Cabin Counselor/Activity Leader
Mountain Camp

California Summer Camp Counselors. The best job you'll ever have ... seriously.

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Cabin Counselor/Activity Leader

Mountain Camp
No experience required
Start Date:
Starts in about 1 month. (Jun 02, 2021)

We are looking for outstanding role models who want to inspire youth and help create an amazing camp experience for our campers.  Positions are available for experienced, responsible and enthusiastic leaders who are interested in devoting their summer to working with children in the outdoors, away from technology.  Come join our team of dedicated, caring, creative counselors who love this job because it's both rewarding and fun.  This job builds 21st-century skills applicable in any workplace including communication, collaboration, resilience, and adaptability. In addition to the weekly salary, the camp provides housing and food. Salary bumps available for Lifeguards who completed Bachelor's Degrees, and other certifications.  1st Aid and CPR certs required for all staff.

The 2021 summer will require certain restrictions and precautions to prioritize safety amidst the pandemic.  Although we are not yet certain of the specifics, staff should be open to getting vaccinated if possible, regular COVID testing, a 10-day staff training which will serve as a quarantine period before campers arrive, and then potentially not going into public until after camp is over.  Camp will provide options for fun and relaxing day-off excursions that will maintain safety precautions.  Masks and social distancing will be part of camp this summer, as needed, to maintain safety. 

Check out our website for further details on Mountain Camp and the job.  Note: We have a particular need for cabin counselors to work with boys aged 7-17.

Cabin Counselor Position - General Overview:

Cabin counselors are responsible for the care and supervision of the campers in all aspects of the program.  Depending on the period of the day, they lead their cabin group, lead activity groups or areas, supervise general areas of camp, or execute special parts of the program.  They build positive relationships with campers and serve as role models and authority figures.  Cabin counselors are responsible for keeping the campers safe and ensuring that they make friends and have fun.  Although the cabin counselors are the most important figures in the lives of their campers, they are not responsible for dealing with any situations that they are uncomfortable with.  Head Counselors and Directors are available at all times for advice, support, and assistance.

Primary Responsibilities:

  1. Supervise the Cabin Group
    • Provide leadership, role modeling, mentoring, limit setting, support, encouragement, and feedback to all campers in your cabin.
    • Provide a safe physical and emotional space for the campers to live, interact, and play with clear expectations and consistent supervision.
    • Ensure appropriate behavior, hygiene, attire, and preparation for all camp activities in the cabin, at meals, and around camp. 
    • Help your campers to make friends and have fun!
  2. Run Activities
    • Plan and execute activities according to your assigned area.
    • Supervise the campers, focusing on safety, fun, and helping them to make friends.
    • Communicate any needs or feedback to head counselors.
  3. Supervise Areas as assigned
    • Either during Hang Time, SWAT (after bedtime), or Early Watch (before the wake-up bell), supervise your assigned area, making sure campers are following camp rules and being nice to each other.
    • Diffuse conflicts, redirect misbehavior and otherwise solve problems as necessary.  See head counselors for support if needed.
  4. Other important duties
    • Assist with Evening Program as assigned.
    • Complete postcards and certificates during each session.
    • Participate in Morning Blend, Gizmo, Polar Bear and other fun activities as assigned.


Cabin Counselors have a crucial role in the Mountain Camp community as the primary role model, caretaker, and support for the campers.  This role requires patience, good judgment, clear communication, flexibility, and an unbridled positive attitude.  Counselors are responsible for maintaining the delicate balance between being friends and authority figures with campers.  Counselors simultaneously create fun and set appropriate limits so that campers can feel physically and emotionally safe at camp.  Counselors are expected to be role models for campers, demonstrating appropriate behavior, language, and good judgment at all times.  Counselors are expected to build trusting, respectful relationships with campers as a means to support them in making friends, taking healthy risks, and trying new things.  Counselors are expected to support camper self-esteem by accepting all campers for who they are, encouraging them in their endeavors, and providing helpful, positive feedback when appropriate.  Counselors are expected to communicate clearly with all co-workers, head counselors and directors to ensure that the program is running well.  Cabin Counselors are expected to solicit any support they need (professional or personal) from head counselors or program directors who serve to support their professional development and ensure excellent job performance.  Mountain Camp is a community of people who live, work, and play together, and we are all expected to do what is necessary to keep everyone happy, healthy, and safe.

Key Attributes and Strengths:

  • Flexibility/Adaptability - The ability to solve problems and change plans when necessary.
  • Communication - The ability to clearly explain information and expectations to campers, counselors, and directors.
  • Relationship/Trust Building - The ability to connect with people genuinely so that you can effectively provide both support and supervision.
  • Good Judgment - Making good decisions with the proper priorities in mind at all times.
  • Being Proactive and Motivated - Taking care of your responsibilities without rigid oversight.  Identifying potential problems and attending to them early.

How to Apply

Click APPLY NOW and complete our online application. Please be mindful of our dates: June 2nd - August 21st (or possibly later). Email with questions.

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