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Multiple positions are available throughout our property.  Our busiest time is May-October, with some positions available in April, November, December.  In addition, Mountaintop has year-round positions that will be available to candidates who would like to stay through the year.  Each department will have training dates that will be communicated to you.  

  • Line Cook


    Reports To: Executive Chef and Sous Chefs

    Position Description: Work hand in hand with Executive Chef and Sous Chefs to complete both line and banquet preparations

    Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

    ¨ Prepare Mise en Place

    ¨ Responsible for a la carte menu set-up and execution.

    ¨ Assist in employee meal service and production

    ¨ Oversees sanitation of station in compliance with local health department standards.

    ¨ Responsible for keeping pars on all menu items.

    ¨ Assure food quality in all items

    ¨ Maintaining communication with co-workers on pertinent information.

    ¨ Responsible for Cleanliness of Food Storage Areas

    ¨ Assures that proper FIFO rotation is used on all food items.

    ¨ Responsible for daily opening and/or closing checklists.

    ¨ Completion of any other tasks deemed necessary by the culinary management.

  • Sous Chef


    Reports To: Executive Chef, Executive Sous Chef

    Position Description: As a Sous Chef you will train and manage the kitchen with the intent to bring fruition the Vision of the Executive Chef

    Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

    · Supervise/coordinate related culinary activities in accordance with the standards set forth by the Executive Chef.

    · Estimate food consumption and requisition or Facilitate the purchasing of food products

    · Standardize production to ensure consistent quality

    · Facilitate proper equipment operation/maintenance

    · Practice and instill proper safety and sanitation

    · Assist with the Completion of Culinary Staff Schedule

    · Establish and offer culinary instruction, demonstrate culinary techniques, cooking methods, presentation techniques, and portion control

    · Coordinate multiple Food outlets

    · Executing a daily formal prep list for the teams by using a Master Walk-Thru list to determine what and how much needs to be prepped, ensuring the product is not going to waste due to overproduction while also ensuring that the Team is maintaining maximum efficiency during prep and execution of service.

    · Help creates and follows a well-organized ordering system.

    · P&L accountability- Maintain and exceed all approved food costs, beverage costs, and labor costs- Utilize and maintain proper order guides and inventory guides at all times

    · Have a keen vision of how food should be prepared and served, using fresh local products have knowledge of new trends and methods.

    · Expedite Inventory Records

    · Adhere to HACCP Programs and County Sanitation Regulations or Procedures

    · Ensure guests receive an exceptional culinary experience and handle any guest request or issues timely.

    · Standardize production to ensure consistent quality

    · Know and maintain all our standards.

  • Server

    Food & Beverage

    Job Title:  Service Staff

    Reports to: Clubhouse Manager and F&B Director

    Status: Non Exempt

    Position Summary:    To effectively serve food and beverages to members and their guests in a friendly, courteous, timely manner and to adhere to Mountaintop standards and assist with club event execution.

    Essential Duties and Responsibilities include the following as well as other duties and responsibilities that may be assigned.

    • Ensure that all members and their guests are greeted promptly upon arrival to the dining room
    • Ensure that all amenities are in order and ready to be presented to our members and guests-and maintain this standard throughout the day
    • Must have complete knowledge of all menu items including the preparation of those items.
    • Ensure proper set-up and maintenance of the service station, tables, common areas throughout the dining room, outside patios, and the club house
    • Maintain par levels in the service station to include polished silverware, polished glassware, ashtrays, straws, folded napkins, sugars, iced tea, lemonade and fresh coffee
    • Knowledge and adherence to all uniform and grooming requirements: be professional in both appearance and manner at all times
    • Knowledge and adherence to all schedules, staff privileges, policies and mandatory staff meetings.
    • Comply with county health requirements
    • Polite and courteous telephone conduct as it is a direct reflection of the club and should always be handled with the highest degree of professionalism
    • Establish and maintain effective channels of communication with the members, supervisors, managers, co-workers, guests, vendors, and all other business contacts
    • Use equipment and materials in a safe and acceptable manner; follow common sense safety in all the job activities.
    • Conduct oneself in a manner reflecting credit to the Club and encourage other to do the same
    • Complete assignments on or ahead  of schedule
    • Interpret, learn, and respond to instructions for new situations, procedures or methods
    • Show daily ability to be at work at scheduled time, including being prepared to work on time after breaks, meal periods and other authorized absences from work
    • Effectively present information and respond to questions from members, guests, employees and managers.
    • Must be even tempered and team spirited.
    • A good sense of humor is desirable.
    • Run food, maintain and bus tables to Mountaintop dining room standards.
    • Clean and maintain fireplaces and heaters throughout shift.
    • Clean and maintain trays and server station.
    • Banquet set-up and breakdown
    • Polish silverware and glassware
  • Beverage Manager

    Food & Beverage

    Beverage Program

    •    Staff Training
    o    Directly supervises and is responsible for bartender training, server beverage training, and making sure they are performing at a high standard
    o    Assist in-service staff training prior to the Club opening
    o    In charge of the continuous on the job training for bartenders and service staff
    o    In charge of making sure the Bar Area is always looking presentable and up to MNTP Standard
    o    Make sure that all equipment and furniture associated with the bar area are in good shape and take action when needed

