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Restaurant Manager

Priest Lake, Idaho
Previous experience required
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Starts soon! (Mar 15, 2021)

Mille's at Priest Lake is seeking a manager that thrives on restaurant chaos and high stakes success. Essentially, this position is ideal for someone who brings maturity and experience to the table. Priest Lake is an extremely seasonal place with high volume summers. In July, August and September, it's all hands on deck, while in the off-season months, we hike,  bike, ski, and spend personal time enjoying the beauty of Priest Lake.  

Millie's was newly purchased two years ago and our culture is just finally establishing itself.  As an owner, I pride myself on the time and investment I have in my restaurant and my community. I love this place and I'm expanding to open another restaurant down the road so it is time for me to train a manager and offload some of my responsibilities.

This candidate will open the restaurant, print and program specials, update our digital board, organize sections, assist with the training for all FOH positions, and fill in where ever is needed to maintain a functioning machine. Most of the time all restaurant issues can be solved with one of the two key positions, host and expo. Both regulate the timing, and it will be your job to bounce back and forth between them efficiently, to maintain structure and flow.  Additionally, table touches, guest relations, and assistance to the serving and bartending staff will all be required.

Right now the opening of the 2nd space is specifically unknown, but the earlier I find the right candidate to train the better. Ideally, our Manager would arrive at the end of March and begin FOH training, and fully immersing themselves in the work culture here. This would be a salaried position. May - September the manager would be working full management shifts helping better the establishment. During the off-season (Oct- April) that manager would still receive the same salary but additionally would work floor shifts serving and bartending giving them the option to make some additional cash. 

If this position is for you, I'm looking for someone who is confident yet willing to learn. Someone who has the ability to gain the respect and trust of my employees by working side by side with them in the trenches. Summers are intense but allow for a very balanced lifestyle with the offseason where you can enjoy all the beauty this place has to offer.

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