Summer of Service Crew Leader
Mile High Youth Corps

Explore, with purpose. Lead a camping crew of 10 into the Rocky Mountains!

the entire Front Range of Colorado!


Summer of Service Crew Leader

Mile High Youth Corps
Colorado Springs, Colorado
$580.00 / week
Previous experience required
Start Date:
Job starts soon! (Mar 30, 2018)

Not everyone knows what they want to do, but you probably know who you want to be: someone who makes a difference. 

So do it. Lead a crew into the wild Rocky Mountain beauty of Colorado.

One position: March 30th - August 10. Four additional positions: May 4 - August 10.
$500-$580/week, based on experience and qualifications.
Crew Structure:
8-10 man Crews, all camping based, limited day work. All members 18+
2 Sawyer Crews: 5 Day Camping Crews. 
3 Trail Crews: (2) 10-Day Camping Crews, one of which is backpacking only, (1) 5-day Camping Crew
- Extensive support from your in-house staff
- Transportation
- Food and housing provided during camping trips.
- We'll cover partial cost of WFA and/or CPR
- Most weekends you'll have off! Then, you have time to explore Colorado, have some time to yourself, and do what you love outside of work. 
- Network for future jobs with partners like the Forest Service, NPS, and Parks and Rec departments
- Boost your resume with intensive supervisory experience
- See your immediate impact on a the lives of youth on your crew
- Make new friends, meet new people, go to new places
- Opportunities for advancement possible within MHYC
- Certifications and specialized trainings, so your resume will look epic.

Imagine it. Here's what Your Projects look like:

You'll restore alpine habitats at the brink of treeline atop Pikes Peak with the whole world cascading below you.
You'll carve a trail through the craggy Ponderosa pines of the South Platte Ranger District.
You'll perform fuel reductions alongside the powerful Colorado River of the Royal Gorge, and build rock structures atop historic Manitou Springs.
You might glimpse a peak at the Milky Way twinkling over Trinidad after a long day of hiking, building, and laughing.
Think of the breathtaking sunsets slipping slowly into the mountain-top horizon.
From the rugged foothills of the Rockies all the way out to the wind-tossed golden plains of eastern Colorado, you can sing campfire songs, get fit, and help young adults reach their highest potential. Think of the lives you'll change. You'll impact youth, the community, and the environment.

 Crew Leaders must possess a strong work ethic, promote high quality work performance in their crew and have a desire to devote themselves to field-based youth development for an entire summer. The position requires both supervisory and technical aptitude, in addition to a high level of comfort in the outdoors.

Here's what your Day job looks like:

Supervision and Management

  • Provides daily supervision of the members of their crew including assigning, leading and instructing work tasks and training Corpsmembers in the development of job skills.

  • Monitors and promote crew’s physical and emotional safety on and off the work site.

  • Maintains and promotes positive group morale.

  • Enforces and models behavior outlined in the code of conduct, discipline policies and program procedures outlined in the employee handbooks at all times.

  • Provides consistent, ongoing informal feedback, as well as performs a minimum of one formal evaluation per Corpsmember each season.

Work Project Implementation

  • Assists MHYC staff with the set-up of work projects including the estimation of time and materials needed for work projects.

  • Proactively assesses, identifies and mitigates safety related hazards on the job site.

  • Oversees and implements a variety of conservation, service learning and community service projects for their team.

  • Distributes work among Corpsmembers and maintains even work flow.

  • Serves as a liaison and on-site contact with project sponsors.

  • Ensures timely, accurate and quality completion of work projects.

Corpsmember Development and Education

  • Promotes individual learning, leadership and personal growth among Corpsmembers.

  • Plans and facilitates crew meetings and team-building activities.

  • Ensures consistent leadership development and service learning opportunities are integrated into trainings.

  • Implements and monitors Corpsmembers’ participation and progress in life skills and career readiness training programs at work site.

  • Provides consistent feedback and support to Assistant Crew Leaders on their leadership roles.

  • Collaborates with Assistant Crew Leaders in developing and implementing educational components for projects.

General Qualifications:

  • Previous experience working with Youth Corps is highly preferred.
  • Experience with trail construction and maintenance, installation of rock and timber structures, fencing, noxious weed removal, pesticide application and/or general landscaping is preferred.
  • Sawyer crew leaders should have significant experience working with chainsaws. S-212, MTDC or Game of Logging training with feller certificate required.
  • Proficiency in backpacking and back country camping required for camping crews.
  • High School diploma or GED required. At least two years of college or vocational training is preferred.
  • Significant professional experience may be substituted for post-secondary education.
  • At least one year experience of working with a diverse population of youth and staff in a team atmosphere is preferred.
  • Must complete Wilderness First Aid or Wilderness First Responder training course prior to start date. MHYC will cover $235 of training cost.
  • Must complete CPR training prior to start date. MHYC will cover $40 of training cost.
  • Communication Skills: ability to motivate and discipline others, organize and direct a crew of young people on work projects, communicate effectively with a diverse group of young people, co-workers and supervisors and explain and demonstrate safe work practices.
  • Must have ability to complete tasks in a detailed and timely manner, work independently, keep accurate records, prepare reports and perform case management and evaluations.
  • Must be able to lift 75 lbs., spend 8-10 hours a day in the sun, hike 5 miles with a day-pack and operate hand and power tools.
  • Must have valid driver’s license with insurable driving record and ability to drive a 12-passenger van to and from work sites.
  • Pre-employment background check will be required. May be subject to FBI Background Check, which includes fingerprinting.
  • Pre-employment drug screen required. Drug testing may be required during employment.
  • Must be able to legally work in the United States, which will be verified via the federal E-Verify program.

*Mile High Youth Corps is committed to diversity in principle and practice, both in the community at large and within the organization. We are, therefore, committed to having our internal operations and employment practices administered on a non-discriminating basis inclusive of, but not limited to, race, religion, color, socio-economic status, gender, age, sexual orientation, military or veteran status, physical or mental disability, marital status, or national origin. Every effort shall be made to grant reasonable accommodation for qualified people with disabilities to participate in this AmeriCorps program.

**Not sure you meet all of these requirements but still want to work with us? Give us a call, or check out or Corpsmember portal, here

How to Apply

To review the full position description, check out our staff portal here

Also, check out our Corpsmember portal, here. You might get a better sense of who you'll lead!

Email and with your resume and cover letter. We might be your future supervisors!

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