Full-Time Work-Study
Nyingma Institute

Front entrance to Nyingma Institute

Help build a sacred space in this residential program at a Buddhist Center!

Located in Berkeley with stunning views of the Golden Gate bridge.


Full-Time Work-Study

Nyingma Institute
Berkeley, CA
$250.00 / month
No experience required
Start Date:
Job starts soon! (Aug 24, 2019)

Looking for an unusual, hands-on opportunity? Like to dive right into experiences? 

Get involved with a high energy project at a Buddhist center for 4-6 months, while living and learning in a community setting. Help build and landscape an outdoors space with sacred symbols, waterfalls, and a plaza for dancing, meditation, yoga and more. You’ll get a great workout and gain experience contributing as part of a small but experienced construction team, as well as get to see all stages of this project come to life. 

As part of this work-study program, you will live in a beautiful environment that is also a meditation and Tibetan yoga center with a breathtaking view of the Golden Gate Bridge and more. Vegetarian meals are provided on site, created from fresh ingredients that are organic whenever possible. 

We are a Buddhist center with a welcoming orientation; open to those seeking meaningful ways of working and living. Classes are free for our full-time work-study participants. There is also opportunity to participate in workshops and retreats. 

This program includes: housing in a beautiful, serene setting in Berkeley; vegetarian meals; free classes; a unique community living and working experience! We also include a stipend of $250 per month for basic living expenses. We are a volunteer-run and staffed organization; come join us for 4-6 months or more. 

Start dates in August or September are available; please contact us to learn more.

Residential Work-Practice at a Buddhist Center 

Meditation apps not doing enough for you? Looking for another way of living? Want to engage spiritual practice in a practical way? Join a six-month residential program that integrates awareness practices with work, taking a holistic and grounded approach to living mindfully and problem-solving with grace. As part of this program, you have the opportunity to engage teachings with secular applications such as Kum Nye Tibetan yoga and meditation, as well as the option to learn traditional and culturally rooted forms such as visualization, chanting, and offering from experienced senior students, including a Tibetan lama. 

The program includes:

  • Access to a full range of evening classes on Meditation, Kum Nye Tibetan Yoga, Buddhist Studies, Tibetan Language, Nyingma Psychology and more

  • Housing in a community setting in the foothills of Berkeley with a spectacular bay view, especially during sunsets 

  • Full engagement with work-practice as part of a small team 

  • Vegetarian meals, created with organic ingredients whenever possible 

  • A small living stipend reimbursement of $250/month 

Work-practice may include:

  • All aspects of managing and running an educational center; we are a small volunteer-run non-profit organization 

  • We try to find the best fit for your skills, but ask that participants adopt a flexible, as-needed attitude about work-practice assignments, which may include a mix of:  registrar responsibilities, construction, marketing, fundraising, cleaning, gardening, cooking and more 

  • Possible opportunities to develop and gain skills in new areas as needed 

You will learn: 

  • How the lens of meditation can be carried into your daily life, including work. 

  • How to more fully engage your experience  through investigating mind, body, emotions, and thoughts 

  • What it means to engage a Bodhisattva path of action through service 

Located in Berkeley, California, the Nyingma Institute offers retreats, workshops, and courses in seven fields of study. We seek residents who are interested in committing for six months or longer as part of our live-in staff. We do not require that you be Buddhist, only that you are curious about practices of investigating experience. 

Please note that this is a full-time, intensive program with 6 days of structured work-practice per week, with opportunities to participate in classes, workshops, and retreats. 

We are currently accepting applications on a rolling basis. 

If you have any questions, we’d love to hear from you! 

To learn more, please visit www.nyingmainstitute.com/volunteer

Contact: pauline.yu@nyingmainstitute.com 

How to Apply

Visit our website to learn more and download the application!


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