Outdoor School And Expeditions Guide
Opal Creek Ancient Forest Center

Youth arriving at their campsite on an Opal Creek Expedition.

We are seeking Outdoor School and Expedition Guides!

lush forest landscapes with waterfalls and lakes

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Outdoor School And Expeditions Guide

Opal Creek Ancient Forest Center
Sublimity, Oregon
$3,300.00 - $3,300.00 / month
Some experience required
Start Date:
Starts in about 2 months. (Apr 03, 2023)

Outdoor School & Expeditions Guide

Position type: Full-time, salaried, seasonal

Season: April 3--October 13, 2023

Location: Silver Falls State Park, Sublimity, Oregon (60 miles from Portland, Oregon)

Compensation: $3,300 average monthly salary; 7 days PTO

Perks: Meals provided while working/Basic housing on-site/Staff housing in greater Portland/Salem area for subsidized rate (optional)

Programs: Opal Creek Outdoor School (spring/fall); Opal Creek Expeditions (summer/fall)

Work schedule: ODS: Mondays-Fridays (no overnight), averaging 8 hrs/day; EXP: Sundays-Fridays (includes overnight): 2 weeks on, 1 week off (always Saturdays off)

As an outdoor guide, your classroom will be the forests, creeks, and waterfalls of Silver Falls State Park, Oregon’s most beloved and largest state park and the ancestral home of the Kalapuya and Molalla Tribes. Working with mainly 5th/6th graders over the course of a 3-day, 2-night program, you’ll teach inquiry-based lessons developed with guidance from Confederated Tribes of Grand RondeThe Avarna Group equity consultants, and The BEETLES Project. By the end of their time with you, students will strengthen their relationships with nature, the land, and each other - understanding that these relationships exist within an interconnected system.

As an expeditions guide, you lead educational, fun, and safe backpacking trips via our Opal Creek Expeditions program. Small groups of youth ages 10-17 traverse miles of backcountry trail, summit ridgelines and peaks, and visit subalpine lakes and streams, all with you and one other guide as their leaders. As you teach the ins and outs of backpacking you’ll see each child’s confidence grow—in their skills and in themselves.

Qualifications, Skills, and Experience

A successful candidate will possess these minimum qualifications. We are less interested in the titles you’ve held and more interested in what you’ve actually done and who you are.

● 1+ seasons/school years teaching experience, formal or informal

● 1+ seasons backcountry guiding experience

● 1+ seasons working with youth

● Backpacking experience, personal/professional 

● Strong group leadership and management skills

● Strong communication skills

● Navigation and backcountry cooking skills

● Previous experience with equity, inclusion, and cultural relevance, and integrating into youth programming

● Previous backcountry medical experience

● COVID-19 vaccine (by time of employment) 

● Able to lead groups on hikes up to 10 mile with heavy packs

● Able to pass a criminal background check 

● Valid driver’s license

How to Apply

How to Apply & Timeline

Please submit an application by visiting the employment page of our website. The application includes a series of questions and asks you to upload a detailed resume in PDF format. Be sure to include any relevant experience and certifications, both professional and personal experience.

Priority will be given to applications received by February 10, 2023 and on a rolling basis onward. There are two rounds of interviews conducted in February. We anticipate hiring five guides, and the start date is April 3, 2023.

Please contact hiring@opalcreek.org with any questions and to request any accommodations needed during this hiring process. We’ll do our best to respond to all queries and to keep all applicants up to date on how the process unfolds.

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