    •    Menu Creating
    o    Directly in charge of putting together all beverage and wine menus for every area in the club including, Locker Room, Lake Club, Comfort Station, Pool, and all Club Events
    o    Make sure the menus are updated with new items continuously in order to make sure we are offering current and improved products

    •    Presentation and Updating
    o    Make sure that menus are updated daily when needed such as wine lists, beer lists, kids menu according to product availability
    o    Make sure that menus are free of any stains or marks and update when necessary 
    Inventory Control

    •    Purchasing
    o    Beverage Manager will be directly responsible for picking out products and placing orders with the vendors.
    o    Make sure that all orders are placed in a timely manner to ensure product availability
    o    Make sure to always be informed on price changes to ensure the best price for the product is available. 
    o    Directly responsible for maintaining and daily updating the liquor log in the book to make sure it matches the shelf inventory.

    •    Pricing
    o    Make sure all prices are updated and current with product costs
    o    Make sure pricing guidelines according to COS for food and beverage is always followed to endure consistency
    o    Prices should be updated on a daily basis when product cost has changed

    •    Taking Inventory
    o    Directly responsible for taking inventory, reconciling invoices
    o    Make sure that standard inventory procedures are followed to ensure consistency in the count
    o    Make sure inventory is taken no later than the 1st day of the month to ensure correct counts

    •    Coding and Invoicing
    o    Responsible for matching invoices to the order as soon as the delivery is received
    o    Directly responsible for making sure the invoices are coded and entered into the checkbook
    o    Responsible for making sure that once coded the invoices are entered into the checkbook and turned for approval to F&B Director

    •    Control
    o    Responsible for putting in place tracking systems that ensure accurate liquor beer and wine and NA Beverage transfers
    o    Responsible for communicating and procedures changes or implementation of new systems
    o    Responsible for ensuring the storage areas are kept clean, organized, always locked, and secured 
    o    Responsible for accurate liquor book entries and filing of invoices

    •    Charging
    o    Responsible for making sure any charges outside of a la carte sales area entered into Jonas in a timely manner and with the appropriate description
    o    Responsible for making sure the Case Wine Sale sheet is kept updated at all times
    o    Responsible for making sure the products ordered by members are ordered immediately and delivered to them or arranged for pick up right away
    o    Responsible for making sure the Case Wine Sales charges are entered in Jonas on a weekly basis.

    •    Monthly Paperwork
    o    Responsible for accurate and complete preparation of the beverage monthly paperwork such as Inventories, COS sheets, Transfer sheets, etc
    o    Make sure the paperwork is turned to the F&B director no later than the 4th of every month

    Club/Member Events

    •    Should be available to join any meetings where Events are being planned and discussed to make sure proper communication is established

    •    Will assist and execute in all Event Set up and Break Down of such events

    •    Responsible for maintaining the accurate paperwork as it relates to beverage consumption for all events (club and member)

  • Bartender

    Food & Beverage

    Job Title:  Bartender

    Reports to:  Food Beverage Service Director and Bar Manager

    Status: Non Exempt

    Position Summary:    To prepare and serve beverage drinks to members and their guests in a timely manner and to preserve Mountaintop Golf and Lake Club standards

    Essential Duties and Responsibilities include the following as well as other duties and responsibilities that may be assigned.

    • Ensure that all members and their guests are greeted promptly upon arrival at the Club House.
    • Ensure that all amenities are in order and ready to be presented to the member and their guest.
    • Prepares Bar Area for service to include:  chairs and tables are in proper place, making sure the bar is stocked and ready for service, help service staff with lunch and dinner setup when possible, complete all posted side work.
    • Bartender will make sure that all Mountaintop standards are followed and applied at all times in and outside the bar environment.
    • Must have very good knowledge of beverage service
    • Must adhere to Mountaintop uniform and appearance standards
    • Provide the members and their guests with prompt and professional service.
    • Maintain bar cleanliness at all times during hours of operations.
    • Keep all bar areas organized and uncluttered at all times
    • Empty trash containers before reaching the top.
    • Ensure that bar stools are kept at the pushed in position when not occupied and continuously maintained as guests leave.
    • Ensure the bar is always attended to by a bartender or a member of the management staff at all times.
    • Must complete all opening and closing procedures, daily side works and weekly side works
    • Make sure all Members and their guest are offered a drink and appetizer menu and presented with the daily specials.
    • Make sure all members and their guests are served in a timely manner. When in need never hesitate to ask for help from management staff or service staff.
    • When not making drinks, bartender will circulate around the bar area, cleaning, offering drinks and helping service staff.
    • During special functions the bartender will help the Bar Manager with on location bar setup and provide service as needed.
    • Address Safety and Maintenance concerns immediately to immediate supervisor and follow up conducted.
    • Make sure the bar area is stocked according to par levels at all times
    • Secure all company assets when not in use
    • Comply with county health requirements
    • Communicate timely with the Bar Manager to ensure no item will be out of stock for service
    • Assists the Bar Manager with monthly inventory to assess cost of sales


  • Busser/Food Runner

    Food & Beverage

How to Apply

Send your resume and desired position to - the Director from the related department will respond with further details.  

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