High Ropes Specialist
Mountain Meadow Ranch Summer Camp

Connect-Unplug-Explore-Grow! Serve as a High Ropes Camp Counselor! (Male Only Positions Available)

MMR is uniquely nestled between the N. California Sierra Nevada mountains and Great Basin desert.


High Ropes Specialist

Mountain Meadow Ranch Summer Camp
Susanville , California
$400.00 / week
No experience required
Start Date:
Starts soon! (May 31, 2022)

"Our Primary mission is to selflessly love our campers; we are growth, unplugged, wholesome adventure."

Here at MMR, we strive to create a very unique environment. An environment that is contrary to contemporary culture. Where technology is traded for all-present conversations and authentic friendships. Where true fun is had without the help of any substance. Where there is no pressure or expectancy for romantic relationships and everyone is viewed as family.

We want to move away from the norm and fight for greatness. We desire to prove the world wrong and be young people that stand up for a wholesome living.

Camp is an intensive short-lived time, filled with kids that need us to be present in every moment. We want staff that is willing to give up themselves for the kids and live a unique lifestyle.

If you seek a summer of fun alone, we encourage you to look elsewhere. To say camp is fun is an understatement, fun is a given. But MMR isn't just a summer camp. It’s a place where fears are conquered and identities are found. It’s a place where genuine relationships are born and flourish. We are growth, unplugged, wholesome adventure. We practice stewardship, inclusiveness, empathy, encouragement, and integrity. As we celebrate authenticity, we help each other as a family, find joy in our uniqueness and encourage all to dance outside their comfort zones. We believe all this starts with our counselors.


General Description

High ropes challenge courses consist of a series of ‘elements,’ usually made of wood, cable, or rope constructed high off of the ground in trees. Each element is different and requires the participant to climb, jump, walk, or balance their way to the other side, while constantly battling personal fears and doubts. Participants are of course wearing a safety harness as well as safety helmets and are belayed from the ground by a trained staff member, or connected to a ‘static line’, which connects them directly to the element or a tree above. Mountain Meadow has two of these courses, affectionately referred to as ‘The Circuit,’ which ends with one of the longest zip lines in California, and ‘The Gauntlet.’ Both require multiple staff members, at least one on the ground, and at least one in the trees, helping participants move from element to element, static line to static line. In addition, the ever-popular ‘perch,’ the ‘tension traverse’, and the ‘giants ladder’ are single elements separate from the courses. Staff members are responsible for making sure campers are properly harnessed, knots are properly tied, equipment is properly maintained (a logbook is used to maintain a record of climbing hours so ropes and equipment can be retired when necessary), and every conceivable safety precaution is followed every single second of every single activity period. High Ropes is one of the most high-risk activities we offer at MMR. For this reason, high ropes staff must be confident, well trained (or certified), and experienced in the areas of belaying, climbing, knot tying, etc.


Essential Functions and Summer Goals

High ropes will provide an opportunity for campers to face an incredible amount of fear, and attempt something they may have never imagined trying. The goal of the high ropes program is to send every camper away with a feeling of accomplishment, whether they completed every element or only got halfway up the first tree. Staff, therefore, in addition to being highly trained and confident, must also create a supportive and fun atmosphere, where everyone is pushed to their limit without being forced, and fear is overcome with support and encouragement from everyone involved, including other campers.

**On site challenge work training required, no experience required!**

How to Apply

The application process begins when you visit our website and submit an online application via the link below. Once we have received your application, we will contact you via email should we be interested in pursuing your application. 


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