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We are looking for several positions to fill out our core staff for the summer season. Our peak season typically runs from June-September.  We will provide multiple training sessions for new employees for all positions (i.e tours of the property, history of the business, powerpoint training, hands-on training, order of operations, etc.) 

We are looking for the following positions with intended responsibilities: 

Servers - Responsible for taking care of all guests. Severs will essentially be the face of Millie's; the first to greet and welcome all customers. They can expect to make great money with an $8/hour base and most servers take home $150+ nightly in tips. Job responsibilities include greeting tables, taking food and drink orders, timing-out courses, delivering food and drinks, bussing tables, refilling waters  and building relationships. Severs can expect to have some shifts waiting tables in our restaurant as well as on our new outdoor deck.

Bartenders - Hourly pay is $8 + tips and will essentially be responsible for preparing/serving drinks for bar patrons and servers. Bartenders are responsible for togo orders, pouring alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages,  serving food, and making sure the bar is well stocked. Millie's has an indoor as well as an outdoor bar, where you can expect to work some days, dinner shifts, and late nights. Bartenders will also be trained on our pizza station which is located behind our indoor bar. 

Bussers - A huge helper to the entire FOH staff. Responsibilities include greeting guests, delivering waters, pre-bussing and clearing tables, filling water glasses, wiping down tables & chairs, filling ice wells and backing up servers. Bussers will make $8/hour + receive tips.

Hosts - Responsible for greeting guests and being the main source of table availability. Hosts will have a waitlist as well as pagers to disperse to customers. A host will assist servers in side-work, bussing, etc. Hosts will make $12/hour + tips. 

Expediter - The expo is essentially the communicator between the front and back of house. Must be detail-orientated, ensuring food going out to guests is consistent, presentable, and accurate. The expo will read the tickets coming in, prepare any additional sides needed for a dish, ensure the accuracy of the ticket, carry the food out to the correct table, and deliver to each guests. This position will make $12/hour + tips. 

Line/Pizza Cooks - Responsible for cooking all the dishes for our guests, including sauté, fryer, grill, pizza oven, salad, nacho, and dessert stations.  Some experience is ideal, but not required. We want a candidate who will be diligent, consistent, observant, and willing to work very hard. This position starts at $15 (DOE) + tips. 

Prep Cooks - A prep cook will be responsible for preparing all food for service each day. This will include using a daily prep sheet and recipe book to see what we need to make for that day. Prep cooks will make $14/hour + tips. 

Dishwashers - Dishwashers are so essential to any restaurant. They play a key role in helping things run smoothly. They will be responsible for keeping a clean, organized and tidy dish pit. Other duties may include stocking dishes for each zone, helping FOH staff unload dirty dishes, running and organizing silverware, helping line with any additional prep work, and helping close down the kitchen. Dishwashers can expect to make $11/hour + tips.

  • Server

    Front of House
    Priest Lake
    $8.00 / hour + tips

    Servers are responsible for performing a variety of tasks, including greeting guest, taking orders, running food & drinks as well as bussing. We pride ourselves in taking exceptional care of our customers, allowing everyone the chance to feel right at home here at Millie's. Of course serving is inconsistent as far as hours, schedules, sections and guests, but our servers can expect to make $150+/per night.

  • Bartender

    Front of House
    Priest Lake
    $8.00 / hour + tips

    Millie's is a full-service bar with signature drinks, traditional cocktails, beer and wine. Bartenders are responsible for preparing alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages for patrons. This is a fast-paced job with a large local bar crowd following. Consistency is key.

  • Line Cooks/Pizza Cooks

    Front of House
    Priest Lake
    $15.00 / hour + tips

    Line cooks and pizza cooks are responsible for consistently putting out scratch-made food. We take pride in our ingredients, menu and nightly specials. We want people who own their station, to be clean, and bring a positive attitude and skills to the table. You must be a team player for these positions.

How to Apply

To apply for any position please send your resume to

Additionally, feel free to contact Jessica directly at 509.990.1631

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