Chef Needed April 29-August 4, 2018 at World Class Kayak Lodge
Otter Bar Lodge Kayak School

A Unique Job For The Right Person at Otter Bar Lodge Kayak School

Unique Job in a Forest; on a River; breathtaking beauty everywhere


Chef Needed April 29-August 4, 2018 at World Class Kayak Lodge

Otter Bar Lodge Kayak School
Forks Of Salmon, California
$650.00 / week + tips
Previous experience required
Start Date:
Job starts in 2 months (Apr 24, 2018)


1)  Food is a big focus at Otter Bar. People are expending a lot of energy kayaking all day and when they sit down to eat, it's important that the meal is well prepared, nicely presented and delicious. There are no set menus. Menus change with seasonal foods. Menus are self generated and the chef can be as creative as they wish. You need to have knowledge of international cooking styles, as well as knowing how to manage vegetarian, vegan, gluten free food and can cater to any guests that have food allergies. (We usually have one or two people a week that have dietary needs such as these.) There are two chefs who work independently.

We serve healthy meals, but  not necessarily 'health food ' per se. We have seasonal organic farms in the area we try to utilize in the summer months. Look at our webpage for photos of our food. ( We have a garden that needs to be maintained by the cooks, if you want fresh herbs & some produce.

You must be qualified to cook Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. This includes baking desserts, sweets and breads. Our lodge is known for its' food as much as our world-class whitewater kayak instruction. We provide a package deal for our guests, and have high standards in every aspect of our business. Our guests come for 7 days and are served all meals during this time. The food is a large part of our business. The two chefs create their own menus for the week.

We are extremely remote, not just rural. The lodge is located in the Klamath National Forest, between Eureka/Arcata, CA and Yreka, just south of the Oregon border. We are 2-2.5 hours to any one of these towns. The town of Forks of Salmon has no urban type of electricity, only alternative power systems. We run our lodge on Hydro-power, solar and generators. There is a small country store about .5hr.down river. That is it. No commercial operations at all other than a small post office.

Our lodge is located on the California Salmon River (not the Idaho Salmon). It serves 14 guests maximum a week. Guests stay for 7 days while kayaking and we provide meals, lodging, equipment and whitewater kayak instruction. The job is similar to serving a big dinner party each night. Hours vary depending on the day. Our meals also include any staff staying here. The chefs can set up a daily schedule that is amenable to each one . We can find substitutes, if needed, at times.

Cooks are required to know how to order food quantities, clean the kitchen, keep up health & safety standards at all times. The kitchen is small but manageable. Not a big commercial kitchen, more of a home kitchen.

Otter Bar has many outdoor opportunities for anyone who works here. It helps to be a person who loves the outdoors and nature. There is kayaking, SUPing; hiking in the forest; fabulous road & Mt. Biking; swimming in our crystal clear Wild & Scenic River, the Cal Salmon.

You can learn to kayak on your time off from world-class, professional  teachers. If you're into the outdoors, and are a great cook, this is a perfect job.

Room & Board are provided. The accommodations are small and somewhat rustic, but have everything someone may need for 3.5 months of work. Cell phones work here if you are around a Wi-Fi connection, which we have thorough out most of the buildings here.

The staff and the guests spend time together. You need to be a service oriented person. This is a family atmosphere where we live and work together and often spend our off time hanging out together. It is important that you are a flexible type of person who gets along with others, especially the other cook. We  are casual, but a very professional operation that brings an interesting mix of staff and guests together. We encourage for staff and guests to mingle when possible.

DO NOT APPLY if you tend to be: grumpy; a prima-donna; have a bad temper; don't get along with others; have to have commercial outlets nearby; are negative; are a whiner or you don’t have a sense of humor; are a ‘drama queen’ and do not have the ability to see the ‘other side’ of  situations; or cannot communicate with others. 

DO APPLY if you   are: Outdoorsy; easy going; have a sense of humor; if you are passionate about food and are creative in the meals you prepare; are resourceful when you might run out of an ingredient; get along with most people and know how to deal with situations without drama; are a hard worker; self starter; able to help others even if it's not in your 'job description'. Our staff is as important to us as our paying guests. We want to have a nice working relationship where we are all equals and get along.

That pretty much covers it. We look forward to any one who might like a different kind of job this year. We are great employers who like to hire great employees.

Before you consider sending a resume, read our website:

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And then…we will get in touch with you via phone. Please do not call us first.

How to Apply

Email your cooking resume as well as other type of jobs you've had, if any. And any other skills you might have not related to cooking. Include all you references with their contact information.

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