. Some of these experiences will be onboard, such as a crew party celebrating Indian Independence Day, or off the ship during an excursion or simply checking out the sights in a port of call. 

Again, you will have the opportunity to see a lot of the world, including the Caribbean, Europe, the Baltics, Bermuda, the Panama Canal, Alaska, New England/Canada, Mexican Riviera, Australia and New Zealand, Hawaii, Asia - some ships have even sailed past Antarctica! 

How to Apply

Apply online to be considered for the role!

What to expect after you apply:


All of our applications are reviewed by our team, and we do our best to review your application within a few weeks of your applying.  


The first stage of the interview process is a Skype video screen with a member of the hiring team. This is followed by another video interview and artist presentation, and lastly a few forms. This process may take a week or a few weeks. We then review all our interviewed applicants as a team and select those that fit our needs the best for our training session, letting everyone in the interview process know whether or not they were successful.  

Ways You Can Learn More About Park West Gallery:

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