Montecito Sequoia Lodge

Work amongst the Giant Sequoias in a beautiful environment.

Employees can use the facilities including a lake, pool and in ground spa.

Sequoia National Forest-between Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Park, Ca., California
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Previous experience required
Start Date:
Job starts immediately! (Feb 09, 2018)

Cooks Duties, Responsibilities and Expectations

A basic understanding of foodservice is fundamental, know your clientele, prepare accordingly.

  Cooks should be able to provide quality fare for as little as 10 people (To Order) to as many as 250 (Buffet), following the guideline: (breakfast) (lunch and dinner) 2 proteins, 1 starch 1 vegetable 1 vegetarian dish. Menus will be provided (outlined) for “Camps” but remain somewhat flexible. Utilization of fresh, frozen, canned and dry food is required, some butchering and portioning as well. Being mindful of your seasoning, taste everything. Leftover food is required to be re-tasked preferably creating an entirely new dish that will not appear as just reheated meals. Avoid repetition in your menu, having similar or same items will not be received well i.e.: 2 beef items, two potato items, two pastas etc. Many of our guests are here for multiple days, avoid running like items continuously during your work week. Check to see what has been prepared the previous night to avoid repeating at lunch. Allergies, intolerance and specific dietary needs are ever-present, be prepared to react accordingly (vegans, gluten free, dairy, nut allergies).

  Side work duties include, but are not limited to, (breakfast/lunch) assisting the evening cooks with fruit and cheese trays as needed, trail lunch bags, and any prep that can be done for the following day. Sanitation and the general cleanliness of the kitchen is a high priority. Sweeping and mopping is generally an evening duty, use discretion in the afternoon. The flat top grill is to be cleaned after use, as well as the grill. The deep fryer should be thoroughly cleaned weekly and preferably strained and rinsed often.  Garbage is to be removed as needed and per shift, boxes broken down, knives cleaned and racked, tables wiped, rags in hampers. If you drop something, pick it up, asap. Duties also include the ability to lift to 50 pounds and standing for the duration of your shift. Personal hygiene is paramount in maintaining trust with our clientele, they’re watching you, appropriate dress is required (chef coat, apron, hat) a professional appearance matters. Personal property should be kept out of the kitchen and put in areas provided (mailbox, black cabinet).

Ideally all cooks should be able to complete the tasks given, independently, with minimal supervision in the time allotted. The ability to think on your feet, anticipate problems, adjust on the fly and respond to changing circumstances is desired. Return all items to the store room and walk-ins to the exact place you received them, this helps insure continuity in ordering and inventory. So much about cooking is attitude, “have a good one!”

How to Apply

You may either apply on line at our website at or email a resume to or

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