Create Prayer Wheels for World Peace. Karma Yoga for All Humanity.
Odiyan Retreat Center

Learn construction and metal working skills

Sonoma County, Northern California coast, 100 miles north of San Francisco


Create Prayer Wheels for World Peace. Karma Yoga for All Humanity.

Odiyan Retreat Center
Odiyan Buddhist Retreat Center, California
No experience required

Help construct Prayer Wheels for World Peace. You will learn many new skills - welding, metal work, concrete work, power tools, gardening, landscaping and vegetarian cooking- as you help create over 2,000 large Prayers Wheels to surround the Main Temple of Odiyan Retreat Center in rural Sonoma County overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

The purpose of this year-long project is to reverse the negative momentum of our world, restore balance in nature and heal the pain of so many beings who are victims of war, hatred and natural disasters.  Develop yourself in the karma yoga of mindfulness and compassion in action. Includes housing, vegetarian meals, meditation, classes and the opportunity to live in a truly unique, healthy and spiritually oriented environment.

Living and working at Odiyan includes:

  • Free home-cooked vegetarian meals and beverages
  • Free housing in large room with balcony
  • Free WI-FI and domestic phone calls
  • Free skill training in a wide range of trades and traditional arts
  • Access to healthy setting of nature, hiking trails, swimming, wide-open spaces, sacred beauty, fresh air, clean water, and nutritious food
  • Free Classes on Development of Mind & Spirit: Tibetan yoga, Skillful Means, Buddhist study and more.
  • Living allowance, $100 per month after the first month, $150 per month after six months.

For over 40 years volunteers from around the world have been coming to Odiyan to live and work, gaining new skills and integrating creative and challenging work with a path of self-exploration. Although Odiyan has its foundations in Tibetan Buddhism, no religious affiliation is required to join the team. The ideal volunteer is open-minded, self-reflective and ready to engage deeply on both internally and with the work

Odiyan is open to applicants aged 24-45 who want to live and work with us for at least six months, although we prefer nine months.

You will have the opportunity to learn:

All types of electric and motor hand tools, sanding, welding, copper fabrication, metal cutting, polishing, finishing, painting, concrete work, building, electrical work, solar panel installation.

You will also participate in vegetable gardening, landscaping, maintenance and cleaning and we will teach you vegetarian cooking!


  • Minimum age of 23 years old
  • You must be strong,physically able for manual work for hours each day, including lifting, bending, kneeling
  • Minimum commitment is six months. We prefer nine months.
  • Couples welcome to apply.
  • We cannot accept children or animal companions.
  • We are a smoke and drug-free community.

If you have a passion for the physically active lifestyle, self-knowledge and giving to a greater vision, Odiyan may be the place for you! The community life, classes, and on-going work projects are directed to the benefit of yourself and all humanity.


For a more 'inside' view of Odiyan see us on Facebook: OdiyanBuddhistRetreatCenter.

How to Apply

To get started on the application process, email us your resume, a short statement about why this opportunity interests you and clear photo of yourself. If you have any questions or just want to chat about living and working at Odiyan, don't hesitate to call us!

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