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Six Mile Creek
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Whitewater Rafting Guides and Glacier Guides wanted to join us in Alaska!

We're Alaska's first whitewater and glacier guide service. We offer scenic and whitewater to class V raft trips northeast and south of Anchorage and multi-day wilderness trips primarily out of the Talkeetna Mountains.

We have two camps about 2 hours from Anchorage. Hope, Alaska on the Kenai Peninsula and Hicks Creek in Glacier View, Alaska near the Matanuska Glacier the largest road-accessible glacier in Alaska. Both locations afford good shopping and services within 1 to 2 hours drive.

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About NOVA Alaska Guides

Our glacier operations offer light hikes, moderate longer hikes and ice climbing options, and we provide full ice climbing instruction. Our two camps are 2 hours northeast and south of Anchorage by road. The camps are fee camping with showers and kitchens with lounges. Meals are either coop or individual with the guide community.

The Employee Experience

We take our guiding profession very seriously. There's a very cohesive and fun environment that's a famous trademark of our operations. We expect a lot, and we pay very well for that. You're expected to be a courteous and respectful individual to others. Just be an adult and do the right things. Outside of the guiding, we want you to enjoy your time off and Alaska. Generally, in the month of July, we are very busy, and you can expect to work most everyday. 

Six Mile Creek guiding takes longer to qualify for, but all the river guides get opportunities to accomplish this. Once your part of the active crew there, we rotate personnel periodically between locations as needed.

Our camps are in unique locations. The crew who work the class IV and V whitewater on Six Mile Creek live in Hope or at our camp there and enjoy walking distance to all the fun events and culture of this little Alaskan community we have a very special relationship with. There is music most weekends, good restaurants and fun events. Check out the Hope Chamber of Commerce website. Fishing for salmon is a fun pastime for the guides here. There's a strong red salmon run on a nearby river and a good silver and pink salmon run in Hope.

Our Hicks Creek camp is in Glacier View, Alaska. It has spectacular scenery and lots of hiking options, and an excellent secret trout fishing spot or go to our guided fishing operation in Copper Center and try some salmon fishing. There are a number of lodges nearby with good food. Major shopping and other services are about 1 hour away in the City of Palmer. This is our largest and busiest location since it hosts the glacier operations and the river trips in this area including our most commonly run multi-day trips. The camp is RV or tent camping with a common kitchen, showers. The guides host a few festive events for all the seasonal workers in the area including music with a few guest bands. 

Ideal Candidate

We want gregarious people who can work through all that humanity can throw at them. Guiding can be easy and difficult. There are environmental challenges and challenging clients, mother nature challenges and more that professionals have to work through. Our guides are professionals.

Room and Board

Living at our camps is free. You share some expenses for propane for showers and cooking. If there's a coop food buy, you have the option to join.

Employee Perks

  • Participating in any of our in house guided trips including salmon fishing.
  • Local lodges in the Hicks Creek Camp, "Glacier View" area offer food discounts to our employees.
  • Catching a flightsee in the owner's airplane out of Hicks Creek.

Getting Here and Getting Around

Many of the employees have vehicles and help with providing rides. There are company vehicles that are used to shop for trip supplies and simultaneously do private chores.

For Fun

All our guided activities are space available only. There's almost always room to join a trip. 

We have group softball or kickball at the local school grounds and music events are numerous at and near both locations.

Our Jobs

We have a tiered pay scale based on years with NOVA. All pay exceeds rates paid by most guide services in the USA. There are pay rates for individual trips. Gratuities are encouraged and are your responsibility. Hourly pay is available for projects and maintenance of gear.

Our season runs from May 15 - September 15 for most positions. We can work with your academic or other schedule requirements. River trip season ends usually around the end of August do to low water. Glacier guiding goes until first snow and around October.


Glacier Guides


Glacier guides need to be athletic and good on their feet with lots of hiking experience over irregular terrain. We will provide all necessary training for those with and without glacier experience. Ice climbing and more advanced skills will be offered to qualify for the advanced trips. Prior experience is given priority on hiring and selection to guide the higher paid trips. 

All guides should have at least advanced first aid and preference to hire for those with WFR. All guides receive training in the guiding protocols and our philosophy of this discipline regardless of previous experience.


River Guides

Chickaloon and Hick's Creek

River guides should have prior river rescue training. River guides need to have several seasons of class III and IV commercial rafting experience with both oars and paddle guiding. All guides should have at least advanced first aid and preference to hire for those with WFR. All guides will receive training in the guiding protocols and our philosophy of this discipline regardless of previous experience.

How to Apply

Email us with your resume and a couple of photos of yourself.